Monday, October 22, 2007

JUSTICE @ Foundation

Gaspard Auge + Xavier de Rosnay Forever

Or, Minneapolis Is In Love With You, Justice

By Molly "Justice" Butterfoss, senior l'etoile illustrator and all around glamour girl.

Last night, the long-awaited Justice show made Minneapolis
soil our collective pants. The sold-out, a.w.e.s.o.m.e. show – was as announced, a Justice-described "baroque apocalypse."

Foundation was packed with Minneapolis' reigning, who showed the nay-sayers they weren't too cool to dance. Everyone from b-boys to the fashion girls - to three mysterious fans wearing full astronaut gear – came together to welcome the French duo to town.

One girl, dancing alone in a corner, was dressed as a nun, paying thoughtful homage to Justice's cross emblem.

Before the show, while local faves the Moongoons played an excellent opening set, rumors flew that Justice was walking among us, smoking cigarettes out front. The result? Herds of girls rushing outside to brave the chill.

"I think I saw a hicky on Xavier (one half of the alluring duo)," a particularly observant groupie reported, triggering much speculation. Then the glowing cross lit up the stage, everyone screamed, and Xavier and Gaspard Auge appeared.

From then on nobody stopped moving until after the encore at 2 a.m. Everyone lost their voices from screaming along passionately to fan favorites Never Be Alone and D.A.N.C.E. As my friend Jordan observed, "Those are two bad-ass dudes."

l'etoile magazine was one of the sponsors of this memorable evening, and was the lone media allowed backstage. Take a peek at the pictures below!




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