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Weekend What's What: Fashion Week Edition


MNFashion Week is in full swing and peeps around the Twin Cities have definitely caught the bug. Don some gay apparel and sweep through a plethora of fashion shows, sales, trunk shows, stylin' bike rides and much more--we've even got a handy-dandy guide to each and every event on the schedule. And with our flagship annual fashion-meets-rock blowout, Voltage: Fashion Amplified happening this Friday you'll be hard-pressed to avoid the buzz. We've been so proud to be first-hand witnesses to the evolution of the local fashion scene over the years and 2011 is definitely another step up. See you runway-side!



We put out our Official Guide to MNFashion Week

Tara Sloane and Juleana Enright interview Voltage designers


String Theory Festival

@ Various locations

see site for specific times/venues / free - $25

Gone are the days where strings had to be restricted to hoedowns or maestro conducted orchestras. These days cellos, banjos, violas and other popular bow-wielded musical doodads are the centerpieces and compositional additions to the modern music genres of pop and indie as well as classical. This weekend, join co-presenters the Southern Theater, McNally Smith College of Music, and MPR for four days of string-filled serenades brought to you by an eclectic array of renowned national, international and local composers. Witness seven concerts at six Twin Cities venues featuring the music of Dirty Projectors’ Nat Baldwin, Owen Pallett, Molly Dean, Bang on a Can All-Stars’ Robert Black, yMusic, Dessa, Devotchka’s Tom Hagerman, Anni Rossi and tons more! Thursday night head on over to the Walker Free Thursdays for Sound Horizon, a free concert featuring “Brooklyn’s postmillennial Mozart,” Missy Mazzoli and Nadia Sirota and pop over to the Southern Theater for the 3rd Southern Songbook installment – The Rites of Spring – hosted by Chris Koza and Adam Levy with guests Dessa, Mississippi Peace, Martin Devaney, Eliza Blue, Chan Poling, the music director dVRG and the instrumentalists of Heiruspecs. We love a good ode to strings!

Co-sponsored by l'etoile!

Click HERE for more info


MSP International Film Festival

@ various locations MPLS/St. Paul

see site for schedule details

As if screening over 170 international, independent and art house films playing over the course of three weeks weren’t enough, this year the celebrated Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Fest is back with a slew of awesome, band-squired Opening Weekend Events – not to mention a great strain of Mid-Fest parties – that have us practically peeing our knickers in anticipation. Opening Night's gala kicks off with a party at the first ever Festival Central Pavilion where festgoers can munch on tasty nosh and sip libations while enjoying a snazzy jazz set from vocalist Charmin Michelle and her Combo. All weekend long, stalk the fest to catch great cinephile-approved films from over 50 countries, spoil your palate with even more delightful nosh and drink specials and groove to live sets from local faves Bethany Larson & The Bee’s Knees, The Red Pens, Total Babe, Elite Gymnastics, Noah Hoehn and more! Plus, through May 5th, don’t miss awesome film-themed bashes like the Minnesota-Made Party, the French-infused Bienvenu Party, the Celtic Spirit Party and the experimental film tribute, #LIFE #RARE: A Music Video Party Experience. Be there or be prepared to find a very large shoe because you’re gonna be kicking yourself for missing it. Plus, with three weeks of films to contend with, you'll really have no excuse.

Click HERE for the MSPIFF site

Festival Trailer from The MSP-ST PAUL Film Society on Vimeo.


The MNfashion Shows: Emma Berg and Kevin Kramp

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

Two of the Twin Cities' most provocative designers have teamed up for a night of design at the MNfashion Atrium. Voltage: Fashion Amplified veterans Kevin Kramp and Emma Berg are both known for their forward-thinking collections and immaculately finished pieces. Their much buzzed-about joint runway presentation is sure to be one of the can't-miss events of MNfashion Week. -Beth Hammarlund (Photo by Robb Long)
Tickets: $20-25 **Seated tickets still available
When: 7 p.m., Thursday, April 14.
Where: MNfashion Atrium, 79 13th Ave. NE., Minneapolis,


LOL/OMG Meetup #8

@331 Club
331 13th Ave NE

9 p.m. / 21+ / Free

It's that time again! Our LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup is back at the 331 Club for its next installment and we've crafted an all-star lineup for the occasion that will blow minds and ear drums: Littlefoot (10pm), Gramma's Boyfriend (11pm), H.U.N.X. (Midnight). Socialize with your Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/etc friends IRL, drink some cheap dranks, nerd out, shamelessly hit on people, whatever...just be sure to tweet it so we can LOL/OMG you later! Official hashtag: #LOLOMG

Click HERE for the LOL/OMG site


We all know there is nothing new under the sun, and for that reason, that art often inspires or is re-manifested in another art form, in architecture, in fashion. Remember Marc Jacob’s collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton? Or any number of clothing designers inspired by Art Deco or Pop Art? This week’s art pick – German painter, writer, photographer, and performer Theo Altenberg – hasn’t exactly inspired a new line of eveningwear (at least that we know of), but his oils-on-cardboard are so luxe and gorgeous, we want to wrap ourselves in them. Ever been mesmerized by an oil slick or perplexed by the changing technicolors of a hot spring? Looking at Altenberg’s paintings is kind of like that, full of drama and wonder and a captivating – albeit confusing – lack of context. Which, really, leaves us only one question: any designers out there looking for inspiration for their next line?

Click HERE for the Theo Altenberg site


Antique Spectacular Show & Flea Market

@ Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave. N
St. Paul, MN

8 a.m. to 6 p.m. / $6

It's almost garage sale season and we can't help but be irrationally excited about it. Little did you know the State Fairgrounds were for more than just deep-fried Snickers and watching goats give birth! This weekend, make your way down there a few months early to check out the fancy schmancy antiques show and flea market. Consider not only the sheer mass of antiques and vintage loveliness that await your thrifty, savvy little heart, but also the great vintage assortment of books, records, videos, and cassettes--especially from people like our friends at and the epic Paul Dickinson's Renegade Book Sale. Bring out that Casio and consider yourself in business.

Click HERE for more info


Voltage Fashion Amplified 2011

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

What: Arguably the most anticipated nucleus event of Spring MNfashion Week, the ever-evolving high-fashion runway + rock show Voltage debuts the spring collections from an eclectic cast of veteran and up-and-coming innovative, haut monde local designers. This year's line-up features lines from Tim & Thom, Frances Zerr, Danielle Everine, Raul Osorio, Rachel Blomgren, Sarah Holm, Ivan Idland, Kathryn V, Max Lohrbach and Terri Martin as well as the stylish accessories and jewelry designers from locals Bionic Unicorn, Needle & Black, Katy Schmaty, Blacklist Vintage and more. With live sets from rockers, Phantom Tails, Me and My Arrow, Communist Daughter, Pink Mink and Fort Wilson Riot. -Juleana Enright
Tickets: $25-30 at
When: 7 p.m. Friday, April 15.
Where: First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612.332.1775,


Fashion Ball

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

What: If you're not already acquainted with the Ballet of the Dolls, consider this your official invitation to a world of dance, theater and fashion. Prepare yourself for a night of indulgence with delectable cocktails and sumptuous treats. Then dazzle what remains of your senses with a performance by the Dolls featuring couture by Grant Whittaker. The VIP Friday night performance includes dinner and a silent auction. -Beth Hammarlund
Tickets: $35 on Saturday or $75 for VIP Friday
When: 7-10 p.m. Friday, April 15 & Saturday, April 16.
Where: Ritz Theater, 345 13th Ave. NE., Minneapolis, 612-436-1129,



@ Madame
3401 Chicago Ave. S.

8 p.m. / Free

This Friday, our lady of queer art spaces, Madame, presents a showcase of artists who positively shine. Bringing together the best of MSP and NYC, Radiance! addresses aesthetics of queer collectivity and non-mainstream ideals through a variety of magic and medium. For the show, Madame has also borrowed a selection of work from New York-based “Into the Neon,” a 12-artist breathing space and conversation on queer monoculture. Artists include “Into the Neon” producer Quito Ziegler, who has installed a “radiating queer altar” involving afghan blankets and a glowing golden Buddha; prints a la Gay Beast singer/pianist/saxophonist, and “Radiance!” curator Daniel Luedtke; and Minneapolis-based graphic designer and BareBones tabloid creator JoAnn Blohowiak. There will also be a zine rack curated by A. Agony and a whole lot of dancing to beats by DJs Playtex and Lillith Flair.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Wants Vs. Needs

@Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Ave N

10 p.m. / 21+ / $3

When every Friday rolls around, we’re once again stuck in this little dilemma – not only do we want to get our feet movin’ to a beat, but we absolutely NEED to. Well, this Friday we’re all taken care of because Wants vs. Needs is back again to rid us of our body groovin’ cravings all night long at Clubhouse Jager. DJ quintuplets Anton, So Gold, Espada, Booka B and Petey Wheatstraw will be controlling the musical buzz throughout the evening all while you get your grabs of Adam R. Garcia (a.k.a. The Pressure) tee’s before 12 and discounted Jameson drinkage the whole night through.
Click HERE for the Facebook event


Maybe you’ve heard about a little thing called Voltage: Fashion Amplified happening Friday, and, oh, that it’s arguably the core happening of MNfashion Week. But even if somehow that isn’t ringing a bell, you still have time to cancel your Friday plans and brush up on this year’s designers with this handy collection of 2011 Designer Spotlights, courtesy of yours trulies. Guaranteed to not only make you extra-super excited for Friday’s runway wares, but to give you the confidence to name drop, these spotlights are a must read before you go, and yes we’re totally saying so ourselves. Besides insider deets on what to expect, you’ll also find lots of cool conversation tidbits, like who’s line uses one-hundred percent sustainable materials, who has a soft spot for geometry, and who’s been obsessing over Marilyn Monroe. You’re welcome.

Click HERE for the designer spotlights

Photo of Danielle Everine by Stephanie Colgan


Record Store Day 2011

@ Electric Fetus
2000 4th Ave.

9 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Free

The Electric Fetus has been a staple of the Minneapolis music community for over 50 years, giving musicheads and band geeks across the Twin Cities a place to come, jam, and support one another. There is no better curated collection of albums than the anthologies catalogued away at the Fetus, and all day Saturday you can take advantage of National Record Store Day to enjoy some of those fine, fine classics and local favorites. The Fetus will be giving away "goodie bags" of CDs and hold hourly drawings for prizes. Plus, free meals, in case, you know, you want to camp out at the Fetus all day or something: breakfast sponsored by Peace Coffee, followed by a midday cookout sponsored by the Modern Cafe from 1:30-3:00p.m. with free bottles of Vitaminwater. Delish! Plus, Radio K will be giving away free cassettes (yes, that's right, cassettes) of Radio K's in-studio Off the Record sessions titled Stuck on A.M. 7: Stuck on Tape, exclusively released on Record Store Day at the Fetus. (In case you're not hip enough, the cassette comes with a digital download card, too.) And then--you know, because things aren't cool enough yet--at 4p.m., LOW is doing an in-store performance. PLUS, the Fetus (and almost all the other awesome independent record stores in town) have exclusive Record Store Day merchandise, which will probably make you cry with joy should you be fortunate enough to get your hands on some of it.

Click HERE for the Record Store Day site


My Apocalypse Will Be Better Than Yours:
New Work by Terrence Payne

@ Rosalux Gallery
1224 2nd Ave NE

Vivid master artist, Terrence Payne wants you to join his apocalypse. But don’t worry, you won’t be witnessing any fire and brimstone and we promise there won’t be any zombies. For tonight’s exhibition, Payne explores the fears and chaos of everyday catastrophes through dark humor and the bold hued portraits that have become synonymous with his signature style. Even as his subjects blunder through their life experiences, Payne manages to reveal the glimmer of beauty behind maladroit pursuits. We’ll admit, the last time we were this excited about an apocalypse it was most likely Buffy related.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Jagress Intimates Fall/Winter 2011 Couture Premiere

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

What: Don your favorite spring cocktail dress and join designer Sarah White as she presents her fall collection for Jagress Intimates. Music from DJ Soulwork and complimentary drinks and nibbles will precede the four segment runway show featuring Jagress Intimate's signature decadent pieces. Ranging from playful to seductive, White's lingerie designs incorporate vintage details and unexpected fabrics, creating pieces that are almost a shame to keep hidden. -Beth Hammarlund (Photo: Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush)
When: 8-10 p.m. Saturday, April 16.
Where: Four Seasons Dance Studio, 1637 Hennepin Ave. S. (entrance in alley), Minneapolis, 612-342-0902,


The Secret Garden Fashion Show

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

What: Fall down the rabbit hole with Secrets Fashion Agency in an Alice in Wonderland inspired runway production. Documenting Alice’s transformation from a child to a woman, designers Ninh Nguyen, Autumn Kirchman, Nonmala & Gaochen Xiong, Sina Yi, Tony Eliason and Khamphian Vang will be constructing an array of fanciful and quirky couture to hit the catwalk all to raise funds for YMCA’s Club Beacons. -Lauren Gantner (Photo: Sam Nong)
Tickets: $15-25 or $30-40 for VIP
When: 6–9 p.m. Saturday, April 16.
Where: The Women's Club of Minneapolis, 410 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis, 612-813-5300,


Giorgio Moroder Monthly

@ Clubhouse Jäger
923 Washington Ave N

10 p.m. / Free / 21+

Minneapolis, meet Giorgio Moroder. He’s the father of a movement that permanently altered dance floors, groovin’, and probably the entire course of humanity: disco (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) Now an undoubtedly-still-snazzy-70-year old, Moroder is credited with making synthesizers a mainstay in dance music and pop, which is exactly why he deserves not only a dance party in his honor, but one every month throughout spring and summer. And Club Jäger has taken it upon itself to make this happen, with the first installment going down Saturday. Here’s the breakdown: 4 hours of Dirty McKenzie (perhaps Giorgio’s most awesome alias) and 4 decades of electronic dance music, pretty much all of which was inspired by Moroder. Make sure you look up from moving your feet every once in awhile to catch scenes from “Metropolis” on the big screen. Yeah, Moroder totally did the soundtrack. The Scoundrel.
Click HERE for the Facebook event


What's l'etoile listening to this week?

Last fall we fell in love with the German below-fi, R&B project behind this heartbreaking cover of…wait for it…R. Kelly’s ghetto ballad, “I Wish.” Sure, it may not seem like such a stretch considering both the artists might be labeled in the “R&B” category, but How to Dress Well twists and manipulates the song in such a soulful, raw and striped down way that it brings an element of singer/songwriter poignancy to the track and at times you think the man might actually start crying. When has R. Kelly ever shed tears in a video? It’s this kind of willingness to experiment and take risks that makes How to Dress Well aka Tom Krell the next big thing in an “anti-big thing” genre. Yes, the project may be just a man, a mic, a laptop and a well-edited backdrop of stock footage images, but don’t be so quick to write Krell off as just another glitch-producing novelty. One major – and most important – difference: the man doesn’t hide his voice behind levels and levels of audio distortion; he can actually sing. Besides rocking a falsetto damn near Prince’s and comparisons to local-boy Justin Vernon, Krell spends his day hours translating a book of “post-Kantian philosophy” in German – we’re just as shocked as you are – and converting peeps everywhere to a lifestyle of “dressing well.”

SUPER BONUS: Catch the How to Dress Well live at the Triple Rock April 30th with locals Elite Gymnastics as part of the MSP International Film Fest’s experimental film-slanted event, #LIFE #RARE: A Music Video Party Experience.
Click HERE for the How to Dress Well Blog



Minnesota Design Diaries

*from l'étoile's Guide to MNFashion Week

What: After following the lives of aspiring teen designers from the Old Arizona for months, the program and MN Historical Society are ready to finally showcase what their students have been up to. Get into the brains of student designers as well as local fashion role models (like Kerry Riley from Needle and Black, Kimberly Jurek from K.Jurek and Korrin Lohmann) in this exhibit and clothing show case all Sunday afternoon. -Lauren Gantner (Pictured: Needle & Black. Photo: Nicholas Marshall)
When: 4–6 p.m. Sunday, April 17.
Where: Old Arizona, 2821 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-871-0050,

Editor in Chief: Kate Iverson // Contributors: Juleana Enright, Tara Sloane, Natalie Gallagher, Kate Iverson, Robyn Lewis, Jahna Peloquin, Lauren Gantner

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