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Weekend What's What 2/9-2/11


Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival 

@ Ritz Theater
345 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN

Thursday 8:00 p.m. - Friday and Saturday 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m / $30 - $35

Is there anything better than lovely ladies gyrating suggestively in stylish wisps of clothing? We’re guessing that prospect either gets your juices flowing or has you dying to see exactly how stylish those wisps will be – or likely some Kinsey scale level in between. The Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival (BOMB) will certainly feature all manner of scantily clad beauties, but it’s also oh so much more. The five shows spread out (ahem) over 3 days present a smorgasbord of live music, novelty acts, aerialists, comedy, boylesque, and, of course, exceptional burlesque! More than 85 local and national artists grace the Ritz stage including headliner Perle Noire, the 2009 New Orleans Queen of Burlesque and Chicago’s Stage Door Johnnies. Thursday’s show is a Carnivale spectacular hosted by St. Louis trio Lola Van Ella, Sammich the Tramp and the Knock-A-Bouts. Friday and Saturday night’s shows sizzle with local hotties Foxy Tann and Mistress Victoria DeVille. This is the BOMB’s fifth anniversary, and it’s always a steamy hoot. Prepare yourself for three straight evenings of music and glamour to melt away the winter blues!

Bonus: Tickets to Thursday’s opening night also include admission to the "SNOW BALL" - an opening night afterparty with the cast at the Ritz where a white and/or silver apparel theme should make for a stylish event!

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Alcohol By Volume

@ Red Stag Supper Club
509 1st Ave NE

10 p.m. – 1 a.m. / no cover

There isn't much we love more than a delicious cocktail. Lucky for us, Minneapolis has been holding their own in the fast evolving world of mixology with editions like the North Star Bartenders Guild and contributions from craft-cocktail savvy bartenders – housemade bitters and “abstract” fruit, anyone? – at trendy restaurants across the city. Tonight, MPLS.TV and the Red Stag team up to debut a new project that showcases the aggregation of MPLS talent circulating through our local craft cocktail scene. Witness an intense evening of cocktail combat and mixology tips as local bartenders Rob Jones, ex-Bradstreet veteran & current drink-slinger at St. Paul's Meritage, and Eli's Richy Rivera face off in libation rivalry. Enjoy tunes courtesy local DJ Wzz Wnshp of BRLSQ, not to mention late night happy hour, Red Stag's yummy nosh and hobnobbing with fellow boozehounds.

Click HERE for the MPLS.TV site


Open Door 7

@ Rosalux Gallery
1400 Van Buren Street NE


6:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m. / Free

Rosalux’s seventh annual juried exhibition Open Door introduces TC art lovers to work from artists from around the country. The format allows for work in any media as well as sculpture, video and performance completed within the past two years. The impressive roster of 20 artists shows an admirable stylistic and geographic mix, highlighting both established artists and fresh voices. Former Walker New Media curator and artistic director, Steve Deitz, is this year’s juror, so you can expect the selections to reflect his inquisitive and experimental tastes. The opening reception is a great opportunity to not only see the exhibition, but also mingle with the artists in person.

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WORKING TITLE: An Evolving Art Exhibit (FINAL opening) w/ Caleb Hinz, BloodnStuff, and Gastro Non Grata

@ CO Exhibitions

1101 Stinson Blvd NE
Suite #2

6-10 p.m. / Free (food punch cards additional $6)

What do you get when you invite some of the Twin Cities preeminent art and design talents to collectively create, embellish, revise, and re-work dozens of pieces over the course of four weeks? We think the answer is – a sexy hotbed of fecund creativity – and we're dying to see the results! Not only have the folks over at CO Exhibitions conceived this grand experiment in art-making, they've structured it as a uniquely interactive opportunity for art makers and art lovers to participate in a dialogue about the local art scene. Each week a new opening reception will occur (this Friday being the third of four openings) displaying the changes made to each work over the past seven days. These changes can include style, concept, and number of contributors, but also price, scale, and media. Buying a piece will freeze it in time and prevent further work, so art lovers will be able to choose when a piece is complete. Additionally, surprise musical acts from artists known for their cooperative nature will pop up at each opening. We're over the moon to see what artist faves like Michael Cina, Rudy Fig, Jennifer Davis, Carly Schoen and numerous others can produce in collaboration with gallery "CO"-owners and design influencers Burlesque and Permanent ADG. This experiment in evolutionary artistic collaboration is bound to be one of the most compelling events of the year - as well as a shit-ton of fun - so if you know what's good for you you'll check it out!

FINAL OPENING BONUS: This is your to check out the full evolution of the work created over the past 4 weeks. Live music from BloodnStuff, Caleb Hinz, and food from Gastro Non Grata!

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Before, Inbetween , After


A Match Made in Hell: Dietrich & von Sternberg

@ Trylon Microcinema
3258 Minnehaha Ave S

7 p.m. / $8

German dame, Marlene Dietrich, was a fiery fox from the get-go. The glamorous femme fatale was famous for her smoky bedroom eyes, her embrace of both feminine and masculine with an androgynous wardrobe her dramatically haunting contralto cabaret vocals, Dietrich was a vaudeville chorus girl who made it big, some say solely in part on director Josef von Sternberg. Known for his innovative mise-en-scène style, von Sternberg and Dietrich teamed up for a total of seven provocative films that not only defined a genre of film criticism but launched Dietrich's career into Hollywood star status and made her the hottest broad to grace a tux and a top hat. This month, don't miss as the Trylon hosts a series featuring the dynamic film duo von Sternberg and Dietrich in all seven of the pair's masterpieces including a film noir where Dietrich stars a prostitute hired by the government to be a spy, a smoldering films o'desire co-starring Gary Cooper and Cary Grant and a melodrama that boasts Oscar-winning cinematography. Falling in love again...we never wanted to. What are we to's just Dietrich.

Click HERE for the Trylon Site


The Cloak Ox/ Father You See Queen/ Red Pens

@ Nick & Eddie
1612 Harmon Place

9pm / $7 / 18+

With the throngs of new Kickstarter projects popping up each day, enigmatic rockers the Cloak Ox have decided to take it back to the old school with the time honored tradition of a good ol' fashioned live show to help fund the recording of their forthcoming full length album. For this "live kickstarter", the band has pulled together a top-notch roster of heavily hyped local bands including Father You See Queen and the Red Pens to provide live entertainment for you to rock out to while doing your part to support the local music you so love. Donations will be collected at the door, and the band promises to make it worth your hard-earned dough with special surprises throughout the night. Each paid attendee will even receive a download card with brand new song! We'll be there, and so should you.

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Phantom Tails, Sexcat, Umami, Claps

@ Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Ave S

9 p.m. / 18+ / $5

Everybody knows the Triple Rock hosts some of the most killer shows this side of the Pecos, and this Friday is no exception. Comin’ in hot and heavy, four eclectic Minneapolis based bands plan to unload a swarm of trance filled beats, searing sounds, and visuals that will simultaneously ignite your dreams and ensue an epidemic of visual vertigo. Do not miss Phantom Tails, Sexcat, Umami and Claps at the Triple Rock this Friday.

Click HERE for the Triple Rock site


Extra Large Dance Party w/ Jonathan Ackerman & Gigamesh

@ First Avenue Record Room
701 First Ave N

10 p.m. / 18+/ 3$ in advance $5 at the door

The First Ave Record room is famous for intimate artist showdowns and memorable late night dance dates. This Friday, veteran scenemaker Jonathan Ackerman and multi-platinum electronic producer Gigamesh join forces to throw some bass in your face. The duo will flip sweet wax and keep the party rocking' until the curtain's called at 2am. Expect everything from disco house to '90s dance jams and oh-so much more. And as you get your classy booty-pop on, sip cheapie 2-for-1 well drinks before midnight.

BONUS: Frite Night takes over the Entry with Starkey, Nasty Nasty, B. Bravo, Distal, Good Friends, and Moongoons. Click HERE for details.

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Saint Paul the Hermit: Restoration and Rediscovery


2400 Third Ave S

Talk from 11 a.m. to Noon / on display indefinitely, regular museum hours

The MIA is a source of endless treasures and discoveries spend an hour visiting that Grande Dame of Twin Cities art and you are bound to emerge delighted, moved and intrigued. Never content to rest solely on tradition, the institution often questions and researches even its most recognizable works leading to fascinating insights. New research into the MIA’s enormous statue of a Saint Paul – acquired in 1973, and attributed to Francesco Mochi – has revealed it was actually carved over a century later than originally believed and that it’s mounting angle has been radically altered prior to acquisition. An ambitious restoration project has now restored the statue to its original position and clearing up its attribution, original setting, and provenance placing it squarely back in its rightful place in the history of Italian art. Louise Rice, professor of art history at New York University, and Eike Schmidt, James Ford Bell Curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the MIA, will take you through the story behind this work, reconstruct its original setting and context, and analyze the place it occupies on the stylistic threshold between the late Baroque and the nascent Neoclassical movement in Rome. Come take a peek at this true treasure of the MIA’s collection in a whole new light, you’ll leave with a new appreciation of arts conservation and the museum’s commitment to its priceless collection.

Click HERE for the MIA site


New Museal: Jehra Patrick & New Work by Kayla Plosz

@ SooVAC

2822 Lyndale Ave. S


6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. / Free

We admit that the artistic impulse and the organizational impulse often feel diagrammatically opposed. On the other hand, the care thought and documentation that goes into even the most mundane curatorial efforts is impressive to behold. How then do these two seemingly opposite forces resolve themselves? Well, through art of course, silly! Jerome Foundation Fellowship recipient Jehra Patrick explores the interplay between the ‘non-art’ moments of artistic exhibition and how they shape and manipulate both the creation and perception of art. Her probing thoughtful work may make you see every future exhibit with a fresh eye. The SooVAC will also continue their support of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design MFA Program by showing an exhibition of selected works from one artist chosen from the school's current MFA candidates. This installment features Kayla Plosz whose oil abstractions deal with the visceral nature of the human body using alluring color and texture interplay. The work is seductive, promising the viewer enough to entice but always withholding definitive understanding.

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Red Roses Runway & Exhibition

2501 Stevens Ave
2ND Floor

8 p.m. / Free

Head to MCAD for a showcase of not only the school's talented young visual artists, but also a bevy of fresh fashion. Peruse artwork from Ben Peterson, Mia Calderone, Aaron Schulte, Yazon Lo, Bobby Rogers, and Justin Hooge while you nibble on complimentary eats and sip on cool drinks. Stick around for a fashion presentation from Local boutiques Studiyo23 and Cliche as well as looks from Shine All Day, Black Collar, and Surprise MCs, mystery gifts, and pretty people will abound, of that you can be certain.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Dance Band Farewell show

@ Hell's Kitchen
80 S 9th St

10 p.m. / 21+ / $5

Tonight, don't miss an amalgamation of local bands as Hell's Kitchen hosts another installment of live music and devilishly good comfort food. Enjoy epic hip shakin' sets from crunk electro-ers, Dance Band (who, sadly, will be performing for the last time, ever!), extra dirrrty dance tracks from drums/laptop masters, Sex Burger, synth, electronica and anaolog beats from trio Apollo Cobra, indie pop from The Trends. Plus, sip down specials on PBR tallboys, rail and Jameson drinks.

Click HERE for the Hell's Kitchen site

Classic Dance Band...we remember this 2007 show!

Clap Your Hands, Live at the Varsity, 1/26/07

DANCE BAND | Myspace Music Videos


Ice Rod Chat Roulette Freestyle Show

@ Turf Club
1601 University Ave W
St. Paul

9:30 p.m. / 21+ / $6

Hot on the heels of previously successful editions, Chat Roulette emerges with another round of the hilariously interactive improv free-style show where anything goes and you're the star. Primed with a swiveling camera, Chat Roulette invites the audience to be the entertainment as it spotlights any random in the crowd brave enough to step into the limelight with a Valentine's Day-themed free-style rap. Bring your V-love and bask in the amour of the ad lib. Catch performances from host with the most/rapper Ice Rod (aka Michael Gaughn); local popster, Little Foot; and NV featuring Jon Neilson and Freddy Votel.

Click HERE for the Turf site


I Heart UK

@ Brit's Pub
1110 Nicollet Mall

9 p.m. – 2 a.m. / 21+ / no cover

London's calling. And good news, you don't even need a passport to answer. Tonight, join Transmission's Jake Rudh, Brit's Pub, and Crispin Cider as they pay homage to the UK. Indulge in tunes from artists in the mod, glam, punk, post-punk, new wave, nu-wave, twee, shoegaze, brit pop and indie genres from the 60's to modern times, plus dance along to rare videos of the tracks you love and live by. A blimey fest of bollocks-y proportions, if ya ask us. Raise a pint – or more – of $4 Crispin draft ciders, plus enter to win very cool European-esque prizes. Anarchy in the UK!

Click HERE for the Brit's Pub site

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