Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Voltage Designer Spotlight: Brianne Jones

By Juleana Enright

Local designer, Brianne Jones, was still wet behind the ears so to speak when the savvy brains behind Voltage snatched her up to show at the 2008 event. After taking time to finish her U of M senior collection and graduate, Jones returns to the Voltage roster this year with an even more polished contemporary collection under the moniker Kelson, designed with the sophisticated fashionista in mind. Her Voltage collection showcases a feminine array of black and white pieces spliced with splash of earth tones and inspired by desert terrain and the tactile elements of sand drifts. Her line “Kelson” can found at Uptown boutique, Cliché. We can’t wait to see more!

Brianne answered a few of our questions this week...

Photo by Stephanie Colgan for Voltage 2010

l'étoile: How does it feel to be prepping for your second Voltage show? Is there anything you've learned from 2008's show you'll be carrying to the runway this year?

Brianne: In a way it feels like an obsession meets crazy pressure. I am quite demanding of my designs and ideas, with Voltage 2008 I learned to please myself first.

l'étoile: Your line, “Belle,” from Voltage 2008 was full of tribal prints and cheery plaids. “Kelson” – the line you're showing this year – promises to be rich in earth tones and classic black and white prints. What inspired this shift in palate?

Brianne: This collection was inspired by a desert dust storm, as if it was seen in color and black and white. The shift bold to subtle was really about my wish to design an entire wardrobe for her lifestyle.

U of M Fashion Show preview / Photo by Erin Johnson

l'étoile: Your line this season evokes style evolution. How has your personal style evolved over the years? Do you think it's important to be conscious of your wardrobe's lifespan?

Brianne: My personal style has evolved from cheeky and impulsive into a more sophisticated cheeky and slightly less impulsive style. It is important to consider the lifespan of your wardrobe and learn from your mistakes, mine: a vintage lime green mohair bolero.

l'étoile: What Twin Cities spots do you draw inspiration from and how do they inspire you?

Voltage 2010 Preview event / Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Brianne: The most inspiring places are the ones that I share with the people in my life. Walks on the High Bridge over the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Bloody Marys at Moscow on the Hill and card games at my kitchen table – where you’re able to put things in perspective and recharge that creative desire to design.

l'étoile: Describe the kind of film you could see your Voltage collection featured in. What kind of motif do you think it would embody?

Brianne: A comedy (blockbuster, no doubt) taking place in an urban setting, starring a strong-minded, sassy woman. She walks with confidence. She’s a bit masculine, even when she is wearing rather sexy clothes.

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