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Weekend What's What 2/16-2/19


‬MIA Third Thursday

@ ‬Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400‭ ‬3rd Ave S

6-9 ‬pm‭ ‬/‭ ‬Free

MIA’s Third Thursday’s warms up the winter with an unconventional intersection of sports and art.‭ ‬Hot Chicago electro-pop duo Pretty Good Dance Moves turn up the volume with their lush and exotic sound, full of psychedelic beats and blistering synths custom-made for the dance floor.‭ ‬‬Featured exhibition‭ “‬The Sports Show‭” ‬explores how the media helped the audience for sports expand into the millions through compelling,‭ ‬artistic images from photographers and filmmakers.‭ ‬Complimentary exhibit‭ “‬The Sports Show Minnesota‭”‬ – co-curated with local photographer Tom Arndt ‭– ‬features vintage photographs of roller derby,‭ ‬wrestling,‭ ‬ice hockey along with many other images capturing the rich history of professional and amateur sport in our home state.‭ ‬Mingle with sporty Minnesota RollerGirls while you nosh on refreshments and enjoy the show, and - if you dare - wear your favorite Minnesota sports jersey, though we’ll approve only if you promise to modify it into a jaunty fashion accessory‭! -Anthony Enright

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Raunchy Valentine’s: Lady Parts & Gentle Lovers

@ Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Ave N

9 pm /21+ / Free

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that shouldn't stop you from getting down to some downright dirty dance business this weekend. Pick your poison as DJ groups Lady Parts & Gentle Lovers duel for your affections: all-girl trifecta Lady Parts with your favorite dance jams versus real-life couple Grant Cutler and Allegra Oxborough of Gentle Lovers and their retro, sexy R&B beats. Come ready, and thirsty - drink specials are available all night long, including $5 Jameson drinks. -Stefani Arden

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The Goondas‭ ‬/ ‬The Rope‭ / Fire in the Northern Firs / Hollow Boys

@ Varsity Theater‭
1308‭ ‬4th St SE‭

Doors‭ @ ‬7‭ ‬pm,‭ ‬music‭ @ ‬8‭ ‬pm ‬/‭ ‬18+‭ ‬/‭ ‬$8‭

Take a cast of dark souls channeling‭ ‬'80‭s post-punk‭ & ‬EDM,‭ ‬throw in a band whose‭ whiskey-soaked,‭ ‬raucous blues recall a‭ Tom Waits-meets-Black Keys‭ '‬tude,‭ ‬add in a pinch of hauntingly psychedelic dreamcore, and some glammy gloom-pop and you have the ingredients for an all-local,‭ ‬all-eclectic showcase.‭ ‬Presented by Radio K,‭ ‬tonight's show features four heavily hyped,‭ ‬must-witness-live TC bands: ‬The Rope,‭ ‬The Goondas,‭ Fire in the Northern Firs and Hollow Boys.‭ ‬We suggest heading down early to practice your goth stance,‭ ‬rock‭ '‬n‭' ‬roll swagger,‭ ‬shoegaze mien and dance moves.‭ -Juleana Enright

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'This Time It’s Forever:‭ ‬Portrait Interpretations of the Icon:‭ ‬Scott Seekins‭'

@ ‬Gallery‭ ‬13
811‭ ‬LaSalle Ave.

‬7– 10 ‬pm ‬/‭ ‬Free

Seekin‭’ ‬Scott Seekins‭! ‬Perhaps the most visually recognizable Twin Cities artist,‭ ‬and one of the most head-turningly familiar presences on our fair city’s streets is none other than Mr.‭ ‬Scott Seekins.‭ ‬But he’s oh so much more than just‭ “‬that guy with black curly hair who wears a white suit in the summer and black suit in winter‭.”‬ ‬Scott’s carefully curated appearance allows him to live his life as a walking narrative performance art endeavor,‭ ‬imbuing even the simple act of walking down the street with a frisson of‭ ‬artistic energy.‭ ‬Amidst a myriad of iconoclastic and varied skills and interests‭ (‬WWII, fly fishing, and Britney Spears), Seekins has developed a unique painting style in which the figurative version of himself plays a starring role.‭ ‬Tonight’s opening exhibition functions as a kind of artistic‭ tribute to - or roast‭ ‬of - the artist with a sprawling roster of local talents‭ – ‬including Erin Sayer,‭ ‬Claudia Danielson‭, ‬Sean Smuda,‭ ‬Allen Brewer,‭ ‬Venus‭ (‬of All the Pretty Horses‭) ‬and Seekins himself ‭ – ‬contributing pieces showing Scott as they see him.‭ ‬Get ready for a guaranteed Seekins sighting and spend the evening celebrating one of the icons of the Twin Cities art‭ scene. -Anthony Enright

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Night Moves‭

@ Turf Club‭
1601‭ ‬University Ave‭
St.‭ ‬Paul‭

8‭ ‬pm ‬/‭ ‬21+‭ ‬/‭ ‬$7‭

Chances are if you haven't been a‭) ‬living under a rock, or b‭) ‬abducted by music-hating extraterrestrials,‭ ‬you've heard about local band‭ ‬Night Moves.‭ ‬The band - which was recently signed to indie hitmaker Domino Records - effortlessly blends electro soul,‭ ‬indie pop and elements of country to create an irresistible,‭ ‬groove-inducing sound that's‭ ‬left them susceptible to twitterpated fans. Of course,‭ ‬it helps that the band features three charmingly cute dudes.‭ ‬Tonight,‭ ‬watch the band live up to the buzz alongside fellow country-benders ‬We All Have Hooks for Hands and the debut of electro-pop group Enola Gay, featuring former members of Chelsea Boys.‭ -Juleana Enright

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OTR Presents VII: Nona Marie & The Choir and Hot Freaks

@ Hell’s Kitchen
80 S 9th St

10 pm / 18+ / $5

This Friday, you best put on your pretty pants and sashay yourself down to Hell’s Kitchen for this bi-monthly showcase thrown by Radio K’s local music show, Off the Record. Kicking off the night are Hot Freaks, an '80s-infused power-pop quintet brimming with Beach Boys harmonies, shimmering synths and surf guitars. The night ends on a moody note with the beautiful, soulful sounds of Nona Marie & The Choir, fronted by the entrancing vocalist of Dark Dark Dark. -Stefani Arden

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@ Varsity Theater
1308 4th St SE

10pm / 18+ / $5 w/ RSVP, $10 w/o

Who could turn down a night of digital DJ distortions and mind-blowing visuals? Get down to business on this Friday at the Varsity Theater with the usual BOMP crew - the Moongoons, Jimmy 2 Times, Wzz Wnshp, and Shannon Blowtorch - and experience sounds that will rock your richters, accompanied by video delights on the big screen. Grab your boys and girls, and get ready to bust out your best moves.

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Zoo Animal CD Release

@ 7th St Entry
701 1st Ave

9pm / 18+ / $10

For beloved local rock band Zoo Animal, tonight represents a rebirth, of sorts. Fans of the band have seen the stark and stunning instrumentation conceived by Holly Newsom traverse genres and void stereotypes with haunting live performances that stick with you for days. This season has marked both a change in players and a shift in sound, and, as a result, Departure is conceived. It may be lo-fi, but this isn't music to numb out to. All seven songs on this captivating new EP artfully meditate on that age old internal struggle with change and transformation, pushing its audience to engage, be overwhelmed and – above all – emote. The underestimated prowess and raw honesty of this band truly has the ability to sneak up behind you when you least expect it, and that is exactly the point. Joining Zoo Animal for tonight's celebration is a superb roundup of female-fronted outfits - Gospel Gossip, Gramma's Boyfriend and Is/Is. Somehow the midwinter blues just got a little more bearable. -Robyn Lewis

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The Show‭ ‘‬n Tell Show

@ ‬Amsterdam Bar and Hall
6‭ ‬W. ‬6th Street
St. Paul

‬8–11pm /‭ ‬21‭+ ‬/‭ ‬$5

Have you ever wondered exactly what a talk show would look like if instead of celebrity interviews and top ten lists, the focus was on designers,‭ ‬artists and other creatives - and held live in a really great bar‭? It sounds to us like a recipe for some awkward, entertaining hilarity‭! ‬Bumbling hosts Michael Renaud and Zach Dodson have crammed the debut of the Show 'n Tell Show with graphic designers,‭ ‬typographers,‭ ‬photographers,‭ ‬comic book nerds,‭ ‬poster boys and improv comics for an evening full of lively banter,‭ ‬eye-popping slide shows and brilliantly clumsy hosting.‭ Will it be the pinnacle of Twin Cities design culture live onstage,‭ ‬or just an evening of public embarrassment? With the talented lineup‭ – ‬Aesthetic Apparatus,‭ ‬Michael Cina,‭ ‬Landland,‭ ‬Process Type Foundry‭, and more – we’re counting on it to be a little bit of both.‭ -Anthony Enright‬

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Location Books Presents: Volumes Five‭ ‬+‭ ‬Six Release

@ Midway Contemporary Art Library‭
‬527‭ 2nd Ave ‬SE

‬7-9pm ‬/‭ ‬Free

In their ongoing Volumes series, the artist-run independent publisher Location has to date‭ provided four powerful yet‭ ‬compact artistic showcases free from editorialization or commercial influence.‭ ‬Each Volume brings together a group of local artists and gives them‭ ‬opportunity to express themselves in a format that's conceptually compelling yet also affordable.‭ ‬Tonight's event celebrates the simultaneous release of the next two volumes in the series.‭ ‬For Volume Five,‭ ‬three artists,‭ ‬Aaron Anderson,‭ ‬Eric Carlson and Crystal Quinn‭ ‬-‭ ‬formerly members of the collective Hardland/Heartland‭ ‬-‭ ‬continue their practice of making formal,‭ ‬stream-of-conscious books by using the Location Volume to explore‭ ‬an elaborate series of playful allegories and coded symbols.‭ ‬For Volume Six,‭ ‬four photographers‭ ‬-‭ John Opera,‭ ‬Stevie Rexroth,‭ ‬Adam Schreiber and Ann Woo - ‬contribute custom work in reaction to artist Robert Irwin's famous quote, "‬Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees.‭" We can't wait to see these latest creations hot off the presses‭. -Anthony Enright‬

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University of Minnesota Senior Fashion Show: 'Twelve'

@ Rapson Hall at University of Minnesota
89 Church Street SE

5:30pm & 8pm/ $10 balcony standing, $20 general seating or $25 day of show, $50 VIP seating

The University of Minnesota’s apparel department has produced a number of l’etoile favorites over the years - designing duo Calpurnia Peach (Ashley Wokasch and Luci Kandler), Niki English, Kathryn V., Tender Cuts (Emily Bryngelson), to name a few. This year’s latest crop of a dozen designers don’t look to be anything to scoff at - a pair of designers already selling their line at a local boutique, a student who already has internships in Paris and New York lined up, and a future Zandra Rhodes intern.

Click HERE for the U of M fashion show site, and HERE for our shopping guide for more weekend fashion events.


Dre Day X

@ Triple Rock
629‭ ‬Cedar Ave‭

9‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬/‭ ‬21+‭ ‬/‭ ‬$12‭ ‬adv,‭ ‬$15‭ ‬door‭

The real reason we love Minneapolis in February is not a Valentine's chocolate thang or even an almost-over-winter thang,‭ ‬but most definitely a G thang.‭ ‬Oh yes,‭ ‬it's time again to pay tribute to the stellar discography of a doctor we could never forget‭ – ‬rap's stunning surgeon,‭ ‬Dr.‭ ‬Dre.‭ For the tenth annual Dre Day celebration,‭ ‬Burlesque of North America's epic bash features Dre Day alumni Heiruspecs as the LBC Drama Club, performing live versions of Dre classics,‭ ‬plus‭ ‬Get Cryphy DJs Jimmy‭ ‬2‭ ‬Times and Plain Ole Bill spinnin‭' ‬up your favorite tasty West Coast rap anthems as Heiruspecs‭' ‬Felix emcees.‭ ‬Brand new Dre Day merch,‭ ‬40s,‭ ‬giveaways and unmentionable surprises are all in your future as you flaunt your unwavering love for Dre.‭ ‬-Juleana Enright

Click HERE for the Burlesque of North America site


Forever Young

@ Uptown VFW
2916 Lyndale Ave

9pm / 21+ / $7 or $5 w/ RSVP

Uptown's monthly dance par-tay evokes everything you loved about the '90s – hammer pants, floral sweater vests, neon shades, Full House, superfluous flicks about ninjas and surfers – all in dance-worthy form. Tonight, another installments unabashedly brings you R&B ballads, hip house wonders, and "pump up the jam" house hits spun by resident DJs Snakebite and Cloud. No boy band track is safe nor Eurotrash hit too obscure. Sip down 2 dolla PBRs, enjoy mad drink specials, groove to the deepest of the deep bass beats and flaunt your pimpin'-est late '80s/early '90s wear.

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A Benefit‭ ‬2‭ ‬Celebrate Life Featuring ‬The Revolution

‭@ ‬First Ave‭
701‭ ‬1st Ave N‭

7‭pm ‬/‭ ‬18+ /‭ $40-65 adv general admission, ‬$150‭ ‬VIP, day-of-show tickets TBA

Besides being the Minneapolis ‬funk master,‭ ‬our darling Prince had a hand in some of the Twin Cities' most innovative musical acts of the '70s and '80s, including ‬funk genre-melders the Revolution.‭ ‬Featuring a multi-racial,‭ ‬multi-gendered ensemble of talented musicians‭, the one-time Prince collaborators fused elements of metal,‭ ‬R&B,‭ ‬funk and rock to create hit-defining,‭ ‬Billboard-charting hits, including the uber popular singles “‬When Doves Cry,‭” “‬Purple Rain‭” ‬and‭ “‬I Would Die‭ ‬4‭ ‬U.‭” ‬Tonight,‭ ‬join Revolution drummer Bobby Z and the American Heart Association for the‭ ‬first annual Benefit‭ ‬2‭ ‬Celebrate Life, a Revolution reunion show-meets-heart health benefit. Witness original Revolution members Wendy‭ & ‬Lisa,‭ ‬Brown Mark, Matt‭ “‬Doctor‭” ‬Fink and Bobby Z together again on the same stage where "Purple Rain" was famously shot nearly 30 years ago - plus you never know if the Purple One will grace us with his presence. -Juleana Enright

Click HERE for the First Avenue site

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