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Weekend What's What 7/1-7/4


It's America's b-day, so we fully expect you'll be out rock and/or rollin' in the name of Freedom this weekend! From social media gatherings that celebrate your right to free speech (and Twitter wars) to sci-fi conventions that embrace individuality and zany nerd culture, to the typical bevy of art shows, rock shows and the like -- we're more than happy to shout from the rooftops that the Twin Cities (and yes, America too) is totally awesome. And because we care: Be careful not to blow your fingers off with fireworks this weekend!



LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup & Rock Show

@ 501 Club
501 Washington Avenue

8pm / 21+ / Free

Social media nerds unite! Join us and our sister-site LOL/OMG for a rousing evening of awkward conversation, drinkin' and rockin' out. Our social media gossip site invites all facebookers, twitterati, bloggers, foursquarers and the like to shuck their online personas and get out from behind the monitor. Put faces to handles, meet some new social media dynamos -- plus the LOL/OMG staff -- and get ready for a stellar lineup of comedy and bands. You'll likely LOL when sassy local hip-kid comedian, John Schreiner, hits the stage followed by the naughtybilly antics of Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls, St. Villain, and rock n' rollers Blue Sky Blackout. The evening is hosted by MPLS.TV & LOL/OMG's own Dude Weather and LOL/OMG writers will DJ in between bands. Show the bartender that you've checked in on Foursquare and recieve a FREE Cherry Bomb shot!

Extra: The official Twitter hashtag for the event is #LOLOMG

Click HERE for the Facebook event

Photo of Blue Sky Blackout by Kate Iverson


CONvergence Convention

@ Bloomington Sheraton Hotel
7800 Normandale Blvd

Thursday 10am-Sunday 6pm / CON badge $80

More commonly known as the Minnesotan melding of the uber nerds, super geeks and esoteric sci-fi devotees, CONvergence is one of the few weekends where Xena Warrior Princess costumes run free, cyborgs coexist peacefully among androids and a conversation about Joss Whedon vs. God is perfectly natural. The four fantasy-loaded days feature local and national guests, panels, discussions on zombie “preparedness” and parenting geeks, writing and literary workshops, silent auctions, live music and DJ dance parties, geek dating, costume and masquerade contests, fan art, film screenings – including the 2010 Midwest Sci-fi Short Film Festival – plus gaming and – of course the famed geek-themed room parties – which are usually stocked with enough booze to incite epic light saber battles! This year's con theme is “Bring on the Bad Guys,” so bet on a mass celebration of all things villain-esque and shifty-eyed. And trust us, the $80 con badge is well-worth it considering all the fun to be had, and you get free food and beverages all weekend in the Con Suite too. Release your inner geek!

Click HERE for the Convergence site


Gallery 13 Summer Invitational

@ Gallery 13
811 Lasalle Ave.

7-10pm / Free

23 artists + 3 hour opening (x tons of art chatter) = one great summer exhibit at Gallery 13! This Thursday, join this long list of locals as they kick-off the opening of their exhibit. That’s right, we’re talkin’ tons of pieces including 3D metal workings from Kyle Fokken, popping paint work from Melanie Bethke, colorful drawings by Crystal Wagner, awesome oversized art by Pete Driessen and so many more. If you can’t make it to the opening, the exhibit runs ‘til August 7th (plus, street parking is free after 6 pm!)

Click HERE for this art event and more at

Art by Pete Driessen


Finally, a piece of guerrilla art that even grandma would approve of. Meet Poster Pocket Plants, the guerrilla art meets gardening brainchild of Toronto-based artists Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung. Aligning themselves with the slew of urban greening initiatives taking place worldwide, Martindale and Cheung create cone-like pockets out of advertising posters and fill them with plants, aiming to reclaim space from illegal (and obnoxious) advertisements and make them more interesting. Staples and wheat-paste hold together these little green wonders, which are scattered in a staggered pattern so that water will drain from one plant to the next. Dig the idea? Create your own poster pocket plant using this guide (hint, hint).

Click HERE for the Poster Pocket Plants Guide


Lowertown First Fridays

@ Lowertown Art District
Various locations
St. Paul

6-9pm / Free

St. Paul's monthly crawl always provides plenty of opportunities to check out what the art district's residents are working on. But Lowertown's artisans aren't just about painting, drawing and sculpting, they also produce some of the cities' most beautiful one-of-a-kind home decor and jewelry pieces. This month we recommend you check out Julie Keller of Jules Art Glass, who will be showcasing her gorgeous fused, hand-blown glass serving trays and glass pendants, and Bethany Piermantier will be featuring her natural jewelry in the Northwestern Building #260. There are scads of other art studios open as well, so explore Lowertown's creative crevices then perhaps pop over to Barrio or the Black Dog Cafe for a nightcap!

Click HERE for more info on Lowertown First Fridays


Citizen Kane

@The Trylon
3258 Minnehaha Ave S

Fri & Sat 7pm & 9:20pm, Sun 4:40pm & 7pm

Treat the classic film aficionado inside of you by venturing down to the Trylon microcinema. This week, they are featuring one of the most epic films in history (no, for real): Citizen Kane. Directed by and starring Orson Welles. The cinematography, narrative, and overarching awesomeness of this masterpiece make it an essential film in the repertoire of any film-lover. If you haven’t seen it, make time for it now; if you have seen it, you’ve got to see it again, this time the way it was meant to be seen -- relaxing in one of the Trylon’s classic rocker-style cinema seats. Don’t wait on this one -- there are only fifty seats in the house. Get. Tickets. Now.

Click HERE for the Trylon site


Suburbs vs. Cities

Altered Esthetics
1224 Quincy St NE

7-10pm / free

We may be completely biased on this one, but there are plenty of other MN residents who debate the vicious 'metropolitan life vs. kickin' it in the burbs' argument everyday...or at least whenever the beers are flowing. But before the fisticuffs break out, fervent pros and cons-ers might wanna check out Altered Esthetics latest exhibit, Suburbs vs. Cities. With over 20 artists creatively exploring the age old controversy through colorful prints, paintings and mixed media pieces, debaters are bound to find a peaceful resolution, or at the very least add a stunning visual aid to their defense. Head back Saturday afternoon (1-3pm) to join the artists for an artists' discussion divulging deeper into versus squabble.

Click HERE for this art event and more at

Artwork by Toni Dachis


Bella Koshka with Liminal Phase and Dub Ensemble

@ Sauce Spirits & Soundbar
3001 Lyndale Avenue South

10 p.m. / 21+ / $5

Get your moody music fix this holiday weekend with local gems Bella Koshka, playing tonight at Sauce. Heavy with slow-burning violin and the enthralling vocals of the lovely Laura Boland, the gypsy chamber pop sextet is certain to add a splash of dreamy to your evening. Joining them – and making for a altogether eclectic show – is Liminal Phase, Adam Levy’s experimental, surrealistic folk act (complete with an oboe, cello, bassoon, and a random assortment of other instruments) and the oh-so-groovy Minneapolis Dub Ensemble.

Extra: Be sure to hit this show up, as it's likely the last Bella Koshka show you'll see in awhile, as violinist Hilary Davis is moving to NYC, and singer Laura Boland is rumored to be not far behind her!

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Phantom Tails

@ 501 Club
501 Washington Ave S

10pm / 21+ / Free

We can’t get enough of the searing synth lines, pummeling rock riffs and eerie post-Eno atmosphere of nutty rocktronic quartet Phantom Tails. Luckily for us, they've got a whole slew of summer gigs lined up, like this one at the 501, with the help of Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons, Prizzy Prizzy, and Fort Wilson Riot - a bitchin line up of four bands you truly don't want to slack on.

Click HERE for the 501 Club site


Your iPod has a new best friend, and her name is Kotori. Meaning little bird or lucky bird in Japanese, and screech owl spirit in native American Hopi language, these headphones are so cute you’ll want to wear them even if your battery is dead (no, we’re not sure how the name is relevant either). Kotori offers more than 100 variations from seven pre-set themes – pop, sweet, cool, vivid, natural, animal, and delicious – so you’re sure to find at least one pair that tickles your fancy (l’etoile hearts “An Apple Tree” in Delicious and “Clown Fish” in Animal). If not, you can always design your own – or just shuffle all the colors and see what happens. And with the technology of the Japanese Fostex behind them, the audio quality is sure to satisfy as well – although likely not as much as knowing you’re the coolest kid tuning out the creepers on public transportation.

Click HERE for the Kotori site



@Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater
Apple Valley

7pm / $56

You remember way back in 1980 when you were probably standing in front of your bedroom mirror, wearing a neon-colored spandex leotard and a leopard print headband, rocking out to the stereo boombox, practicing dance moves and—um, well, whatever you were doing in 1980, we’re pretty sure you were jamming out to Devo’s “Whip It”, which is basically one of the top ten greatest 80’s songs, like, ever. Touted as New Wave music geniuses, these art school bad boys were some of the original punk rockers, they got serious MTV airtime (you know, back when MTV was still a music channel). So, if you’re a geek (like us), or you happen to have exceptionally good taste in music (like us), we highly recommend you check out this sure-to-be-epic show.

Click HERE for the MN Zoo site


Dark Carnivale

@ Bedlam Theatre
1501 6th Street South

9pm / $8 advance, $10 doors

The Bedlam Theatre knows how to put on an extravaganza, and Dark Carnivale is sure to be no exception. Six bands, four visual artists, and one fashion show will turn our favorite West Bank theater nook into a multimedia three-ring circus of sorts, featuring both local and international artists. Local highlights include the burlesque cum Victorian cum Medieval gothic fashions of local designer Kyri Lea (Irregular Pearl Designs) and the pointillism - and typography - infused
nudes of Oni Sakti, and the part avant-garde sounds of 80s noise-inspired Phantoms of the SS (also local) are a must-hear. And as no carnival would be complete without hoards of delicious refreshments, a plethora of beer, wine, and snacks will also be available.

Click HERE for the Bedlam Theatre site


Dance Band, A Paper Cup Band, Vampirates

@ The Hexagon Bar
2600 27th Ave S.

9pm / 21+ / Free

The Hexagon Bar is hosting a musical mixer for all types of fans this Saturday: from bumpin’ beats to sweet folk melodies to hard rock chants. Headlining the show are the self-proclaimed nerdly music junkies, Dance Band, who are especially known for their combination of rap riffs, robot noises and synth beats made for your gettin’ down pleasure. If that’s not enough for you, you can also look forward to some smooth, folky ear candy from A Paper Cup Band or the hardcore sounds of Nevada’s own Vampirates (words can't express how much we love that name!). Not only will there be a plethora of killer music, but you'll also be privy to the Hexagon's awesomely grumpy bar staff and their strong, cut-rate drinks -- and who can argue with that?

Click HERE for the Hexagon site

Dance Band makes brilliant videos:

Babymaker from DANCE BAND on Vimeo.



@ Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave

10pm / 18+ / $5 adv, $7 door

Defying the laws of “live” music, locally-bred electronic hound Martin Dosh – a.k.a. Dosh – is beyond just a musician. A master looper, multi-instrument handler, beat layer and mad percussionist, Dosh's performances are among some of the best and most ambitious live shows in the cities – putting peeps who only play one measly instrument to shame everywhere. Hot on the heels of his fifth and latest album Tommy, the one-man-band headlines the Triple Rock tonight with polyrhythmic punk quintet, The Book of Right On, and lo-fi dark experimentalist duo, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie.

Click HERE for the Triple Rock site


Uptown Midnight Movie: Trash Humpers

@ Uptown Theatre
2906 Hennepin Ave

Midnight / $9

Leave it to in-your-face shock filmmaker, Harmony Korine – the director of Gummo and screenwriter for Kids – to capture the sinister, lecherous and down-right sociopath sub-culture of deranged geriatrics – aka the “trash humpers.” Making it's theatrical run for the first time ever thanks to record label, Drag City, Trash Humpers follows a gang of aged peeping toms as they lurk in back alleys carrying baby dolls, busting out tv sets and....well...humping some trash. Far from innocent loafer-wearing gramps, these elderly pervs are the creepy old men your parents warned would put razorblades in your Halloween caramel apples, the ones mumbling to themselves on city buses clutching cat food. In classic Korine style, the film manages to be ultra disturbing yet hilarious with a twinge of cultural relevance and grainy, liquid home-video quality mockumentary. If anything stretches Warhol's famous “art is what you can get away with,” it's this flick. We heart freak art!

Click HERE for the Uptown site


These days the genres “chillwave” and “lo-fi-pop” seem to be the hipster's music du jour. But back when surrealist musician Ariel Pink began recording his warped, garage sounds to cassette tape in the late '90s/early '00s, he was way ahead of the game. Over the years, as less cohesive indie noise jam bands popped up, Ariel Pink Brian Wilson-ed it up in his room, crafting a number of underground, self-made records packed with deliciously unpredictable art-damaged pop until the world was ready. Now signed to Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label, the Ariel Pink project has evolved into a full band. Their latest release, Before Today, features a perfect summer soundtrack of tight laidback jams with catchy elements of the '70s and '80s throwaway pop, yummy falsettos and hazy harmonies. We recommend the track “Round and Round” for lazy beach bound days.

Click HERE for the Ariel Pink myspace


Cliché Sidewalk Sale

@ Cliché
2403 Lyndale Avenue S.

10am-7pm / Free

Celebrate your 4th with a Cliché sale that is its biggest to date! This time around, their highly anticipated sidewalk sale will be stretching from the front of the boutique all the way to a big tent behind the building. They are guaranteeing tons of merch from seasons past that have been long-hidden in the store's basement, marked down 50 to 90 percent off. Score an archival piece by the store's bevy of local designers, such as Amanda Christine and kjurek couture, and scoop up some duds from national lines such as billabong, Domino Denim, Industry, Bobi, Skunkfunk, Kensie, BB Dakota and many more. Be sure to scope out the $5, $10 and $15 racks as well. To give you ample shopping time, they've extended their hours the day of the sale.

Click HERE for the Cliché site

design by Amanda Christine


10-Second Film Fest

@ The Soap Factory
518 Southeast 2nd Street

10:15pm / Free

Beginning (and ending, for that matter) after the St. Anthony Main fireworks is the Soap Factory’s annual Ten Second Film Festival. Featuring 100 of the best micro-short films, as determined by a team of Soap Factory judges, this year’s fest will again be divided into ten categories, including "Hangin' Out," "Wildlife," and "Mindless Violence." As such, expect a little bit of everything – from cringe-worthy cell phone camera candids to heartfelt “Zen moments” to that which makes you wonder what the heck you just watched. Also rocking the festival will be local Black Lips meets surfer punk band Private Dancer, who will open the fest with a live set and act as the evening’s Pit Band. Rounded out by celebrity judges, beer and awesome artist-created trophies. Try not to blink, lest you miss this fest!

Click HERE for this art event and more at


l'etoile night at the Guthrie: Less than 40 tickets left!

Please join us for another fantastic night at the Guthrie Theater for "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Wednesday, July 7th! For the discounted price of $25, you'll not only get a ticket to this amazing play, but also a ticket to attend a l'etoile-hosted post-show party at a NEW event space at the Guthrie, complete with complimentary drinks and appetizers. The cast of Streetcar will be in attendance at the party as well! Tickets are EXTREMELY limited on this one, so get yours now.

$25 includes ticket to the play and post-show cast party featuring DJ Matt Perkins! *Meet in front of Target Lounge on Level 4 post-show to be escorted to the reception.

Call the Guthrie Box Office at 612.377.2224 and ask for the "l'etoile night special"

Register now for the 1st Annual High Heel Dash!

The first ever Aegis Foundation High Heel Dash invites both men and women to show off their glamorous athletic prowess for a good cause! On Wednesday, August 11th at Peavey Plaza in Downtown Minneapolis contestants will compete against each other in 25-yard dash heats wearing heels 3 inches or taller. MyTalk 107.1's Lori & Julia will begin broadcasting live with emcee Foxy Tann at 3pm! Heats will start at 5:30pm to give you time to leave work and dash to Peavey Plaza for a great cause. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place dashers! The top fundraisers will get Spectacular prizes too!!

Participants are encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 to dash (tax deductible). Contestants will receive an official High Heel Dash t-shirt. All proceeds benefit Soles4Souls and the Emergency Foodshelf Network. REGISTER NOW!

High Heel Dash 2010 is proudly co-sponsored by l'

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