Monday, July 27, 2009

Q&A: Former Minneapoline Blogger Tyler Stevermer

by Jahna Peloquin

Anyone spot Tyler Stevermer, former Minneapoline street fashion blogger, in Mpls a couple of weeks back? I spotted him at both the "Intersections" opening at the Goldstein and the Lookbook show at 501 Club, wearing this fabulous ensemble:

[Image by Ellen Dahl via The Minneapoline]

Apparently he is doing quite well since he's been in San Francisco, with quite a few projects going. I did a mini-interview with him to catch us up on all he's been up to:

What are you doing in town?

It had been well over a year since I had left and hadn’t revisited. I suddenly decided I needed to reflect on my perception: View my new life through my old perspective and my old life through my new perspective. Basically, I just spent a week having an existential crisis and getting drunk with my best friends.

What have you been keeping busy with since you moved away from Minneapolis?

I left in May of 2008. I kind of just ran away after graduating... I loved Minneapolis but knew I needed an adventure. I didn’t have any idea where to go so I ended up in New York. I fluttered around for a while until I moved to San Francisco (where I’ve been for nearly a year now). Currently I have my fingers in a lot of different pies. I work full time as an interior designer and branding director. In my down time I help out with the Harputs Own collection, have started doing a bit of writing for [Paris-based] Lurve magazine, and I volunteer with a fashion house that benefits the developmentally disabled called Helpers House of Couture. ...I’ve also been watching a lot of Golden Girls.

Tell me about your jacket. It's vintage, yes?

I found it at an AMAZING vintage boutique in San Francisco. There’s a guy there who knows exactly what I need. I went in one day and saw him dash directly into the back room, out he came with a cropped, quilted satin tuxedo jacket. He claimed Jeremy Scott had been in earlier and was studying it. I figured that was probably just his sales pitch but I loved the jacket anyway. From the same store I got a ridiculous pair of harem pants, they’re a single piece of fabric wrapped around to create each pant leg. Right after I had bought them, the designers at Givenchy had called up the store requesting the same pair to study for their next collection. The store owner said the designers would pay whatever I asked if they could have them. I decided to keep the pants for myself... I guess I’m a little bit of an asshole about my clothes.

I saw you earlier at the "Intersections" opening visiting with some past instructors. What did you think of the exhibition?

I used to work for the Goldstein during college and my former honors program advisor was the co-curator of the "Intersections" exhibit, so I was really happy to be in town for the opening. I think the Goldstein is an amazing resource for the Twin Cities. Their collection of mid-century fashion is unbelievable and you can actually make an appointment to see anything in their enormous archive (I recommend asking to see the Norman Norell and Pauline Trigere pieces).

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