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Weekend What's What 3/11-3/14


The green season cometh! As we're sure you've noticed, the dastardly snow is slowly dwindling and the temperatures are steadily creeping up into a tolerable (dare we say sweater-worthy?) range. However, we wouldn't put it past Winter to give it one last defiant go. This weekend is packed with a grip of hot events that will easily keep your Winter worries at bay though, including vividly colorful art exhibits, wild dance parties and plenty of rock and/or roll. And since we're on the very cusp of Spring, we thought it appropriate to release our latest photo shoot,Winter's Last Breath, which you can check out below. Enjoy!



Jahna Peloquin updates our Shopping & Sales Guide HERE

l'étoile photo editorial Winter/Spring 2010

As March advances, the Snow Queen's icy grip lessens and our longest season fades into the past. Though we rejoice for the sun and spring, it is impossible not to mourn the loss of the winter's royal majesty. Master storyteller Rob Callahan weaves a fantastical tale following the Snow Queen's ascendance and fated waning as she melts away.

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Patches and Gretchen CD Release Party

@ Varsity Theater
1308 4th St. SE.

7pm / 18+ / $10

Living in the shadows of a famed sibling could be pretty overwhelming for most people. Fortunately for us, local singer/songwriter, Gretchen Seichrist (aka Aimee Mann's sister) doesn't let discography differences hold back her creative chops. Now on her sophomore album, Sugar Head Pie, Seichrist welcomes listeners into her dichotomized world of sound – part apple pie sweetness and part darkened poetics – to be swept away by smoky storytelling and lyrical rawness. Like a musical kaleidoscope, Patches and Gretchen's artsy lullabies borrow elements from Bob Dylan-esque folk, blues, punk, psychedelia and Americana, soaking us in her mystic melancholy. Catch the Gretchen and co. tonight along with special guests Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets, Liminal Phase (feat. Adam Levy), Dan Israel and host Magic Mike.

Click HERE for the Patches and Gretchen site


Design in the Dark Film Series: Valentino: The Last Emperor

@ the U of M - 33 McNeal Hall
1985 Buford Avenue,
Saint Paul

7pm / Free

Get a glimpse into the world of Valentino Garavani, the man behind the famed couture label Valentino this Thursday at the U of M. In the fifth incarnation of the monthly film series, Design in the Dark, the Goldstein Museum presents a screening of this stunning documentary about the man, the myth and the legend. The film explores the life of Valentino from his creative process to his love life with business partner Giancarlo Giammetti to his epic, final runway show. Best of all? Tonight's screening is totally free!

Click HERE for the Goldstein site


O(+> Purple Party

@ Jetset Bar
115 N 1st St

9pm-2am / free / 21+

It seems the city is going Prince crazy of late, and for good reason: the purple one penned a Vikings fight song and even recently graced our local airwaves with a new hit. Tonight you're invited to unabashedly show off your purple pride (with a cocktail in hand) while you get down to the sounds of Prince, The Time, Sheila E, Vanity 6 and more. In honor of one of the biggest stars ever to come out of our fair cities, we’ll be dressed to the nines...with a dash of purple, of course!

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What can we say? We're totally captivated by Tea Petrovic's avant garde collection of sculptural high heeled shoes. Petrovic was inspired by shoe designer Bernard Figueroa and the idea that “there is so much space between a woman’s heel and the floor that one can use," as well as Russian sculptor Naum Gabo and architect Santiago Calatrava. Determined to create a new concept based on the glamorized footwear, Tea focused on the form of each piece, identifying with the artistic aesthetic rather than the functionality. Her shoes are all about taking 2-D elements and twisting them into flowy 3-D designs, incorporating very geometric shapes to showcase the space between the sole of the shoe, the pointy heels and the floor. Hopefully her work inspires a more wearable collection in the future, because these pretty pieces could definitely be the next Gaga must-have!

Click HERE for more info on the project via Dezeen


Vinyl Record Sale

@ Carlton Lofts party room
2285 University Avenue
St. Paul

4-10pm Fri, 10am-10pm Sat, Noon-4pm Sun / Free

When Jake Rudh recommends something, we know to pay attention. The Transmission DJ claims a quarter of his collection is from these guys, so you know they’re the real deal. The monolithic vinyl record sale from the owner of now-defunct but much-beloved Let It Be Records and vinyl sellers Go Johnny Go and Riffs-Ahoy happens this weekend for the second time in 2010. The trio will offer up their sweet collections, capitalizing on the latest wave of vinyl fanaticism. To get you through the weekend, they’ve enlisted a series of local DJs (specializing in vinyl, natch) including Phil Borreson of Radio K’s Last Year’s Model (4-6 p.m. Fri.), Chuck Tomlinson of Radio K’s Cosmic Slop (11 a.m.-1 p.m. Sat.), Glen Leslie of KFAI’s Jet Set Planet (3-5 p.m. Sat.), and our pal Tim Ritter of Bella Koshka and Blue Sky Blackout (2-4 p.m. Sun.)

Check out this MinnPost vid on record sellers Go Johnny Go and Let it Be:


Time for a Makeover!

@ Soo Visual Arts Center
2640 Lyndale Ave S


SooVAC is moving...just a few paces down from their current space! Still, it’s seems a good a time as any to clean house, so there are plenty of artsy steals and deals to be had. Merch and display items will be up for grabs, and prices have been slashed so low you'd think they were going out of business, which trust us, is definitely NOT the case. Congrats to the SooVAC crew on their new beginnings! Sale runs through March 21.

Click HERE for the SooVAC site


If Not It, Then What?: Artwork by Allen Brewer

@ Chambers' Burnet Gallery
901 Hennepin Ave


At first glance, l'etoile fave and local artist Allen Brewer's aged carbon etchings and colored pencil drawings could seem quite innocent in their concept. Tighten your gaze and you'll find something hidden in his pieces that goes much deeper than simple nostalgia. By adding an erratic word or two, Brewer exchanges literal interpretations for irony, cynicism and at times a sinister quality that leaves his work open to each individual's own whimsical translation. Join the artist for an opening reception at Chambers' Burnet Gallery tonight. On display until May 9th.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Hit Like a Girl

@ Pink Hobo Gallery
507 E. Hennepin

7pm / Free

The Pink Hobo is kicking their 2010 exhibition schedule with a one-two punch! That’s right, this time around the self-described geek art gallery welcomes a bevy of talented poster artists who have been inspired by the brutal babes of the MNRollergirls. The Hit Like a Girl poster exhibit gathers printmakers from all wakes of Minneapolis to show what they really think it means to ‘hit like a girl’. Join gaggles of geeks and gals for a night of pretty prints, ice cold bevies and tunes from Cardboard Kitten and Kenny Kingston. Plus, you can expect to see new designs from the likes of Amy Jo, Brian Ewing, Andrew Bawidamann, Jenny Schmid, Eyo Peters, Shad Petosky, Colin Strandberg, Sean Smuda, Steve Tenebrini and many more!

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Dearling Physique + Bella Koshka

@ Sauce
3001 Lyndale Ave S


What does experimental electro performance art and dusty cabaret rock have in common? Stage presence. And anyone who's been in the crowd for performances by local luminaries Dearling Physique and Bella Koshka, knows exactly what we mean. The artists Björk , Fever Ray and medieval darkwavers, Faun, come to mind, as well as the words “insanely epic.” These local-bred musicians don't just play songs; they create theatrics with dreamy coma rock and visually impressive, tribal dance-infusions. Be prepared to writhe in fog machine clouds and arch-dramatics tonight with live sets from Dearling Physique, Bella Koshka and Xiu Xiu-esque experimental roots artist, Eric Lindley of NYC.

Click HERE for the Sauce site

Photo of Dearling Physique by Flemming Fynsk


Dystopia Days

@ Bedlam
1501 6th St S

10pm/18+/$5 (free w/ admission to theater performance)

Ushering in the Four Humor Theater's neo-utopian production Welcome to Dystopia, the Bedlam presents a two-night, non-stop, cacophonist journey of mayhem, music and visual warfare aka Dystopia Days. Featuring a collaborative performance by Tony Biele and Jon Davis, plus nuclear music from Pelzwik, Beseppy, Datura 1.0, Playstation Playstation, Tentacle Boy, Ricky Charles, Marijuana Deathsquads, The Radar Threat, S/M, Nervous Girls, Hot Tony and Ghostband. Not to mention, hot special effects by visual-masters Time Squid & VisionQuest and a dance-a-torium in the fireplace room with tunes spun by DJ Derin Black. AND if you're feeling especially adventurous, seek out info on the nearby and elusive Medusa space which will host a sci-fi-ridden, erotic space dance party; "The Dark Nebula" presented by Cizetta will feature sets from DJs The Nightstalker, Naughty Wood, Sovietpanda and The Lurker. Warning: Bedlam and Medusa are not responsible chaotic behavior; anarchic madness and sensual dancing may ensue.

Click HERE for the Bedlam site


Street Sounds

@ First Ave VIP Room
701 First Avenue North

10pm/18+/$3 adv & $5 door

There is nothing that l’étoile loves more than a crazy dance party, and the boys from Attitude City and Burlesque definitely know how to inspires said craziness! This monthly all-vinyl disco dance-off will get your blood pumpin’ with tunes from Attitude City, Mike 2600, and special guest Superbrush 427. The night of classic disco, boogie, rollerskate funk, early house & electro, and other sounds from your childhood is a dance party you won’t want to miss out on!

Co-sponsored by l'etoile magazine!

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Most of us go to estate sales or vintage stores, see a pile of baubles and think "I could make something cool out of that!" Renee Larson actually follows through on this dream of recycling looks from the past by creating bold and colorful pieces that mix vintage and contemporary. Every piece is unique and well-crafted and (dare we say) hint at the playfulness of Spring, which is just around the corner! Renee's creations are carried at Design Collective, Karma, Ladyslipper, Bebe Babble, and she's just opened a new Etsy shop so you can get first dibs on one-of-a-kind pretties online.

Click HERE for the Renee Larson site


Adam Turman Art Show

@ FrameUps Gallery
4325 Nicollet Avenue South

6-9pm / Free

Silk-screen extraordinaire, Adam Turman, has gone solo with a big show all his own! After his experiences making gritty posters for local gigs, pretty prints of Minneapolis sites and hip signage for many local events, Adam has finally compiled 38 of his favorite pieces to show off to the public in one spot. That’s right, stop by the FrameUps Gallery to catch a glimpse of his printed pieces as well while you munch on scrumptious snacks from Pizza Lucé and feel the localite lager love from Surly Brewing Co.

Click HERE for this art event and more at



@ Minneapolis Eagles Club
2507 E 25th St

7-10pm / $10-$20 (cash donations)

Modeled after Brooklyn's art awareness fundraiser, FEAST BKLYN, the Twin Cities latest community-driven project, Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics (FEAST) promises to nourish local artists both physical and metaphorically. Under FEAST, visionary artists are asked to propose sustainable projects valuable to the community. Then, FEAST hosts a public supper where informed locals can dine on a delicious “feast” while voting for the proposal they deem worthy of the evening's funding. The last edition's grant winners will be presenting what they did with the funds, including "Party Bus," a traveling haven for MPLS' gender variants and "Public Consumption," a city-wide distribution of collective artwork. Donations will be accepted at the door. And although no one will be turned away from the event due to lack of funds, the donations are for a good cause, so don't be stingy!

Click HERE for info on the night's proposal contenders.


The Parlour Suite / Black Blondie / The Chord and the Fawn

@Turf Club
1601 University Ave W

9pm / 21+ / $6

Get outta that end-of-the-winter slump, with the cheery sound of tambourines, ukeleles, flutes and folk songs! Believe us, the upbeat grooves of happy team, The Parlour Suite, is just the ticket to feelin’ good. This Saturday at the Turf Club, the duo is playing a gig with the girly R&B sounds of Black Blondie and the cheery ukelele tunes of Chord and the Fawn...all of which will make you wish you were lounging in the sun on a beach. A perfect night of folky melodies to ring in the sunshine of spring!

Click HERE for the Turf Club site

Photo of the Parlour Suite by Tim Carlson


The Aquabats, Koo Koo Kangaroo, the Prize Fighters

@ Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave S

5pm / All Ages / $16

There's no shame in liking ska, and only a little in liking California pop-punk. It doesn't even matter if most of the genre's fans happen to be high-schoolers wearing plaid hats tilted to the side. Enter masked, underdog champions of nerd-core: Aquabat! Currently on tour with Yo Gabba Gabba, (one of the bands members is the show’s creator) the Nintendo-clad super heros will bring their infectious blend of upbeat ska, pop, and punk to the T-Rock with and zany local hip-hop act Koo Koo Kangaroo tonight for an all out party.

Click HERE for the Triple Rock site


Eggs for Africa

@ Hexagon Bar
2600 27th Ave S

8pm / 21+ / $10

You’ve probably only eaten those small pizzas made in the mangy bar oven at the Hex. Tonight, Gastro Non Grata provides six chefs to serve 600 eggs to the sounds of six bands. The night before, egg-slingers from the Modern Café, Sea Change, and D’Amico, among others, will be handed 100 eggs and five pounds of butter to prepare the oval food in every way possible. Overproof will be screenprinting t-shirts too, so bring your own and get it adorned (perhaps with an egg design) for free. All the money made from this eggxcellent event goes to children in Mozambique, so munch those baby chickens confidently, knowing your money is going somewhere good.

Click HERE for the Hex site


Let's Dance

@ Red Stag Supper Club
509 1st Avenue NE

11pm / 21+ / Free

A raging dance party in a supper club? You bet! Booty-shakin' professionals Millions Billions and Mønsterbrüsten will tickle your dance-bone with their sexy selection of slammin' trax tonight at the Red Stag. Along with some major dance action, you'll enjoy killer late night happy hour drink specials and cheapie gourmet treats as well as plenty of stylish eye candy.

Click HERE for the Facebook Event


It's about time we heard more from Berlin's talented hottie, Ellen Allien. As the founder record labels BPitch Control and Memo Musik, producer, and indie-techno goddess, the woman obvs has mad skills when it comes to remixing and creating hard-hitting dancefloor beats. Her latest album, Dust – set to release May 18th on BPitch Control – is packed with more of Allien's signature electroclash style: dirty funk, glitchy dance-rock, scratchy basslines, euphoric synth riffs and ruthless snares paired with German/English vocoder vocals. Besides holding down German's electronic scene, Allien also has a pretty killer fashion sense. In fact, rumor has it she has her own fashion line featuring a spring/summer 2010 collection of airy floral pieces and detailed screenprinted tees.

Click HERE for the Ellen Allien site


Save the Date: Imagination Mechanism
an interactive fashion party exploring the creative process

Friday, April 23, 2010 / Free
7pm to 11pm (photo shoot styling begins at 7:30pm)

Join l'étoile magazine for a real-time peek inside our creative process! We'll return once again to the Eitel Building's gorgeous Rooftop Sky Park on Loring Park for a stylish, interactive mixer that will invite you to play creative director for a day. Try your hand at designing fashion photo shoot mood boards and story boards with the help of l'étoile staff, then watch as we implement these same processes to create a live fashion photo shoot that will include everything from styling, shooting, retouching, and even editorial layout -- all right before your eyes. Complimentary cocktails and appetizers will be available, along with music from l'étoile DJs. And dress to impress: we'll be giving away prizes to the most "fashion photo ready" attendees! Sponsored by l'étoile magazine, MNFashion and Secrets of the City.

Voltage Tickets on Sale NOW!

Voltage: Fashion Amplified returns to First Avenue on Friday, April 16! An MNfashion production, Voltage is the flagship fashion event held each spring, kicking on MNFashion Week! Filled with a bevy of local fashion design set to the backdrop of rockin' local bands, Voltage is a can't-miss event! For a full lineup of designers and bands, to purchase tickets, and also keep up on Voltage news, teasers and the schedule for the Vintage Voltage Rock Show series held at the 501 Club leading up to the big event at 1st Avenue visit

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