Thursday, July 28, 2011

Le'Talk: Danielle Everine talks "Project Runway" and local fashion

by Jahna Peloquin, l'étoile magazine fashion editor

Local fashion designer Danielle Everine first caught our eye in spring of 2010 when her line of menswear-inspired womenswear made a dapper statement on the Voltage runway. Since then, she's become a force to be reckoned with in the local fashion industry, showing a equestrian-inspired collection alongside designer Raul Osorio in the spectacular "Pale Rider" show last fall, followed by an ethereal sheer-on-sheer collection at Voltage again this past spring. Now, the rest of the world is about to see what the fuss is all about - Danielle has been selected as one of 20 contestants for the ninth season of fashion reality show Project Runway. On the eve of the premiere episode, we chat with Danielle about reality TV, the benefits of being a part of Minneapolis' fashion community, and her future nuptials. L'étoile hosts its first of weekly viewing parties tonight at the Caterpillar Lounge at Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen at 8 p.m. Click here for more info.

[Danielle Everine, courtesy Lifetime]

l'étoile: Hi Danielle! How are you settling in now that filming is complete?

Danielle: I just got back yesterday. I'm like, what do I do now? It's pretty crazy. It's hard to do nothing! I've just been doing interviews.

Are you still with Target?

Unfortunately I had to leave Target to go on the show. My director and manager really encouraged me and were really supportive of my decision, and they told me if I want to come back I'd be welcome to reapply.

Are you going to get going on a fall line right away?

I'm interested in pursuing my own design business more and seeing what opportunities are there. David (Heisserer, Everine's fiancé) and I interested in creating a design brand together, making things that are a little more well-rounded than just fashion - design objects for the home, architectural items and fine art. We actually put our wedding plans on hold to go on the show.

When are you getting married?

Well, we want to have an amazing event, sort of A Midsummer Night's Dream inspired event with boats, so it will take some time to put together.

You've been designing in the Twin Cities since 2006. How has your experience being a part of the local fashion community influenced you as a designer?

Being a part of this community has given me great resources. I've been able to work with great photographers and wonderful stylists and models. It's a small community but people here are so talented.

A lot of people seemed surprised that you applied to be on a reality show like Project Runway, since you're perceived as being serious and shy. Why did you decide to apply?

They contacted me because a few people had recommended me, so I thought about it and I was like, what the hell? I'll just apply and see if they like me and from there it just evolved. I was surprised myself, and it was a difficult decision to put myself out there on TV to be seen and ridiculed and to do things that I'm not in control of and let go. And I thought in the end I don't know what opportunities could come out of this.

What else can we expect to see from you now that you've been on the show?

I want to continue to sell my work at Cliché, and maybe do a handbag line, which is a great cross between my sculptural work and fashion. I'll continue to design in many different realms, and see what happens.

(Photo credits: Top: "Pale Rider" lookbook image by Ingrid Werthmann. Middle: image from l'étoile's "Kiss Me Cake" spread by Kate Iverson. Bottom: image from l'étoile's "Wanderlust" spread by Chris McDuffie.)

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