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Weekend What's What 7/21-7/23


...On rock n' rollllll...and art and performance and cool dance parties, and, well, the list could go on and on. Considering the oodles of bands scheduled to rock the streets at multiple live music extravaganzas this weekend, not to mention experimental outdoor beep-fests, r n' b dance jams, bike parties and more, you'll be hard pressed to stay indoors this weekend. Party on!



Third Thursday: Bike Night

2400 Third Ave S

6 – 9 p.m. / Free

Fixed gear; cruiser; granny cycle. Whatever fancy velocipede you put between your legs, air it up and join the MIA tonight for a special “bike night” edition of their Third Thursday series. Meet at Gold Medal Park at 5 p.m. for a group ride straight to MIA grounds (or just meet us there!) where you can indulge in a tune-up from the specialists at The Hub, get the valet treatment by parking at Freewheel's Bike valet, feast jealous eyes on locally-made bikes from innovative Twin Cities frame builders and catch one – or all – of the opening films from the 2011 MPLS Bicycle Film Fest. While you're there, enter to win bikes and awesome swag from Surly, The Hub, Twin Six gear, Nice Ride and One On One, plus whip up DIY bike accessories with recycled bike parts courtesy of Secrets of the City, bop along to tunes from surf pop rockers Joey Ryan and the Inks and sip down delicious cocktails and Summits in the Angry Catfish Bike Lounge. Oh, and don't forget to check out all the artful nooks and crannies of the museum, which will offer free admission all the live long night.

Bonus: Don't forget to pop your head into the MAEP gallery tonight to peep the opening of “Finally, We Are All Young Again” featuring a 3-D library with works by Adam Caillier and Michael Mott, and a journey into experimental video and sound with Scott Nedrelow's “Movie.” Free and viewable at 7 p.m.

Click HERE for the MIA site


Tragedy of the Sea Nymph

@ Walker Art Center
Open Field
1750 Hennepin Ave

9:15 p.m. & 9:45 p.m. / Free

We'll admit it, we find dogs in human clothes to be one of the funniest/cutest things ever, and tonight's pup-tastic extravaganza at the WAC's Big Backyard definitely feeds our dogs-as-people obsession with Tragedy of the Sea Nymph. Put your pooch on a bedazzled leash and head to the Open Field, where Elizabeth Cline's 10-minute all-dog cast operetta will be screened alongside live human singers and the Cedar String Quartet. A French Bulldog in a wig? Scream! Show up early for the Dog Opera Pre-Party (For dogs and their humans) at Open Field as early as 6:30pm for treats, photos, pooch glamour makeovers, and much more.

Bonus: Party with Machine Project, an L.A. artist collective in town through the 28th, who will be causing creative trouble at the Walker through the 28th. See full info here.

Click HERE for more info on Tragedy of the Sea Nymph


Children of Spy, Vague-à-bonde, New Madrid

@ Clubhouse Jäger
923 Washington Ave N

10 p.m. / 21+/ Free

This Thursday, Children of Spy and New Madrid have traveled all the way from Tennessee to serenade you with their beautifully bitter, lucid lullabies. These southern crooners will break your heart, haunt you, and leave you yearning for more of that heavy, wholesome truthfulness that we all could use a little more of on a steamy Thursday night. Rounding out the bill is Vague-à-bonde, a new solo side project from Waxx Maxx's sultry savant, Nicole Brenny, who will be debuting her freshest material tonight. With a lineup like this, whiskey only seems fitting. Indulge in Clubhouse Jäger’s Thursday night specials: $5 Jameson and $2.50 Miller Highlife Tallboys (served up by l'etoile's own Robyn Lewis aka The Bitchelor), as you wistfully dance the night away.

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What's l'etoile admiring this week?

In terms of subject matter, sculptor and mixed media artist Sterling Ruby has delved into the grittiest depths of life: marginalized societies, maximum-security prisons, graffiti, cults, urban gangs, the mechanisms of warfare, and more are mused upon through glazed biomorphic ceramics and poured urethane sculptures – ugly, messy objects that fill rooms and chill spines. They are impossible to ignore, to view without feeling something uncomfortably fascinating teeming beneath your surface. So compelling are his sculptures, in fact, that critics have coined their effect as being victimized by the “Sterling flu.” The latest carrier, at the Sprüth Magers Berlin: “I AM NOT FREE BECAUSE I CAN BE EXPLODED ANYTIME,” a paranoid fantasyland filled with dripping red sculptures and frenetically spray-painted canvases. Intense, yes, but certainly a bug worth catching.

Click HERE for more work


Machine Project: Apple II Beeptacular Spectacular

@ Walker Open Field
FlatPack House
1750 Hennepin Ave. S.

1 p.m. to 5 p.m. / Free

Head to any Uptown coffee shop, and you’re likely to see enough MacBooks to make you wanna vom, whether or not you adore (or are toting) your own. But that’s not to say too many Apples in one place can’t be made in to something magnificent. Case in point: Apple II Beeptacular Spectacular, a gathering of as many Apple II computers as Machine Project, an L.A.-based group of performer/collaborators, could muster, for the sole purpose of creating a vintage computer orchestra. Yep, that’s bleeps instead of baritones, bloops instead of bass lines, an altogether sci-fi sounding cacophony of epic proportions. For the event, Machine Project’s Jason Torchinsky has written a 16-tone sequencer for the computers, which will be multiplied across the machines to create the madness. The group’s resident musichead Chris Kallmyer will also be there to discuss the ins and outs of music, and to help make the beeptacular a bit more listenable for everyone. Be there, and bring your own Apple II if you still have one!

Bonus: Machine Project will continue their residency at the Walker through next weekend, complete will plenty of artsy fun n' games. Click HERE for a full list of events.

Click HERE for more info on the Apple II Beeptacular



@ Patrick's Cabaret
3010 Minnehaha Ave S

8 p.m. / $10

Curated by controversial and anti-apologetic performance artist/l'etoile fave, Jaime Carrera, “Peligro” is a queer-focused, in-your-face multi-media installation featuring the provocative and cutting-edge work of some of the local art scene most exciting artists. Peep stunningly evocative photography on par with the 60's “king of underground,” Jack Smith from Benjamin Fredrickson and installation art from Tim Carroll aka MPLS “tour de force” and member of local rock collective, Faggot. Plus, works from Bedlam alum Ben Egerman, dancer/choreographer and Subbody Butoh performer Kats D Fukasawa, video gems from indie film and local music video director Tyler Jensen and performance work from dancer Dustin Maxwell – all inspired by the theme of “danger.” Prepare to be shocked, rocked and – above all – amazed.

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Yeti Records Benefit Show

@ Gleb Bacon's
Secret Location

8 p.m. / $5

You like these bands: Visitor, the Liz, Velvet Davenport, Fortified Five, and the Leisure Birds. How could you not? Each of these bands takes a turn spinning the dance crowd ‘round the room every time they make an entrance with a show. It’s a real treat to see them all come together to rock in the name of Yeti—and just so we’re clear, this is a serious show. The landlords at Yeti Records' cute lil' shop raised the rent (bastard economy), and so our favorite record-slingers need you, Mr. Moneybags, to stop by Club Med this fine evening to drop some duckets in their buckets.

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WHOOMP (There it is) Early ‘90s Dance Party

@ 331 Club
331 13th Ave NE

10 p.m. / 21+ / Free

With scorching temperatures and a heat index hotter than Dante’s Inferno, Friday seems the perfect night to channel your inner-David Hasselhoff. Whether you bust out your bikini, speedo, neon hipster shades or rep your Bahama momma beach Barbie threads…Whooomp there you are - at the 331's latest edition of the Early ‘90s Dance Party. This Friday, come dressed in your '90s best! Swimsuits are highly encouraged and prizes will be given for the best throwback get-up. Dance yourself clean to a colorful roster of DJ’s including: Dr. Dallas Dog-Palace, DJ Tanner and MC Hang Time. Dress up, corral your crew and expect a multitude of beach party surprises at this Baywatch-era faux beach Party!

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(please don't wear Sharpei puppies)


Bee Cool

@ Honey
205 East Hennepin Ave

10 p.m. / 21+ / $3

Feelin’ saucy this Friday? Come checkout Minneapolis’ only R n’ B night at our fave subterranean hot-spot, Honey. Bee Cool features a smooth, perfectly pieced together mixture of R. Kelly, The Weekend, Montell Jordan, Frank Ocean, The Dream and more. Feel free to kick back, lounge, and relax in one of Honey's dark corners as you enjoy these sultry, smooth melodies. However, with $5 Jameson drinks and $3.50 Tallboys fueling your fire you may want to get your bump n’ grind goin’ on the dance floor, and we wouldn't blame you. This eclectic and masterful mishmash will have you swaying to the beat in no time, thanks to the nimble fingered DJ stylings of DJ Bach and Monsterbrusten.

Co-sponsored by l'etoile!

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What's l'etoile peepin' on the internetz this week?

It’s no secret that we’re batty for any and all things en vogue. And now, we’re triple-batty for Fashion Gone Rogue, an ongoing compilation of all the latest fashion-related editorials, lookbooks, campaigns, and runways from around the world. The website/daily blog/tumblr empire also posts its own editorials from time to time, the most recent featuring model Krystal Glynn romping around the caves and wilderness of Australia’s blue mountains in dreamy dresses and furs. Finally, no more scouring and devouring fashion blogs for hours on end to get our fix of pretty, edgy, classic, avant-garde, and otherwise trendy wares – they’re all in one place. Leaving us with much more time on our hands to, you know, go through the archives and re-visit all of our faves.

Click HERE for the Fashion Gone Rogue site



@ Palmer’s Bar
500 Cedar Avenue

1 p.m. / 21+ / Free

There’s nothing quite like a night spent amongst the smoke, whiskey, and neon of a really awesome dive bar. But an entire day at said hole-in-the-wall? Now that’s just plain epic. Enter Palmfest, the rowdy, 12-plus-hour local music throwdown at Palmer’s this Saturday. Palmfest features a mixture of legends including Spider John Koerner and Willie Murphy & his 10 piece band the Angel Headed Hipsters, as well as the Magnolias, Black Audience, Chooglin’, and the Knotwells. This fest is certainly one to raise a glass (or three) to in true west bank fashion.

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@ The Loring Theater
1635 Hennepin Ave

3 p.m. / 18+ / $10

Minneapalooza is an outdoor/indoor music and arts festival that includes some of the most tasty local rockers the Twin Cities has to offer, with the outdoor stage starting at 3 p.m. and featuring Phantom Tails, Fort Wilson Riot, Bad N Rad, Sex Rays, and more. The inside stage starts at 10 p.m. and includes Hastings 3000, Post Mode, and more. Get revved up on brewskis from Rush River Brewing and party the day/night away. Come, get thee to the Loring!

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Crush Fest

@ Cause Spirits and Soundbar
3001 Lyndale Ave S

7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday / $5 Saturday, Free Sunday

This weekend, Cause is melting your face, blowing your mind, smashing your eardrums, and probably destroying your liver with two days of live music from near and from far. The occasion is Crush Fest, and the curators-of-sorts are local space-rockers Dream Crusher. Other locals performing include Night Moves, The American North, Thug Mansion All-Starz, and We Became Actors, and out-of-towners include Lawrence, Kansas’ Cowboy Indian Bear, Brooklyn’s Kill to Kill, and Chicago’s Hospital Garden. Expect rock and indie music of many colors and facets – and, of course, to be utterly crushed when it’s all over.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Psychedelic 40-Piece Marching Band Parade

@ minneapolis greenway
begins at 5th ave. entrance and ends at Hiawatha bridge

8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. / Free

Who hasn't wanted to cavalcade the streets joined by a illuminated art parade?! Curated by Brute Heart's Jackie Beckey, Twin Cities radicals hit the streets tonight for a mile long after-dark romp down the Greenway wielding a 40-piece LED/glowstick lit, body painted band complete with brass, strings, accordion and a 15-piece drum-core. That's right, you heard us correctly. And if that's not enough to stir the neighborhood or at least random bikers, the band will be accompanied by a colorful crew of dancers on stilts and plenty of glitter-glammed, glow-in-the-dark parade-goers. Darkness will never be the same.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Nu Disco & Giorgio Moroder Night

@ Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Ave N

10 p.m. / 21+ / free

So, you dig disco? Sassy synth gets your motor started? Then you probably owe your dance floor soul to Giorgio Moroder. Dubbed “the father of disco,” Moroder and his notorious creep stash blessed the world with 4 solid decades of pure dance and electronic pleasure – think the Ron Jeremy of disco. We can pretty much guarantee any and everything you like about dance music – vocoders, drum machine beats, sexy synth build-ups – has its roots in Moroder. Tonight, join DJ Dirty McKenzie and Club Jager for their monthly disco romp featuring 4 straight hours of Moroder and Moroder-inspired dance jams. Plus, shake your stuff as Fritz Lang's classic silent film “Metropolis” screens in the background.

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What's l'etoile listening to this week?

Just in case you had any little doubts a'forming about the relevance status of post-punk, local rockers The Rope are here inform you post-punk is so not dead. The dark modern rock power trio – backed by members Jesse Hagon, Mike Browning, Matt E and Paul Teravskis – recently blew away savvy social media peeps at last week's LOL/OMG meet-up with their perfected goth rock sound – heavy on the synth, glitchy guitar, thunderous drum beats and electronic reverb. The baritone vocal lovechild of Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch and Interpol's Paul Banks, Hagon belts out his tunes like he belongs lurking the the shadows of a tenebrous alley, draped in a cape. The Rope is the kind of band that could just as easily play at your 80's-themed wedding as they could at your funeral. Welcome to the dark side.

Click HERE for the Rope's Facebook page

Editor in Chief: Kate Iverson // Contributors: Juleana Enright, Tara Sloane, Natalie Gallagher, Kate Iverson, Robyn Lewis, Jahna Peloquin, Stefani Arden

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