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Weekend What's What 12/25-12/29


With the combination of Christmas and "Snowmageddon," this weekend definitely has the odds stacked against it as far as events go. However, there's no need to panic! While this weekend may not be quite as eclectic or jam-packed as usual, there's still a plethora of good times to be had; film, music and dance parties abound. And if all else fails, you can always frolic in the snow!



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She draws, she paints, she illuminates our insecurities and awkwardness! Martha Rich has a 1970s feel to her work, often drawing over pages of text. From the suburbs to the art world, Rich paints wigs, cakes, underwear, sassy sayings, and Loretta Lynn. Also, here is a quote from her blog, which fills us with awe and love for her: “I just realized I am reliving what happened to me at Denison University when a teacher told me I couldn't draw. Only this time I know they are wrong and I am not quitting.” She’s got a new website, so go and poke around on it for a while.

Click HERE for the Martha Rich site


Silent Night, Holy Oulman Night

@ 331 Club
331 13th Avenue NE
NE Minneapolis

4pm / 21+ / Free

The 331 throws their annual "shitty gift exchange" party with a twist! This year sip drinks served up by guest bartender, art scene legend and hair stylist extraordinare, Jon Oulman, who owns the 331 Club with his son, Jarret. Oulman will be behind the 331's bar slingin' drinks and doling out shaved pork cheek sandwiches to the Christmas Dinner-less masses. Later that evening, Jarret Oulman and "Pigface" will behind the bar. From 4pm on, you're invited to trade your crappy Christmas gift for someone else's; just fork it over to the bartender and you'll be gifted with something potentially better...or worse.

Click HERE for the 331 Club site


The Red Shoes

@ Trylon Microcinema
3258 Minnehaha Ave. S

Various showtimes/ $8

We'll admit we have a bit of a soft spot for this Technicolor classic, The Red Shoes, based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Demonic shoemakers and magical ballet slippers are all set-ups which could have led the film down a very Buffy musical, dancer-exploding road, but instead the plot in this flick is more romantically charismatic than apocalyptic. In the British feature – now dazzlingly restored on 35mm – a young ballerina becomes the lead dancer due to some serendipitous red shoes. The film played heavy cultural significance for its devotion “art not war” theme at a time when the effects of a post-WWII American were still fresh in everyone's minds. Don't miss a chance to see this gorgeous classic in all its vivid glory!

Click HERE for the Trylon site


A Very Special Xmas Staraoke Party hosted by Arzu

@ Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Ave S

9pm / 21+ / Free

It’s a Triple Rock Christmas Tradition! Break free from your family and get what you really wanted for Christmas — a little tipsy, and a chance to sing your heart out. The bar opens at 8pm, so indulge yourself with some liquid courage, pick your song, practice your moves in the bathroom, and get ready to rawk at Staraoke. Hosted by local punk veteran, Arzu (Strut & Shock, Selby Tigers) the playlist will most definitely be more rock n' roll than Celine Dion!

Click HERE for the Triple Rock site


No Ho Ho!

@ Jetset
115 N. 1st Street

9pm / 21+ / Free

Jetset encourages you to get naughty this Christmas! After all, Santa has already made his rounds and you've got 365 more days to atone, right? Dance off that Christmas goose and eggnog with the sassiest gays in town at this intimate, stylish warehouse district hot spot. Featuring the bangin' beats of Ryan Smith (Rocket/NYC) and the one and only JR.

Click HERE for the Jetset site


The Original Truth Squad's Xmas Edition

@ The Entry
701 1st Ave. N.

10pm / 18+/ $3

Local crunketeers and funk master flashes, The Original Truth Squad, deliver another round of party jams just in time to fill your stockings. With DJ sets from I Am Break, He is the Beat (feat. DJ Thunder Thighs and DJ Friends with Benefits), l'étoile fave Real Talk Radio and Rob Rob. Bring your college ID and get in for just a buck, plus enjoy ice cold PBR Tall Boy's for 2.50 a pop – now that's what we call the Christmas spirit!

Click HERE for the First Ave site


We're still dishin' over at our new gossip blog, LOL/OMG! Check out one of our recent posts below and visit the blog for more!

Mallman & Friends cover the Cure

We love a good cover! City Pages' @gimme_noise tweets a link to Andrea Swensson's article which asks, "What happens when you combine two man-sized rats, a pair of dance-rap nerds, the singer from a psych-rock band, a hip indie rock dude, local piano man Mark Mallman, and the Cure? Well, it turns out you get a fun cover of "Friday I'm in Love," complete with a wintry little music video."

Featuring a cast of local all-stars including ringleader Mark Mallman, Bryan Atchison and Neil Olstad of Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Mike Schwandt of White Light Riot, and Carin Barno of First Communion Afterparty.

The video and song were release in promotion of Mallman's annual New Year's Eve bash at the Varsity Theater, which is always a wild time!

For more from LOL/OMG click HERE


Home for the Holidays

@ Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave S

5pm / $10 / All ages
9pm / $10 / 21+

Heiruspecs grants your hip hop holiday wishes with their back-to-back annual 'Home for the Holidays' shows featuring Desdemona & Carnage/Ill Chemistry, Minneapolis Dub Ensemble, DJ Bill Caperton, and of course the 'Specs themselves. In true egalitarian fashion, it doesn’t matter your age, you too can enjoy a show of epic proportions. The night after Staraoke, get thee back to the Triple Rock for this killer musical extravaganza!

Click HERE for the Triple Rock site


Crunkmas 2009

@ Nomad World Pub
501 Cedar Avenue S.
West Bank

10pm / 21+

Get crunk with some of the Twin Cities funkiest funkesters, hippest hip hoppers and rockin'-est rockers tonight at the Nomad! Featuring City on the Make, Crunkmonster, Military Special, and Brown Moses, who will share the stage for this eclectic annual holiday foray into crunkosity.

HERE for the nomad site


Bomp XI: Special Saturday Edition

@ Bedlam Theatre
1501 S. 6th St.

10 pm/ 18+/ $5

T'was the night after Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring...except for the Bomp kids! Tonight's super sweet Saturday holiday edition features DJs The Moon Goons, Jimmy 2 Times & Plain Ole Bill, Wzz Wnshp, Shannon Blowtorch & Asylum Sound System putting forth shimmy-worthy tracks all night long. Dance away the winter blues and work off those holiday cookie pounds you packed on yesterday. And since it's the last Bomp of 2009, prepare yourself for a killer time.

Co-sponsored by l'étoile!

Click HERE for the Bedlam site


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

@ Uptown Theater
2906 Hennepin Ave. S.

midnight/ $9

Buckle up those platform heels, swathe yourself in red feathers and tinsel glitter and get in line as the Uptown theater revisits their famed Midnight screening of the lustful, campy cult musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Prepare yourself for interactive melodrama both on and off the screen with racy live performances, sing-a-longs and a house full of steamy innuendos led by Twin Cities' famous Rocky Horror devotees, Transvestite Soup. Dammit your Janet, bed Brad and get your Meatloaf kink fix – all in one night! Can't get down to tonight's showing? No need to get your fishnets in a wad. There's plenty of sweet transvestite action to go around as Uptowns screens an encore Saturday, January 30th at midnight.

HERE for the Uptown Theater site


As George Michael fans through the thick and thin (what bathroom incident?), we couldn't help ourselves this week. Really, who can resist this tearful Wham! ballad about a botched holiday relationship? Full of feathered hair, over-sized sweaters, bushy eyebrows, cheesy flashbacks – including an overly precious snowball fight – and the catchiest synth part to ever be in a Christmas tune. And omg, when George Michael is all wrapped up in tinsle we can hardly contain our '80s crush hysteria! It just isn't Christmas without adding a little Wham! flavor. Caution: this song will be stuck in your head for days. Merry Xmas from the 1980s.


JagerCon: Sci-Fi Tuesdays

@ Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Avenue N.

Every Tuesday
10 p.m. / 21+ / Free

Join hosts Kate Iverson (l'étoile magazine, Secrets of the City) and Beth Hammarlund (l'étoile magazine, A Tiny Machine) every Tuesday Night for JagerCon! JagerCon is a weekly sci-fi party featuring screenings of classic nerdy movies and television shows -- topped off with 2-4-1 cocktails all night served by Star Captain Paul!

Mingle with like-minded sci-fi geeks, discuss D&D strategies, and use that Captain Picard impression you've been perfecting to pick up chicks at the bar. Snort-laugh the night away while bragging about your MMORPG addiction and enjoy a cozy, nerd-friendly environment.

Upcoming Events:

DEC 29: Back to the Future
JAN 5: Spaceballs
JAN 12: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
JAN 19: The Forbidden Zone
JAN 26: Earth Girls Are Easy
FEB 1: Return to Oz
FEB 9: Dune
FEB 16: Dreamcatcher
FEB 23: Nightwatch
MAR 2: The Hunger

This week's flick is Back to the Future


Beth Hammarlund proclaims her love for Rhianna's video for "Hard" and works through a touchy fashion conundrum...

military fashion: yay or nay?

...I've always been a bit conflicted about military trends in fashion, especially when it's not just a thematic reference, but a specific item from military dress. Coming from an Air Force and Army family, for a long time I felt that using uniforms in an ironic sense or even just for aesthetic purposes was kind of disrespectful. (In high school, there no way my mom was going to let me go to school wearing a pair of army pants.) But as I grew up and my Vogue and W archives expanded to fill up an entire bookshelf, I got over these concerns. Don't get me wrong, I've still got my dad's framed flag in my living room and his dog tags on my dresser, but I also recently asked my mom if I could have his old garrison cap for fashion purposes. (She didn't seem to mind. Maybe she's gotten over her concerns too.) So what say you?...

Click HERE to read the rest of the article.


Jahna Peloquin recaps and links pretty much everything that was cool this month.
It's been a while since I've posted my usual weekly local fashion blog roundup, so here's a very-packed edition to peruse as you languish at your day job or sneak away from the family.

Click HERE for the Le Petit Connaisseur blog

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