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Weekend What's What 12/10-12/15


Holiday party season, full steam ahead! We love a good get together -- especially one filled to the brim with good cheer -- and this weekend has numerous opportunities for you to get your mistletoe-abusing freak on. From festive roller-disco bashes to hot holiday dance offs and more, the Twin Cities is ready and willing to jingle your party bells! And don't forget to stop in to Blacklist Vintage this Friday for a special pre-party shopping event; anyone who shows up will be put on the guest list for our uber-secret holiday soiree, JUBILEE, coming up on December 19th!



Jahna Peloquin updates her totally awesome Holiday Shopping Events Guide HERE

l'etoile's Guide to Holiday Cheer 2009 is online HERE

l'etoile agency churns out a new photo shoot for Cliche Boutique with photographer Joe Johnson HERE


Found Footage Festival

@ Heights Theatre
3951 Central Ave. NE.

7:30 & 9:30 pm/ 16+/ $10

If one man's trash is another man's treasure, then Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett – masterminds behind the Found Footage Festival – might as well be King Midas. Junkies for audiovisual detritus, Prueher and Pickett have compiled their finest thrift-stored/yard sale/dumpster dived VHSs of yester-year (aka 'the '80s) and made it into a touring roadshow. Their scheduled Minneapolis fest is two shows packed with hilarious clips, instructional videos and skits, including an '80s dating montage of David Cross and a scary intro clip of a Pee-Wee's Playhouse kid's show rip-off starring Kathie Lee Gifford. Each screen is hosted by the creators in-person, providing the audience with witty commentary and obscure observations. And true to their touring style, the curators have also chosen a few videos with roots in the Twin Cities. Here's hoping you burned those embarrassing family videos from '85.


Body Cartography Project

@ Art of This
3506 Nicollet Ave

7pm-11pm / Free

Mix a harpist, a physicist, an artist and performer with nuclear force for a performance and installation that “probe[s] the invisibility of radioactivity and the immortality of plastic.” The opening of this installation of a plastic “ocean” includes 1/2 Life performance excerpts and composer/sound artist/harpist Zeena Parkins. Throughout the installation, artist Emmett Ramstad will be doing some “ocean” sewing. See him make that first stitch. We're kind of confused, but we like it. Through December 19th.

Bonus: Friday brings a physics lecture, artist talk and movie screening, and the closing party next week promises more 1/2 Life performances and a dance party with DJ Wes Winship.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Holiday Party and Open Gallery

@ Last Call Studios
521 7th street south, Suite 121

7pm / free

Holidays mean getting out of the house. Before we go into deep-winter hibernation, store up some fun energy by joining Last Call Studios denizens in art-watching and carousing. Trey Fortner’s photography is up, Wii is on the big screen, and there’s food and drinks and people to meet. RSVP por favor.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Another amazing show from our very own Russian art mecca. Also known as nesting dolls, Matroshka dolls tell stories about history and politics. The show includes pre-WWII dolls and dolls by master painters. Revel over the intricate detail, the tiniest doll, and maybe take some inspiration from the colorful designs. This show opened in November and runs through January, and you can stop into the museum any day of the week! Check the link below for hours.

Click HERE for the Museum of Russian Art site


Black Christmas

@ Blacklist Vintage
2 E. 27th Street
(off Nicollet and 27th)

6-9pm / Free

With "Mad Men" fever still upon us, '50s retro will likely be a stylish theme this season. Score a sassy new getup for your holiday soirees or pick up a gift for the vintage collector on your list at tonight's Black Christmas shopping party. Co-presented with l'étoile magazine, this shopping event doubles as a pre-party for the l'étoile/Blacklist 1950s-themed, secret location holiday shindig, JUBILEE, on December 19. The event also includes a 10 percent off discount on everything in the store; complimentary champagne and cookies; tunes from hot lady DJ duo Double Trouble; personal styling assistance from Blacklist and l'étoile; and a chance to get your name on the exclusive guestlist for JUBILEE, if you're so inclined (and we know you are)!
Click HERE for the facebook invite

promo design by Chris Larson/Photo by Stephen Stephens for l'etoile agency


Sinister But Sweet // new art by DC Ice

@ Nicademus Art & Framing
225 N. Snelling Ave.
St. Paul

6-11 pm/ free

Much like those Sour Patch Kids commercials, St. Paul-based artist, DC Ice, knows when to be “sour” and when to be sweet. One of Twin Cities' brightest and most promising young artists, DC's creations extend the umbrella of illustrative art to include such eclectic mediums as paintings, cover art, fashion, toys, 3D pieces and recently a children's book. As her tag line and tonight's show title suggest, her work is often dark and mischievous, but with playful characteristics saturated by whimsical color schemes. Join the artist and view her latest delightfully sinister pieces. Also get your mitts on new vintage-inspired hair clips by DC Ice while enjoying cupcakes and 'nog!

Click HERE for the Nicademus site


Dance Film Project

@ Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave. S.

7 & 9 pm/ single program: $6 advance, $9 door; both programs: $10 advance, $13

Although, the local independent DVD store, Cinema Revolution, is sadly defunct, the CR Society continues to be involved in community activities, including the second annual Dance Film Project – a festival of dance for the camera. Initiated by CR's executive director and indie filmmaker, John Koch, the festival explores the interaction between dance and film.Choreographers and filmmakers team up to create and present original short works of varying themes. The two-day event features 22 collaborations of new work and solo achievements from emerging and established MN artists including “Station,” new work from a couple of our local faves, Jaime Carrera and Tyler Jensen; and “Slap!” by Laura Holway and Ben McGinley.

Click HERE for the Intermedia Arts site

Photo by Jaime Carrera (from "Station")


Snowball: An Old School Funk and Rollerdisco

@ Roller Gardens
5622 W. Lake St.
Saint Louis Park

9pm-12am / $7 (includes skates)

Roller disco, roller disco, roller disco. Ahhhh!! Get ready to go around and around in circles and look fantastic doing it in your glitzy disco duds, with instruction and inspiration by the North Star Roller Girls. Maybe host "Alexis on the Sexes" will offer helpful tips for you to find a “skating partner" if you're lucky! and Ragstock host, and the Red Stag rolls out a festive dessert menu for the occasion.

Click HERE for more info on the site


Pegasus: The Whole Story

@ Bedlam Theater
1501 S 6th St

10:30pm / donation

Pegasus has been at it for a whole YEAR? Time flies! Tonight’s event is bound to be wild, what with performers Lady Enchantress, Towanda Lamet, and the Lungless Ladies, just to name a few of the cadre of “queens and misfits” at Pegasus. Drag, performance and DJs Tell it to My Heart, Mysti and Sissy are all the reason to don your best sequined ensemble and get thee to the Bedlam!

Click HERE for the Bedlam Theatre site


Hot Holiday

@ Jetset
115 N. 1st St.

10 pm-2 am / 18+

We can bet that if you're not at this party, you'll be hearing about the crazy shenanigans you missed for the rest of the weekend. Expect stellar tuneage designed specifically for all-night dancing from the one and only Soviet Panda, featuring his signature style of indie remixes, disco house and electro mash-ups. Plus, specialty drinks – and drink specials – from Jetset mixologists. Beats? Booze? Jetset knows the way to our holiday hearts and how to keep us toasty. Unless Old Man winter has a twink fetish, he won't be making an appearance at this party. As if you needed more convincing, Project Runway hotsfuff, Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman is rumored to be among the guests. Rockin' that sexy hawk we're sure! Hot Holiday gets the Coleman/l'étoile dual stamp of approval! Not to mention, the soiree is being put on by l'étoile's BFF and staff designer, Chris Larson and pals, so it will definitely be awesome!

Click HERE for the Facebook invite

promo design by Chris Larson


Street Sounds Swirlin’ Through My Mind

@ 1st Avenue VIP Room
701 1st Ave N

10pm / $5 / 18+

The Street Sounds crew waves goodbye to 2009 the only way they know how: with a sexy, sweaty dance par-tay! Tonight you'll be treated to a rare set by local vintage crate digger and wax flipper extraordinaire Ben Hribar aka Benny Lojac, who will be spinning "the funkiest of funk and the souliest of soul." Rounding things out are our favorite disco-dishing hotties, Attitude City bringing you their signature servings of funk, r&b, italio, disco and house. You need them, they need you, get down there!

Sponsored by l'étoile magazine, of course!

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New l'étoile spin-off blog alert!!! Our latest incarnation, the LOL/OMG Blog is a daily mish-mosh of the most talked about moments in local social media communications. From the best Facebook status updates to the funniest Twitter banter to the most buzzed about news being discussed by web-savvy locals, LOL/OMG brings you entertaining items from the seedy underbelly of the Twin Cities social media circuit.

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Who Made Who 2-year Anniversary and Holiday Sale

@ Who Made Who
158 13th Avenue NE

Noon-8pm / Free

Our besties at Who Made Who (the amazing designers behind the limited-edition poster prints at JagerCon) are celebrating their second anniversary with a special two-for-one sale. Deals on everything in the store including posters, art prints, test prints, cards, and calendars by Who Made Who designers Amy Jo, Dale "TOOTH" Flattum, and Lonny Unitus are available to the public. Plus: Dart throwing for prizes, mini cupcakes, Peace coffee and hot cocoa.

BONUS: See our Tuesday listing for the JagerCon 1st Anniversary Party for info on how you can get your paws on prints from past movie nights!

BONUS BONUS: Check our "Guide to Holiday Shopping Events" for more tips on where to shop for artist-made gifts and fashion this weekend!

Click HERE for the Who Made Who blog


Monster Drawing Rally

@ Midway Contemporary Art
527 2nd Ave SE


This second annual benefit for the Midway consists of tables filling the three galleries, and artists lined up to draw live. When the work is completed, the piece will be hung on the wall and for sale for $35. Artists include Andy Ducett, Nick Howard, Scott Stulen, Roxanne Jackson, David Bartley, Pete Driessen, Bethany Kalk, Tynan Kerr, Josie Lewis, Andie Maorol, Miles Mendenhall, Ruben Nusz, and Bruce Tapola -- to name just a few out of the million participating. Artists will draw during three rounds, starting at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. All sales will benefit education and programming at the gallery. Good will and cheap art! We like!

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Burlesque Holiday Bonanza

@ First Amendment
1101 Stinson Blvd

7-10pm / Free

The guys at Burlesque are filling the gallery walls of First Amendment with their greatest posters, new and old - what better gift is there for a poster collector? Also snag brand-new Burlesque-designed holiday cards and gifts. Participate in Burlesque's first ever Coloring Contest and get free stuff made by the crew! Christmas lights, mulled cider, egg nog, and danceable goodness from the Wants Vs Needs DJs round out a night of totally arty awesomeness.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Curster's Dollmight Fashion Show

@ SooVAC
27th & Lyndale

7-10 pm/ $5 members, $8 advance, $10 door

Tank Girl lovers rejoice! Local MPLS artist, Erin Currie, has created a line devoted to the unique aesthetics of steampunk, armory and coquette. Her runway debut features a stunning, cohesive line inspired by her recognizable stuffed creatures known as Curster. Tonight's SooVAC fashion show is influenced by such styles as military helmets, lacy sweaters, handmade t-shirts & hoodies and fashion mukluks – perfect for stylish winter wear – and combines rich fabrics and hand embroidered prints to feature one-of-a-kind dresses, casual wear and oh-so elegant hats. Winter fashion as you know it just got all dolled up.

Click HERE for the SooVAC site


Remember This For Later

@ Umber Studios
3109 E. 42nd St.

8-11 pm / free

Word associations are personal for everyone, but the associations St. Paul artist Allen Brewer draws in his latest pieces are more than just idiosyncratic – they stem from the unique, subconscious memories of his childhood. Inspired by scrounging through the hundreds of old books he owns, Brewer's new body of work, Remember This For Later, pairs a specific catalog of words to humorous and often dark images and creates an exclusive context and interpretation of the connection. His visually provocative drawings are created with colored pencil on old scrapbook-esque paper and wedding registers from the 1970s, giving the psychological art experience that vintage feel.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Lookbook EP release

@7th St Entry
701 1st Avenue N

10pm / 21+ / $6

It’s been a very good year for Lookbook. The electronic pop duo has long been a l’etoile fave, and with the critically lauded release of their debut full-length Wild at Heart this past fall, they’ve been embraced as the local band to watch of the moment, selling out shows and setting dance floors on fire with with wild abandon. This weekend, the dance floor will be front and center as Maggie Morrison and Grant Cutler celebrate the release of True to Form (Remix EP), on local electronic label, Nytetraxx Records. The band’s biggest hit so far, “True to Form” gets the full treatment on three of the E.P.’s tracks from the likes of local electronic hero Gigamesh and buzzworthy UK italo duo Heartbreak, somehow making the song even more dancegasmic. The most interesting remixes, though, are “King of Con (Mux Mool Remix)” and “I’ve Seen This Coming (Skullbuster Remix),” both originally found on 2008 Lookbook EP . Local producer Mux Mool adds a surprising trip-hop, R&B flavor on the moody “King of Con,” while DJ Skullbuster twists and warps “I’ve Seen This Coming” with lo-fi blips and dissonant percussion.

Click HERE for the Lookbook Myspace

Photo by Joe Johnson


Lets Dance

@ Red Stag Supper Club
509 1st Avenue NE
Northesat Mpls

11pm / 21+ / Free

Lets Dance has quickly become one of Minneapolis' best kept secrets. Once a month (every second Saturday) The Red Stag removes its supper club attire and plays host to a knock down, drag out dance party. Millions Billions, Monsterbrusten and a revolving line up of djs keep the people moving to old, new and future dancefloor classics. Attitudes are checked at the door for an event that, rightfully so, boasts a "disproportionate amount of beautiful ladies." This month is the holiday edition, get dressed and get there. We're crossing our fingers for rampant mistletoe!

Click HERE for the Facebook event

Exerpted from our new LOL/OMG Blog!

The new video for "Prizefight" by Doomtree cohort Mike Mictlan is a hot item circulatin' the internetz locally and beyond. Word has it that Mictlan's new vid snagged a top slot on Myspace's front page. Pretty sweet!

The rapper remixes his "prized" track on the Hand Over Fist EP and partners it with some stellar visuals with a little help from director and local graphic designer/artist Greg Hubacek, as well as a slew of other talented Twin Cities folks.

@anderother says: "the wooly mammoth minnesnowta murder maker @MIKEMICTLAN is on the front page of Myspace for that #Prizefight video"

@MPLSTV links the vid and says: "Do it to folks. We haven't seen a music video this innovative for a minute."

Mike Mictlan "PRIZEFIGHT" Music Video from Ted Romeo on Vimeo.

submitted by @letoilemagazine


JagerCon 1-Year Anniversary Party

@ Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Avenue N.

9pm / 21+ / Free

This month marks one year of nerdy hi-jinx at Clubhouse Jager! Our weekly sci-fi movie night has become a big hit and we're happy to say we've made many awesome new friends because of it. For the past year, local screen print collectives Squad 19 and Who Made Who have been trading off duties as our official poster-makers for the event, creating amazing, coveted, limited edition screen-printed posters for many of the movies. Tonight's anniversary party is extra special because BOTH collectives will be on-hand to sell posters from past screenings that you might have missed for the bargain price of $10 each. Fill in your nerdy poster collection, or buy some as a holiday gift for a geeky pal! We're also starting EARLY tonight at 9pm with a couple rounds of sci-fi trivia hosted by Kate and Beth from l'etoile. Prizes include bar tabs and a grand prize of just about every poster ever made for JagerCon! Tonight's flick will be 12 Monkeys, and both Squad 19 and Who Made Who will be creating dueling 12 Monkeys posters for the occasion -- which as usual will be FREE and will be doled out after the flick.

For more info on JagerCon click HERE


Beth Hammarlund talks about her love for NY Times Journalist Cintra Wilson and invites us to her dream dinner party!

Snarky intellectuals can love fashion too!

Everyone MUST read this interview with New York Times journalist Cintra Wilson in Elle. God, I love this woman. She's one of my favorite fashion writers of all time.

Eventually I'll get around to hosting that dinner party with Cintra, Cathy Horyn, Suzy Menkes, Grace Coddington, the late great Isabella Blow, Hamish Bowles, Robin Givhan, the late Diana Vreeland, Carine Roitfeld, Nicola Formichetti and Jahna Peloquin. Emma Berg, Kate Iverson and Marina Maric are totally invited as well.

Click HERE for more from a Tiny Machine


Jahna Peloquin posts a vid of a fashion show featuring our pal and Project Runway alum, Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman.

Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman shows in D.C.

Check out this vid of a recent fashion show former Minneapolitan designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman participated in out in Washington, D.C. to benefit The Cinderella Foundation. It also featured fashions by former Project Runway contestants Korto Momolu and Jerrel Scott.

Click HERE for more from Le Petit Connaisseur
Selections from Ra'mon's Spring 2010 collection kick off the video below:

WL FASHION TV: "Project Runway" Designers Talk Fashion With a Purpose from Washington Life Magazine on Vimeo.

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