Monday, May 7, 2007

Spock & Kirk heart l'étoile!

Yes, l'étoile went to the Star Trek Convention this weekend and it was an intergalactic blast! We were a bit disappointed in the lack of costumes (we wanted some Klingon action!) but the vendors were great and we got to see Spock and Shatner in the flesh. Yes - IN THE FLESH! Those of you who have the new l'étoile have seen our "Women of Shatner" spread - a beauty story inspired by Star-Trek-esq space babes!

Creative Director Molly Roark braved the throngs of Trekkies and spoke to the crowd about our magazine and showed everyone our spread, which was met with an enthusiastic roar from the jam-packed auditorium, a personal compliment on Molly's good looks from Shatner and a slightly miffed but complimentary response from Nimoy. Who knows - maybe someday we'll do a "Women of Spock"!

Special thanks to Brian, Gary and Adam from Creation Entertainment!

Photos by Kate Iverson


Anonymous said...

nimoy touched l'etoile! you're just too cool for school now.


Clement said...

I need to see more pictures!