Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paper Dolls: Voltage Fashion 2011

We took some of our favorite looks off the runway of Voltage: Fashion Amplified and handed them over to local illustrator Lisa Luck! We've long been a fan of Lisa's whimsical, color-rich paintings: you may have seen them floating around town under the guise of gig posters for Twin Cities' bands or as promotional pieces for Yeti Records (the cute record shop that Lisa co-owns with her husband Jake). Who better to indulge our girlish fantasies of having our own book of paper dolls paired with local designer creations?

All 10 runway designers from Voltage: Fashion Amplified are represented, along with Lisa's charming illustrations. Click the flipbook below to view in magazine format, or download the spread in PFD format here to cut out and play!

Photos of clothing by Stephen Stephens / Illustration by Lisa Luck


Carol said...

At 65 years of age, I was pulled back into childhood. It's nice to see paper dolls again & the fashions are really great.
My congrats to whoever put this together.

Shayla said...

I love paper dolls! I usually get on Etsy and find ones that are handmade...they are the best! Nice post!