Monday, February 18, 2008

Walker After Hours 2/15

l'étoile magazine swooped through the Walker on Friday night for the opening of the must-see exhibit "Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes". We were lucky enough to catch up with curators Andrew Blauvelt and Tracy Myers. Said Blauvelt, "Suburbia is a cultural blindspot for the arts, architects in general and artists in particular." Their dedicated group chose to spotlight an amazingly diverse collection of suburban-inspired works, including a piece made in collaboration by NYU darling Jesse Seigers. Jesse and crew chose "hot-rod trashcans" as their favorite suburban icon.

From city cats to country club cuties, the crowd sparkled with the kind of excitement and comraderie only a completely familiar, iconic and almost disturbing theme like Suburbia can create.

by Angie Hanson, Lifestyle Editor

Photography by Eric Eul

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