Thursday, July 28, 2011

Le'Talk: a Q&A with Gigamesh

By Juleana Enright

By now we're sure you've heard of local remix-guru, Gigamesh. But just in case you haven't, here's the lowdown. Gigamesh is Matt Masurka, a Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ. Starting by releasing bootleg remixes on music blogs in 2007, he's built his name as a versatile remix artist and producer. His collaborations include being a member of DiscoTech and Señor Stereo, as well as co-producing albums for Minneapolis bands Lookbook and Estate. In 2010, he became a multi-platinum selling producer when his remix of Mike Posner's “Cooler Than Me” was chosen to be the first single on Posner’s debut album. The song rose to #5 on the Billboard Top 40 and was chosen as iTunes 2010 Pop Single Of The Year. Gigamesh will be releasing his debut self-titled EP worldwide by the end of summer. Not only is the dude the epitome of MN-nice, but his beats could move even the surliest of misanthropes to the dancefloor.

We recently caught up with MN returnee Gigamesh to chat about his latest projects, what's on his iPod and why he couldn't stay away from Minneapolis. You can catch Matt spinning this Friday at the Anthem Heart-produced party "Recess" at the Varsity Theater:

l'etoile: You recently returned to MPLS after a stint producing beats in Miami. What prompted the hiatus and why the move back?

Gigamesh: The main reason I moved to Miami was to work with my brother Joe and Danny (our other partner in DiscoTech & Señor Stereo). However, I realized shortly after the move that my career will benefit more from concentrating on music released as Gigamesh. So after a few months, I started missing Minnesota friends and family and drove back up to the home turf.

l'etoile: We hear you've been signed to a new management and are booking gigs all over the country? Can you tell us a bit about the new changes?

Gigamesh: Yeah I'm working with Travis Hayden, who co-founded IHEARTCOMIX and also worked at Atlantic Records. He's a great manager. I recently joined Coda for Europe/Asian gigs and will be announcing a U.S. booking agency soon. I've never been overseas, so the thought that music will be allowing me to go soon is very gratifying.

l'etoile: You've played quite a few gigs since your triumphant return including guest spots at Menergy and Recess. Has the energy on the dancefloor evolved since you've been gone?

Gigamesh: That's tough to say. In a sense I don't think dancefloor energy really ever changes. As long as everyone is there to have a good time and are open to hearing new music, it will always be great.

l'etoile: Where do you see the future of dance parties heading and how does our local music scene fit into that?

Gigamesh: I see audiences becoming more and more open-minded. It's really exciting! Genre classification/loyalty is continually dissolving and people who primarily listen to pop radio seem to be more willing to take a chance on music they're unfamiliar with.

l'etoile: Is there a difference between the tracks you play at parties and the artists you listen to at home?

Gigamesh: Yeah, for the most part my favorite 'listening' music has very little overlap with the music I play out. I have a big appreciation for orchestra music, jazz, experimental stuff, etc... To stay creative, I think it helps to listen to as big a variety as possible.

l'etoile: Who are a few of your current loves/what's on repeat on your iPod?

Gigamesh: Gil Scott Heron's last album and Jamie xx's remix album of it are pretty high on the list. I'm also a huge fan of Bibio and Tame Impala. As for dance music, recent favorites include Carte Blanche, Lone, Midnight Savari, Breakbot, and Faze Action.

l'etoile: Any projects in the making we should know about?

Gigamesh: The main focus is my debut EP coming out in September. I'm planning to make a music video for one of the songs. Other than that, there is a song I started with the group "Oliver" (U-Tern and Oligee) that I'm pretty excited about. As for remixes, I have one coming out soon for Theophilus London, and a few others that I shouldn't mention quite yet.

l'etoile: Besides friends and family, what did you miss most about the Twin Cities?

Gigamesh: Tap beer – very few Miami bars have it.

l'etoile: Lastly, l'etoile and our music geek readers want your opinion: Spotify vs. Grooveshark.

Gigamesh: I haven't even heard of Grooveshark...will have to check that out. Spotify is awesome, although I heard that indie labels get unfair deals because they have less negotiating power. Other than that I love it!

Props to Gigamesh for all his awesome success and be sure to catch his signature DJ style at RECESS this Friday , Saturday night in The Entry & at Extra Large in the Record Room August 12th.

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