Monday, October 19, 2009

Le'TALK: l'étoile interviews jewelry designer/DJ Martine Lizama

by Jahna Peloquin

Whether it's a sign of our multi-tasking times or the nature of our intertwined, intimate surroundings, but the Twin Cities seem rife with creative peeps working in multiple creative realms: artist/musicians, graphic designer/clothing designers, event producer/editors, and so on. (Me? I'm a writer/stylist.) Martine Lizama is no exception - the chic designer behind one of my favorite local jewelry lines,
Imelda, is making her first public foray into DJing this week. We sat down with Martine (aka DJ Imelda) to get the scoop on her latest role - and hear about what else she's working on.

[Martine Lizama, aka DJ Imelda / Image provided]

JP: Is this your first time DJing? If not where have you DJ'd before?

ML: I have DJ'd parties before in the past, but this will be my second time playing out at

JP: How did you get interested in DJing?

ML: I started as a radio DJ my freshman year of college in Morris, MN. My sophomore year I became the training director. Planning out my weekly shows and putting sets of songs together was really therapeutic for me, a way to forget the stresses of school and life in general, at least for a few hours.

JP: What kinds of music do you spin? Give us an idea of what to expect on Wednesday.

ML: I'm really into Memory Tapes, Yacht and Discovery right now, so a lot of modern electronic music. I usually play a fair amount of new jack swing, hip hop, and funk as well.

JP: What's new with your jewelry line Imelda?

ML: I've really been focusing on extra large, over-the-top statement necklaces using carved bone, natural stones and antiqued metals. My favorite piece right now is a necklace with 7-9" carved bone feathers hanging from a chunky antique brass chain, its really fun to wear and makes a great almost wind chime noise when you move around.

Imelda jewelry is carried exclusively at Cliché. DJ Imelda plays this Wednesday, October 21 at Sauce Spirits & Soundbar. 9:30 p.m. Free. 3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.

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