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Weekend What's What 7/15-7/18


This weekend's weather forecast appears to be sunny and hot with the exception of a possible t-storm on Sunday, but hey, we'll take what we can get! As per usual, the Twin Cities is booming with uber-fun soirees, rock shows, dance parties and art exhibits, but we suggest you somehow work in a siesta at the beach -- it IS summer after all. Not to mention, we think you look great with that tousled beach hair!



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Ninja Love Party: ROBOTlove Grand Re-opening & 6-Year Anniversary

@ ROBOTlove
507 E. Hennepin Avenue
NE Minneapolis

6-9pm / Free

This June, infamous designer toy box ROBOTlove entered into cute cohabitational partnership with geek art haven Pink Hobo and interactive studio PUNY to create an ultimate trifecta of awesomeness. That’s right, the coolest lil' design store in town has pulled up roots and moved - but not to worry! ROBOTlove still retains their epic set-up of limited edition products, artsy knicknacks, designer housewares, clothing and collectable artist-designed toys. And tonight the quirky/adorable retail mecca is celebrating a solid six years of business with a grand re-opening party that includes a Ninjatown Mini Series pre-release complete with a SHAWNIMALS in-store artist meet and greet, music by Beatrix*JAR, DJ sets by Little Ghost, food, beverages and lots of prizes! While you’re there, check out the nifty technology-geared QR Code Show in the Pink Hobo Gallery.

Click HERE for the ROBOTlove site


Bicycle Film Fest

2400 3rd Avenue S.

@ Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Ave. South

Times vary, check site / 3-day pass: $32 or per screening

Traveling to 38 cities across the globe, the International Bicycle Film Festival pedals into Minneapolis this weekend! The tenth annual fest brings a mixture of bike-related short and feature-length films from three continents, including Down by the Weep Hole, a Nathanial Freeman documentary on the Stupor Bowl, an off-the-record bike race held every February on the streets of Minneapolis. Held in tandem (get it?) with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Third Thursday event, tonight's installment of the festival invites you to join a group ride to the museum (leaving Gold Medal Park in DT Mpls at 5pm) or pedal solo to a night of beer, bike valet, music from A Night in the Box, and create-your-own “vintage” bike posters - and of course Bicycle-focused film shorts. Friday and Saturday the fest moves to the renowned Cedar Cultural Center for more films and also offers an Alleycat Race (a photo scavenger hunt on bikes) at Gold Medal Park on Saturday at 12:30.And as every event deserves an equally epic after party (or in this case, three) head to Clubhouse Jager on Thursday, the Bedlam Theater on Friday, and One on One Bicycle Studio on Saturday to hobnob with the hoards of fellow
bike (and film) enthusiasts. It’s safe to say we’re spoked – er, stoked.

Click HERE for the BFF site


Although Oakland-based artist Monica Canilao wasn't physical around during every era and decade she borrows from, that doesn't stop her from developing a feral connection to them. Her mixed media art seeks to transcend time, distance and locale weaving in elements of mythology and reworking antiquated relics. Some may remember Canilao from the MPLS exhibit “Our Starry Universe” where she paired large-scaled native-inspired installations next to the work of artist collective, Hardland/Heartland. An artistic hoarder and dumpster diving rebel, Canilao gathers found objects and discarded artifacts to produce beautiful works of decay, anamnesis of past enchantment. Canilao's intricate prints, installations, fiber arts and meticulous handicrafts are the products of both solo work and collaborative projects with friends and fellow artists – including a recent gallery space takeover show with graffiti street artist, Swoon. Peering into her artwork is like embarking on a time-lapsed trip into the personal and communal. We're freakishly in love with her visual depth and creative scope!

Click HERE for the Monica Canilao site


PBR Art Submission Party featuring the Violent Shifters

@ Grumpy’s NE
2200 4th Street NE

4pm-Midnight (music at 8:30) / Free

You like art? Of course you do. You like PBR? Obviously. You like loud garage punk music? Bring it on, you say. Well, this Friday, Grumpy’s NE marries all three of these wonderful things with their PBR Art Submission Party. Here’s how it works: you make some art that features PBR. You bring it to Grumpy’s NE. You get a free PBR. You drink that PBR while jumping around maniacally to the rockin' sounds of Violent Shifters. You have yourself a really, really good night. Yeah, kind of brilliant. Except we’re still unclear about whether or not there’s a limit on how many free beers you can, say, you know, if we happen to have a vast portfolio of PBR art. Eh? Also featuring the totally legit art from locals Sinclair, NUMB, Jaybird and more.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Hair Industry Night

@ Cliche
2403 Lyndale Avenue

7-9pm / Free

Aside from throwing France into an uproar back in the day, Marie Antoinette was known for her beauty and of course, her big hair. And tonight Cliché is hosting a fancy soiree dedicated to that famous, giant up-do. Join stylists, make-up artists and hair enthusiasts at the staple uptown boutique this evening to witness hair wonders a-top lovely local models. The magnificent mane-taming will be made possible by stylists from audaciastyling, Tres Jolie and Sweeney Todd’s. And they’re giving back to those handy hands - anyone in the beauty industry will get to take 20 percent off on their merch purchases.

Click HERE for the Cliche site


The Thank You Notes / Goondas / Jordan Looney

@Turf Club
1601 University Avenue West
St Paul

9pm / 21+ / $5

The weather has been all over the place lately, hasn’t it? You may find yourself, like us, thinking, “Damn you, Minneapolis, can’t we just have one week of unconditional awesome weather without worrying about our weave ‘fro-ing out?” Fortunately, we have a solution to this characteristic Minnesota summer: this Friday, the Turf Club brings you the deliciously cool sounds of the Thank You Notes, the Goondas, and Jordan Looney. The Thank You Notes, though born and raised in St. Paul (the six core members are Central High grads), sound like they just rolled up from Miami with foot-tapping metallic guitar riffs and hip-hop washed in funk beats. The Goondas bring their off-the-leash style garage rock ‘n’ roll, with beats that sound like roadhouse rock on speed and vocals that are two parts Iggy Pop-attitude and five million parts awesome. Oh, and Jordan Lookey (a.k.a. J.Loonz) is pretty much the next Minneapolis-based hip-hop/rap sensation that you probably haven’t heard enough about. Enjoy.

Click HERE for the Turf Club site


CLAPS EP release

@ Sauce Spirits & Soundbar
3001 S. Lyndale Ave.

9:30 pm / 21+ / $5

Generally speaking, CLAPS specializes in minimal synth (think Depeche Mode). That, and epitomizing the notion that a band is one quirky adopted family: singer Pat Donohoe’s sister and vintage synthesizist Jed Smentek’s brother have been married for the past nine years, allowing the siblings-in-law to share a musical education-turned-band when they met CLAPS’ second synthesizist, Sara Abdelaal in college. Tonight at Sauce, the trio celebrates the release of their newest EP, No Party with, well, a party, complete with performances by Gospel Gossip, Bluesky Blackout, and Elite Gymnastics. Now that’s one family gathering everyone can get behind.

Click HERE for the Sauce site


Videodrome: Revenge of the Nerds

@ Karnak Gallery
263 1st Ave N

10pm-4am / 18+ / $5

Just like the Croneberg flick, this dance night's first mission is to control your mind. Then, it's headed straight for your body to epically dominate your dance moves and your ear drum's throb spectrum. Are you ready?! Join DJs Naughtywood, Jobot and Yerik for a phantasmal set du danse macabre featuring dark electro, EBM, and industrial tuneage from the past, present, future and beyond, plus live VJ mixing from 0000000000000001. Tonight's theme is 'Revenge of the Nerds,' so bust out the duct taped mega-framed specs, bow ties & suspenders and party like an uber-dweeb. Byob & byo-pocket protector!

Click HERE for the Facebook event


When it comes to all things thrifting, High Plains Thrifter’s Meghan McAndrews is quite the local expert. From store reviews and bargaining tips to sale roundups to style profiles of superstar thrifters, this gem of a blog has everything you could ever want to know about second-hand shopping in the Twin Cities. Not to mention, McAndrews is also quite fond of film photography, and her charming, oh-so-vintage-looking photographs add an extra shot of artistry to a blog already intoxicatingly nostalgic. Don’t have the patience to sift through racks of ill-fitting 80s duds? Check out McAndrew’s Etsy shop, featuring some of her most adorable vintage finds – and be on the lookout for the occasional giveaway. Your blog roll – and wardrobe, for that matter – just got infinitely more chic.

Click HERE for the High Plains Thrifter site


LCR Fest 2

@ Grumpy’s Downtown (Parking Lot)
1111 Washington Ave S.

2pm-11pm / 21+ / Free

Learning Curve Records is at it again with their second bout of LCR Fest, this time with more bands and even more beer. Stop by this outdoor summer fest to glom on to hot new tunes a la Private Dancer as they kick-off the release of their new LP Alive in High Five. In addition, Gay Witch Abortion, The Blind Shake, Cars and Trucks, Seawhores and Guystorm will all be making appearances throughout the day, on top of all the grilled food and Schlitz your stomach can handle.

Click HERE for the Grumpy's site


The New Boring

@ Midway Contemporary Art
527 2nd Ave. SE

7pm / Free

Naples-based art collective Pennacchio Argentato is comprised of Pasquale Pennacchio and Marisa Argentato, two emerging multiple-medium artists and recent Staedelschule (a renowned experimental art school in Frankfurt, Germany) grads dedicated to the search for and creation of forms that embody a human experience. Socially-informed, often curious-looking installations, videos, and photographs define their work to date, and this weekend the duo is launching their mixed-media, U.S. solo debut at Minneapolis’ own Midway Contemporary Art. We’re not sure exactly what to expect (the pair only just landed in Minneapolis early this week), but if their reputation precedes correctly, The New Boring is apt to be anything but.

Click HERE for this art event and more at



@ Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave S

6-9pm / $10-$20 suggested donation

Tonight, skip over-priced restaurants and pizza delivery and chow down at an event where each bite means community sustainability! That's right, the 'local food meets local ideas' FEAST Fundraiser is back with four brand-new ingenious and locally-conjured proposals that need your democratics to get funded. Projects on the ballot tonight include the energy efficiency dance-theater event, Venus (A Play about Energy); a DIY guide to screen printing, Screen Printing: On the Cheap; a cross-country audio installation project, for people not on phones; and a new online culture magazine, The Twin Cities Runoff. Get the low-down on each proposal while you dine on a delicious smorgasbord provided by local businesses, then cast your vote for your favorite artist's presentation. The winning artists take home a bag of money from the evening's proceeds to launch their project and will be asked back to the next FEAST to share tales of their labors. Come hungry, and don't forget your checkbooks!

Click HERE for the Facebook event


To Be Continued...

@ Rosalux Gallery
1224 2nd St NE

7pm-10pm / Free

The triumphant return of MPLS' fave gallery spaces seems to be the theme du mois. Last week it was Lyndale staple, the SooVAC who celebrated the reopening of their new art space and THIS week the Rosalux Gallery joins the ranks of ex-defunct MPLS galleries. Cooperatively run under the reigns of whimsical local artist, Terrence Payne, the gallery inaugurates its brand new space with an eclectic group show featuring the work of former gallery vets, plus a few new-to-the-gallery talents. The roster includes work from mixed media artist, Tara Costello; architectural preservationist/photographer, Bob Roscoe; painter/sculptor Amelia Biewald; plush designer, Asia Ward; digital/print artists, Laura Stack and many more. And if we know Rosalux exhibits, it's bound to be worth the trip!

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Runway Africa

@ Epic
110 N. 5th Street

9pm-Midnight / 21+ / $25 general, $50 VIP

From Ethiopia to Liberia, native fashion designers have paved their way in the fashion world by combining their own African culture with a contemporary twist. Luckily for us, a sampling of African fashion is hitting the runway in the heart of Minneapolis this weekend. Project Runway finalist and Liberian goddess Korto Momulo will lead the "Runway Africa" fashion show this Saturday with her latest collection, followed by local designers of Liberian heritage Arial Simone and Grace Crawford, as well as Ugandan contemporary designer Modahnik, East African native Lalesso and more. Expect brilliant fabrics and colors, award-winning music from Mercy Myra, more Project Runway celeb sightings.

Click HERE for the Epic site


Haunted House CD Release

@ Turf Club
University Ave
St. Paul

10pm / 21+ / $7

Haunted House is what happens when you cross noisy avant garde with a jam band aesthetic - and the result will undoubtedly force you to revise your sentiment on jam bands. Don't believe us? Head down to he Turf Club this Saturday night as the band unleashes their brand new record Lesh is More (paying reference to king of the jam bands, the Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh) - a wild and innovative mish-mash of sounds and warped instrumentation that makes for a highly unique, incredibly hypnotic set of classic American rock music ripped straight from the '70s. Joining Haunted House in this exciting and noisy line up is Clip'd Beaks in their only non-California show all year, Skoal Kodiak, and Whitesand Badlands.

Click HERE for the Turf Club site


Dance Your Pants Off

@ Clubhouse Jäger
923 Washington Ave N


This weekend, Clubhouse Jager is all about body shots, booty shakes and DJ BabyCakes (& Special Friendz). At this lose your pants dance night, the Clubhouse is welcoming in the localite Tendercakes/Monsterbrüsten DJs to pump out their fill of house, hip-hop and disco jams. Put together with tons o’ yummy cocktails and the crazy cool Clubhouse atmosphere, this night has us saying “hells yes!" But, seriously: please don’t really lose your pants.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


We basically trust anything that comes out of the mouth of Cyn. Local freelance arts 'n' culture writer, advice columist, music scene staple and KFAI radio chick, Cyn Collins, knows her sh*t and pretty darn impressively at that. And now, in addition to schoolin' peeps on awesome happenings and curating rockin' music gigs within the Twin Cities, the ubiquitous Collins is now the host of a new radio show, “Spin With Cyn,” kicking out a killer (and heavily local) variety of rock, roots, punk, psychedelic and garage jams for your aural pleasure. Imagine a playlist filled with tunes from such past and current bands as the Beatifics, Arcwelder, White Light Riot, Tulip Sweet, Babes in Toyland, Husker Du, Townes van Zandt, new Charlie Parr, old Koerner and so much more. Tune into KFAI (90.3 & 106.7) Tuesdays from 10am-noon to spend a few bonding hours with the culture hound and her epic collection of tunes.

Bonus: Cyn also curates shows at the 501 Club, and next Thursday the 22nd she'll be welcoming a super secret celeb guest that she promises will rock your socks off! Check the 501 Club site for deets.

Click HERE to listen to the first two episodes online at KFAI


Bastille Day Block Party

@ Barbette
Lake & Irving

2pm-10pm / Free

Celebrate French Independence, Twin Cities style! For years our pals at Barbette have been throwing killer block parties in honor of the France's national holiday with great food, great music, and a vast assortment of cool local vendors. While noshing on pomme frites and sipping locally-brewed beers, be sure to swing by its annual flea market, featuring handmade art, jewelry and other trinkets by local artisans and designer. Expect t-shirt vendors such as Daniel Lipkin (of those "I heart Mpls" an "612" tees) plus face painting and vintage records. Another highlight should be legendary Speedboat Gallery mainstay, Electric Arc Radio cohort and punk poet Paul Dickinson with his "Renegade Book Sale," which will feature vintage handbags, records, DVDs, and of course, books. Also among the “amusements" will be Anthem Heart’s mobile fun t-shirt screen printing machine, where you can snag a one-of-a-kind printed tee for a few meager bucks. And don't forget the bands: All day into the night rock out to local favorites including the Brass Messengers, The Magnolias, Eyedea & Abilities, Chooglin', Romantica, Red Pens, Mayda, and Foxy Tann & The Whambamthankyouma'ams.

Click HERE for the Bastille Day Block Party site


Register now for the 1st Annual High Heel Dash!

The first ever Aegis Foundation High Heel Dash invites both men and women to show off their glamorous athletic prowess for a good cause! On Wednesday, August 11th at Peavey Plaza in Downtown Minneapolis contestants will compete against each other in 25-yard dash heats wearing heels 3 inches or taller. MyTalk 107.1's Lori & Julia will begin broadcasting live with emcee Foxy Tann at 3pm! Heats will start at 5:30pm to give you time to leave work and dash to Peavey Plaza for a great cause. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place dashers! The top fundraisers will get Spectacular prizes too!!

Participants are encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 to dash (tax deductible). Contestants will receive an official High Heel Dash t-shirt. All proceeds benefit Soles4Souls and the Emergency Foodshelf Network. REGISTER NOW!

High Heel Dash 2010 is proudly co-sponsored by l'

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