Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Le'TALK: Star Eyes & Jubilee

Crazy dance party alert! This Friday night the cool cats at Burlesque of North America team up with two on-fire female DJs from the NYC: Star Eyes (Trouble & Bass) and Jubilee (Nightshifters/Flashing Lights). This weekend's "secret location" extravaganza is billed as a "spaced-out bass odyssey" and brings to mind the good old rave-days with a stylized, girl-fueled twist. We've been harboring a hard lady-crush on Ms. Star Eyes, whose appearance last year at Burlesque's "Do It To It" blow out at First Avenue got us all in a twitter with her combo of swarthy good looks and epic noise-bringing abilities. And Jubilee, though new to our ears, has easily added herself to our list of cool girls on which to obsess. Friday's bash also includes the ghetto tech stylings of Bitch Ass Darius and the funky breakdowns of Mike 2600. Add yourself to Burlesque's mailing list HERE to be alerted to the secret party location!

The girls are currently on a mini-tour, enroute to Minneapolis, but they took a few minutes to answer a few of our pressing questions via e-mail:

Star Eyes, Last time you were in Minneapolis you made quite the impact. What have you been up to since we last danced to your jams?

Woo, so much. I released my "Disappear" EP on Trouble & Bass in June with a ton of remixes and a video. In the same month, I quit my day job at XLR8R. I've toured Europe and the US with T&B crew and by myself, drank a lot of whiskey, and worn a lot of silly costumes. Currently, I'm writing spooky songs, learning how to make Count Chocula synth sounds, and freaking out at Bad Manor with Jubilee and Dre Skull and all our assorted vibe props.

Jubilee, what are some of your major projects as of late?

After this tour I am going to work on sleeping... and maybe eating a salad or 2 instead of a burger or BBQ pulled pork sandwich. That will be my first project. Then I am going to finish a record I recently started with another DJ/Producer that I've always wanted to work with. More on that closer to when it is finished. I am also working on getting a pod cast up very soon. Hopefully by the New Year.

What's your connection and how do you compliment each other?

We have a high-speed internet connection. I mean, we're some of the only girl DJs in our "scene" so we like to get together and talk about, like, "our cycles" and past lives and stuff like that. We mostly compliment each other on our hair or our shoes or doing dope mixes. We also both like animal hats and animated gifs so, I mean, we get along pretty well.

Star Eyes, You previously held the position of Editor at XLR8R Magazine, are you still working in journalism or are you focused on your career as a DJ at the moment?

I'm focused on DJing and making music right now. As previously mentioned, I left XLR8R in June and I really haven't done any writing since then, although I expect I'll do some more in the future, possibly fiction this time around, since I have a lot of crazy stories that I need to commit to paper while I still remember them.

Jubilee, what other things do you have your fingers into?

I have pretty much focused my entire life on music. It's kind of scary, I am not gonna lie. But it's exciting too. It's the only thing in my life that I have ever given 100% to. That's how I know I am doing the right thing.

What are both of your predictions for what's hot and what's not in music and fashion in 2010?

Jubilee: 2010 is looking good to me. Messy electro seems to be fading quickly and a lot of people are changing their sound to more of a housey vibe. Also the fact that artists such as Joy Orbison, Untold and Cooly G are getting alot of hype make me pretty happy about where 2010 may go. I hope it keeps up. As far as fashion goes, hoodies and dirty jeans will always be in style to me. I am never up on fashion. I still dress like I did when I was 14. Except my pants are way tighter. And I made some of those oversized basketball jerseys into dresses.

Star Eyes: Man, 2010. I think people are going to continue on this Mayan shaman psychic trip as we lead up to 2012; you know, some Illuminati shit mixed with Central American motifs. Black, capes, bats, creepers (the shoes), and more of the stuff that I thought was going to be big in 2009 but is just starting. Not all at once, but I think these things will be big fashion-wise: different kinds of leggings (more slouchy, better fabrics), Mishka, Peggy Noland, dressing like a pilgrim, Actual Pain, thigh high socks, this modern rockabilly look for guys is going to continue (and I certainly hope it does). Musically, I think every song will come with like 12 different remixes, and dubstep will continue to grow and become the new (better) hip-hop. I will continue to enjoy music that sounds like midnight voodoo ceremonies and equatorial zombie uprisings, as channeled by Chicago, London, and Detroit.

What can people expect at the secret location party this Friday?

Jubilee: Those Brooklyn sounds, maybe some Pitbull, classic rave jams, songs telling you to do certain dance moves, Jagerbombs?

Star Eyes: Songs about Blackberrys and iPhones, big bass tunes, sexy slow dances, the splits, and Pokemon speaker humping.

To get the skinny on this weekend's party, you'll need to sign up on Burlesque's e-mail list to receive an alert that details the secret location. Visit http://burlesquedesign.com/newsletter/subscribe.htm to sign up!

Star Eyes online at: www.myspace.com/djstareyes
Jubilee online at:

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