Monday, February 28, 2011

l'etoile live-Tweets the Oscars

The ladies of l'etoile live-Tweeted the Oscars last night at the Aegis Foundation's officially-sanctioned Academy Awards red carpet event and viewing party at Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis. Here's a recap from @jahnapeloquin (fashion editor Jahna Peloquin) and @atinymachine (founder/creative director Beth Hammarlund), via their Twitter accounts:

Seriously. No kidding.

We judge celebrities on the red carpet who pay stylists a lot of money to dress them in couture and do their hair. Because we can.

She is a goddess. Bow down to Cate the Great.

Co-host Hathaway scores tons of fashion points, thanks to stylist Rachel Zoe and eight outfit changes.

Our seatmate, legendary local stylist/interior designer Richard Anderson, was wearing a custom crepe bolero and lace ruffled pants he made himself. And he rocked it.

What's the deal, you two?

[Trent Reznor]

Are we getting old or something?

[Hailee Steinfeld, aka Mattie from True Grit]

Wouldn't be surprised. Kids these days.

Welcome to the Academy AwARRRRdddds!!!

Visit #oscarsmpls for more Oscar-related Tweets from Jahna and Beth.

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