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Weekend What's What 4/7-4/10


It's no secret that MNFashion Week is just around the corner, especially due to the fact that a slew of stylish events are cropping up as early as this week. Warm up for the fashionable shenanigans this weekend with runway shows, trunk shows, and the general rock n' roll and art events that make us proud to be Twin Citians. Extra bonus: you can probably get away with leaving your jacket at home!



Jahna updates our MNFashion Week Guide pt. 1

Voltage Designer Spotlight: Tara Sloane interviews Ivan Idland

Voltage Designer Spotlight: Juleana Enright interviews Terri Martin


Sarah M. Holm Voltage Pre-Party

@ Club Jager
923 Washington Ave N

7-9 p.m. / free

For Twin Cities fashion enthusiasts, spring means a bit more than an ex-nay on windshield scraping and a chance to bust out the flats. Spring spells MNFashion Week. And with Voltage just around the corner, we couldn't be more stoked to see what vogue tricks this year's up-and-coming designers have up their sleeves. Tonight, get a taste of the fashion action as U of M grad and Voltage designer, Sarah Holm previews bits of her spring line inspired by sci-fi, the whimsical yet functional innovations of Dutch furniture designer, Joris Laarman and recyclables. Revel in killer drink specials as you brush shoulders with style-forward locals and enjoy a live hypnotic, bourbon-soaked blues set from locals Javier and the Innocent Sons. See you there!

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Hot Couture: Stripping High Fashion Down at Nick and Eddie

@ Nick and Eddie
1612 Harmon Place
9:30 p.m./21+/$10

Though MN fashion week is about putting on your favorite fashions, thanks to Tomahawk Tassels we can now start our week with a night dedicated to taking your clothes OFF. Thursday evening, Nick and Eddie is transforming into a burlesque stage for dancers and entertainers from Tomahawk Tassels, Elektra Cute, SWITH the Boi Wonder and more, all dancing to tunes from Hannah Von Der Hoff. Not only will there be a scantily clad showing, but Niki English will be selling some of her bold designs and Nathaniel Smith will have his dreamy art on display.

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What's l'etoile looking at this week?

We’re kinda blown away by Indonesian-born, Australia-based illustrator, Eveline Tarunadjaja and her intricate drawings. Inspired by a love of '60s pop girl groups, Asian customs, '70s French soft porn and copious amounts of seafood, Tarunadjaja inks a signature style artwork of mystery-ridden ladies with cascading bouffant, laced in dark humor and reoccurring themes of peacocks and the aquatic. Signed with cwc-i – the art organization host to some of the top fashion illustrators in the world – Tarunadjaja’s work has been featured in publications Vogue Girl, Elle Girl Korea, Frankie and has worked with a series of reputable clients including fashion brands Hurley, Billabong and has even designed covers for Penquin books. Color us impressed…Eh, strike that, illustrate us impressed.

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Glitter Ball 4 “A Night in Andy Warhol’s Factory”

@ Grain Belt Bottling House
79 13th Ave NE

7:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. / 21+/ $15 adv, $20 day of, $50 VIP

Back when Andy Warhol started his “Factory” hangout – part art studio assembly line, part psychedelic party space – the rent was only 100 bucks a year, drugs sifted through the room like candy and frequent visitors – aka Warhol Superstars like Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Betsey Johnson, Ultra Violet and Holly Woodlawn – were epitomized the '60s decadence, radical thinking and proto-glam. While tonight’s tribute to the Warhol era might be more PG-rated than the original free love/free art parties, the Warholian spirit will definitely be alive and kicking within the walls of the Grain Belt Bottling House. Presented by Rock the Cause, this year’s annual Glitter Ball celebration teams the non-profit with the community-supported youth mentoring program, the Youth Performance Company, providing local creative kids a chance to get involved in their community. Catch live sets from locals Pictures of Then, Alicia Wiley, The Arms Akimbo and Joey Ryan & the Inks reinventing tunes from 60’s iconics The Velvet Underground and The Doors, plus psych sets from Not Like This and DJ sets by Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi. And because it wouldn’t be a Warhol bash without art, local artists “The Factory Kids” will be paying homage to Warhol’s Dracula + Cinderella nickname, “Drella,” with Warhol-esque art and milieu. Feel good about all your partying because 100% of all tickets + beer and wine sales from tonight’s glitter-tastic event will go towards supporting youth mentoring programs. And don’t’ forget to adorn your outfits with sequins and pour on the glitter!

BONUS: Head over to Club Jager for an awesome after-party featuring the Beatsploitation DJs spinning the best in disco, MPLS funk, old skool hip-hop and deep breaks where glitter is definitely welcomed!

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Ma Vie en Plastique

@ Aloft Hotel
900 Washington Ave. S.

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. / $10

Start your MNfashion week festivities with fashions, films and a party. Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge has joined Pearson Knight for a VIP fest at the Aloft Hotel that will include a film screening, runway show and cocktail hour. From 7 to 8 p.m., sip martinis (and manne-tinis for $4) at the W XYZ Bar before the 8:30 p.m. screening of the short film Poser. Then at 9 p.m., internationally-renowned hairstylist Pearson Knight and his PK Hair team with Smart & Chic Beauty style looks from Parc Boutique, gh2, martinpatrick3 and I Like You, as well as debut collections by Gail Lewis and Salima Yahya, on the runway.

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The Itch That Burns

@ Pink Hobo
507 E Hennepin Ave

7 p.m. / Free

Let’s get one thing straight: Friday’s opening at Pink Hobo won’t be anywhere near as uncomfortable as it sounds. What “The Itch That Burns” will be, rather, is a full-on creative geek fest, inspired by “fever dreams, video games, watching cartoons and action movies, [and] hunting for prey on both land and water.” No, really. This collaborative show is the first of its size for local artists Mitch Loidolt and Brett Von Schlosser, whose mischievous creations span all sorts of mediums, from pencil and ink drawings to gouache to screen prints. From animator and designer Loidolt, expect to see splashes of childhood memories and pop culture. From blogger, comic shiller, and librarian Von Schlosser…we wish we knew. When asked what drives his art, he said “Brett Von Schlosser is here to assist you! He possesses the strength of an ape, is prone to wandering, and is no stranger to itches and burns.” Go see for yourself what that could possibly mean – we know you’re itching to.

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Extra Large

@ First Ave Record Room
701 1st Ave N

10 p.m./18+/$3 adv./$5 door

With big-boss Mike2600 out of town (he’s overseas doing his thing), all the Extra Large kids have to hold down the fort this time around – and cause an even a bigger ruckus while he’s away! DJ Espada and Last Word will be taking over the Record Room and cranking up the jams this Friday for the monthly party, with hip-hop, turntables and 2-4-1 drinks before midnight.

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Great Party

@ Above the Nomad
501 Cedar Ave. S.

11 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Can you think of any better way to spend your Friday night than at a really great party? We didn’t think so – and apparently neither did DJs Slamdunkapher, Famuel, Jonathan Ackerman, and Soviet Panda, who are throwing what’s simply titled “Great Party” in the space above the Nomad. Besides a whole lot of greatness, expect, well, to dance, so much so that Saturday’s hangover will probably be accompanied by achy muscles and stepped-on feet. You should also expect a variety of awesome beats, as only these four Minneapolis dance party mainstays would spin. And, of course, to start your Monday morning water cooler/g-chat sessions with “So, I went to a great party last weekend…” See you there. Did we mention it’s going to be great?

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What's l'etoile peepin' on the web this week?

Mac n’ cheese, omelets, the refined Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie – we all have at least one recipe that never fails to impress (or at least that doesn’t set off the fire alarm). We all have to cook at home sometimes, right? But that doesn’t have to mean a disastrous, tedious, or bland-tasting meal. Au contraire! Let us introduce – or share in your love of this oldie, but mouthwatering-goodie – Smitten Kitchen, the only blog you’ll ever need to make a Martha or a Betty out of you, even if people tend to snicker at the very thought of your cooking. The trick is in the super-easy-to-follow instructions and gorgeous accompanying photographs, which, if anything, just make you want to get your hands dirty and make something yummy. A little motivation goes a long way. There are also sections for gluten-free, budget, freezer friendly, and vegetarian, each with a variety of simple recipes and some a little more complex, for those of you a little more advanced in your cooking techniques. Dig in!

Click HERE for the Smitten Kitchen site


MN Made

@ Walker Art Center
1750 Hennepin Ave

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. / Free

A programming extension of the outsider-esque The Spectacular of Vernacular exhibit, the Walker Art Center invites one and all to celebrate Minnesotan creativity. Saturday's day-long fest features a crafty-cool MN Made Artist Mart, live music from the Dusty Porch Sisters, D.I.Y. workshops on hokey arts activities like seed art, knitting, card-making, and even Finnish Belt Weaving. Rounding out the day are multiple lectures featuring local movers n' shakers on the topics of "How to quit your job and do what you love." "How to live anywhere and still make a scene," and "How to buy-in, sellout and spread the word." All in all an engaging day of art-smart Minnesotans and creative fun.

Click HERE for more info and schedule of events site


You Had Me at Goodbye + We Are Animal

@ SooVAC
2638 Lyndale Ave S

6 p.m. to 9 p.m. / Free

Like a Romero video game, the surroundings in tonight’s artwork are subtly out of the ordinary and viewers might just get lost in a world where alternate universes like zombies and the chaos of reality T.V. clash with mundane activities like strip mall shopping and chain restaurant dining. For tonight’s dual opening, the SooVAC showcases oil painted scenescapes by Michigan-based artist Robert McCann and multi-media art and sculptures from U of M alum, Jessica Teckemeyer. In the Soo Local gallery, Teckemeyer’s We Are Animal solo show invokes the feral animalistic nature in all of us exploring the paradox of morals verses instincts and the symbolic of “inner confrontation, spirituality, vulnerability, strength and death. In the main gallery, You Had Me at Goodbye conveys a “visual bedlam of fleeting modern mythos” merging daily life with violent landscapes and visual analogies.

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Envision: Artopia

@ Graves 601 Hotel
6 01 North 1st Avenue

9 p.m. / $20 general admission, $50 VIP, $75 Front Row VIP

If a utopia is a place of ideal perfection, than you can only imagine what wonders an artopia has in store. And fortunately for us, this world comes to gorgeous, vibrant life every spring with Envision, the cream of the Minneapolis fashion/art celebration crop. This year’s event, happening Saturday at only the plushest place in town – the Graves Hotel – will feature two runway shows of the sassiest and most innovative spring looks the Twin Cities has to offer. Designers include Amanda Christine, Carmichael Claith, Kjurek, Niki English, and Russell Bourrienne, with DJ Sheik providing sashay tunes. There will also be a variety of live art elements happening throughout the evening, including a collaborative live painting by local artists.

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LINE: An Exploration of T-shirt Graphics

@ CO Exhibitions
1101 Stinson Blvd NE

7 p.m. / Free

Even the most fabulous of fashionistas (if we dare utter such a cliche phrase) will admit: some days the best thing to put on is a graphic tee. You can even ask the cool cats at CO Exhibitions, who appreciate this wardrobe staple so much, they’ve created an art show to celebrate it. For LINE, opening Saturday, CO encouraged a group of artists and designers – including the in-house peeps from Burlesque of North America and Permanent Art & Design Group – to “get more intimate” with the t-shirt; to approach their designs as if they were pieces of art in and of themselves. We certainly don’t need any more prodding to attend than that – though music from the 717 Boys certainly doesn't hurt.

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Phantom Tails/All Tiny Creatures/The Book of Right On/UMAMI

@ Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue

9 p.m. / 18+ / $6

Another Spring weekend, another kickass rock show with a line-up you don't want to miss. l'etoile faves Phantom Tails will share the stage with three excellent bands across our diverse local musical spectrum. UMAMI, featuring members of Military Special and Guystorm will kick off the night in fine style with their brand new jams; Book of Right On will blow minds and ear drums with their unique blend of percussion-heavy punk, and Madison's All Tiny Creatures will hypnotize the crowd using minimal pop sounds - all of this amazingness packed into one of the best sounding rooms in the Twin Cities? Hell yes!

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UNCAPPED LIVE: Birthday Suits, Teenage Strangler, the Bombay Sweets

@ 7th Street Entry
701 First Avenue

9 p.m. / Free

If you could pick any three local bands out of your head for a stunning lineup, for a riotous, all-star dream cast of musicians, who would you pick? What if the show was put on by Vice Magazine and vitaminwater, and curated by the Black Lips? Did your head just explode? Well, try to get yourself together—this Uncapped Live show features the rock-awesome sounds of Birthday Suits, Teenage Strangler, and the Bombay Sweets, and it’s FREE. Each of these bands will melt your face off in their own frenzied playing way, and you will not want to miss it.

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What's l'etoile listening to this week?

Even though their first full-length album, Fields, was only released half a year ago, Junip began more than 10 years ago, a collaboration between Swedish folk singer José González and two of his closest friends. Then Veneer happened, González’s 2003 solo album that sold more than 700,000 copies worldwide. But fortunately for us, Fields was a dream that didn’t get stuffed into a drawer for good. An album conceived from improvisation, a classic jam session between friends that gave birth to textured, breathing melody and enticing, albeit fragmented, lyricism, Fields is the type of album that jilts you when it stops; music this idyllic, this enchanting, should go on forever. Fans of González will recognize his signature song structure of layered sounds repeated in brief loops, but Junip offers funky, tapping drumbeats, lush organ, electronic enrichments and an all-around louder soundscape. Here’s hoping another decade won’t pass before we hear more – although experience tells us it’d be well worth the wait.

BONUS: Junip will be playing The Cedar on April 25.

Click HERE for the Junip site


Gastro Non Grata: With a Side of St. Paul

@ Turf Club
1601 University Ave
St. Paul

doors 6 p.m. / 21+ / $7 + $3 basement cover

We love Gastro Non Grata, and it’s not just because at any given event you could win a plastic bag full of cow organs and muscles courtesy of local butcheries during the popular Dead Meat raffle– hey, what carnivore doesn’t love tasty tidbits they can grill up?! No, we have a soft spot for the “chef-driven, alcohol-fueled music machine” because of their steadfast commitment to all things local, all things delicious and all things rock. Tonight, Gastro takes a hiatus from its usual MPLS stomping grounds to head to St. Paul for a two-floored evening of bawdy entertainment. Upstairs, munch on savory treats from St. Paul’s charming Cathedral Hill comfort food bistro, Cheeky Monkey Deli and wash it all down with some tasty – and might we add bottomless – samples from Stillwater’s Lift Bridge Brewery and Northern Brewer’s latest event tribute ale, the Grasto-Brew. Jam out to the melodic indie pop of Baby Boys, punk rock from Nato Coles and the retro-inspired, hip-shaking beats of The Sex-Rays. Then, head downstairs to feast your tastes buds on some challenge-heavy simmering goodness – aka the Wet Dragons chili cookout featuring guest judges, cash and swag prizes and $3 PBR tallboys all night long! A side of St. Paul? Don’t mind if we do.

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Editor in Chief: Kate Iverson // Contributors: Juleana Enright, Tara Sloane, Natalie Gallagher, Kate Iverson, Robyn Lewis, Jahna Peloquin, Lauren Gantner

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