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Weekend What's What 3/17-3/20


Yep, a slew of our local hitmakers are off sewing their wild oats in Austin, Texas this week, making for a pretty low-key music weekend around these here parts. However, that's definitely not to say this weekend is lame. On the contrary, dear readers, there's lots to do, see and experience, even if all those SXSW tweets are making you wish for 80 degree days and drunken, rock n' roll revelry. There's plenty of time for that, say we--after all, it seems like Spring has almost sprung!



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Third Thursday

@ Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 3rd Avenue South

6 p.m. / Free

Gods and goddesses, prepare for the ultimate struggle of wits and power – or at least to watch it on the big screen. This Third Thursday is oh-so mightily themed “Clash of The Titans,” and there’s no more divine way to spend your Thursday (and we’d know, yours trulies are sponsoring the event!). Before the festivities even begin, discover your mythical doppelganger via the God & Goddess Facebook quiz (you know you wanna; we got Venus). Once you’re there, let l’etoile pretty you up in the photo booth, and strut your stuff over to the cash bar for only the sweetest feastings. For your entertainment, we have guitar deity Hastings 3000 and the eternal 1981 claymation film “Clash of the Titans” (Sam Worthington, psssh). And don’t forget to check out the M.I.A.’s latest exhibit, “Beauty and Power,” a variety of Renaissance and Baroque bronzes from the private collection of New York Architect Peter Marino. Sounds heaven sent.

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@ The Varsity Theater
1308 4th St SE

10 p.m. / 18+ / $5 with RSVP, $7 at door

Sub kickball for dancing and the playground for The Varsity Theater and you’ve got this month’s bout of Recess. The Anthem Heart dudes are at it again with an excess of tuneage, drinks and dirty dancing this Thursday. Join local DJs Espada & Book B, Bach 666, The Nightstalker and So Gold on the Dinkytown dancefloor for tons of tunes totally complimented by mad good video montages from Playatta. Not to mention, the Varsity bar will be dishing up $3 PBRs and $4 Vodka Redbulls ‘til the night closes in.

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Recess: March 17th Promo from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.


What's l'etoile looking at this week?

If every photograph tells a story, then Anna Gaskell’s are on a different fictional plane entirely. Moody lighting, a deep-in-the-woods setting, a young girl’s blank stare, fractions of limbs and skirt hems and hair, Gaskell’s narratives read like interrupted dreams, the kind that get fuzzy on the edges the more you wake up. And perhaps it’s because they lack the same context that dreams do; the stories these images capture seem to have just happened, or is happening right outside the frame. Fairly personal explorations of the literary adventures of adolescent girls (some images feel inspired by “Alice and Wonderland,” others “Cinderella”), Gaskell’s photographs capture the dark side of childhood, the situations wrought with anxiety and fear, the discomforts of sexual awakening. Altogether creepy, urgent, and enigmatic, they spark something, keep us looking for longer than normal, if only to figure out what might be lurking around the corner.

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Closing Reception & Performance: O by Sean Connaughty

@ XY&Z Gallery
3258 Minnehaha Ave S

7-11 p.m. / Free

If there's one thing for certain about Minneapolis-based artist, Sean Connaughty it's that the man doesn't take nature for granted. The multi-media artist's latest project investigates the relationship between the natural and urban environments in an exhibit that artistically reinvents salvaged tree branches, animal-made dwellings and organic found objects into still models and interactive “pods.” If you caught Connaughty's recent installation, “Bigloo” - a structure made out of snow on the slope behind the Walker – you know just how the artist can beautifully connect the viewer to the evolving natural environment around them. This Friday, join Connaughty as he closes his exhibit at XYandZ Gallery with live models interacting with the installations as well as a live performance by experimental band, Vortex Navigation Company.

Click HERE for the XYandZ site


Solutions Twin Cities 4

@ Capri Theater
2027 W. Broadway Ave.

6 p.m. / $8 – $16 sliding scale

We know the Twin Cities are pretty rad, but there’s always room for more positive change (yes, besides Spring). Which is why the revolutionary spirits behind Works Progress have put together volume four of Solutions Twin Cities, an evening of pithy but poignant presentations by ten of the Twin Cities’ most influential leaders. Speakers include Laura Zabel, executive director of Springboard for the Arts; Mirellle Zacharis, producer and co-curator of No Assumption, the October 2010 art exhibition that took place in a foreclosed home; Matt Olson, co-founder of ROLU, a design and art studio that focuses on building green and accessibility for all; and Amoke Kubat, founder of Yo Mama! The Mothering Mothers Institute. It’s like a whole night spent watching Ted lectures, only local, live, and way less nerdy.

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@ spotArt
1828 Marshall St NE

7-11 p.m. / Free

Kick off your spring break with a bit of local flavor tonight as spotArt lends its walls to showcase the visual oeuvre of some of the Twin Cities finest newcomers. Peep through abstract finger, acrylic and water paintings by Jennifer Stano, composite image + light drawing experiments by photographer Brian Hart, vivid & trip-inducing illustrations from Dolan Cyr, sculptures by Karl Friedrich, original pieces by BMF Jewelry and more! Plus, groove to a live “alternative soul-folk” set from St. Paul singer/songwriter, Nicholas Mrozinski & fellow backers the Feelin Band, and spruce up your skin and let your body be the (temporary) canvas with live henna and body art inkings from artist Judy O.

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Artwork by Brian Hart:


Execute Rogue Citizen

@ Gallery13
811 Lasalle Avenue

7:30 p.m. / Free

Breathe easy, dear ones, the boys of Rogue Citizen aren’t actually at risk of losing their heads – though we can’t exactly say the same for their paintings. Let us explain: Friday evening at Gallery13, the four artists of Rogue Citizen will begin their signature live painting. Only this time, the gallery space will be divided into three separate cell blocks. The project is Execute Rogue Citizen, and the purpose is to satire and create dialogue about issues within the American justice and prison systems, sentencing, and capital punishment. The catch? All artwork not purchased by April 1, the date of the closing reception, will be “executed,” commenting on, in Citizen’s terms, “the way our system generally benefits only those who can afford the resources to preserve life or freedom.” Sounds intense – especially with sound object and electronics master Ostraka providing the soundtrack. You know we’ll be early.

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Transmission 10 Year Anniversary

@ First Ave
701 1st Ave N

8 p.m. - 2 a.m. / 18+ / $5 adv, $7 door

In the world of obscure 80‘s, post-punk, synth & Brit pop and indie gems, DJ Jake Rudh is one dapper gent with a near savant level omnibus of music knowledge - a new wave Willy Wonka, if you will. Don’t believe us? Ask the hundreds of die-hard Rudh fans who have been frequenting Club Jager’s famed dance nights, Transmission, entrusting their ears and their dance shoes to the confectionery audio treats Rudh dishes up week after week. One could say he’s kind of the John Hughes-created cool older brother you never had. And after a decade of spinning tracks, planning tribute nights, and furnishing some of the most awesome theme parties in MPLS, Rudh has managed to turn Hump Day from typical mid-week “blah” to an inclusive dance party night where the weirder the dance moves the better and it’s ok - even welcomed - if your fashion is stuck a few decades back. Tonight, the party moves from its Jager home to First Ave’s mainroom for a 6-hour Electric Fetus/City Pages/89.3 The Current sponsored event celebrating 10 years with the Transmission king. Expect a lambent dancescape of lights, fog machines and your fave 80’s and 80’s-inspired music videos supersized on the screen for your viewing pleasure. Plus, check out booths from Electric Fetus and Caroline Royce Design to get your paws on LPs and CDs from classic “Transmission artists” and limited-edition t-shirts from the artist responsible for most of Transmission’s rad weekly posters. Plus, shake your stuff to a special guest DJ experience from Mr. Clem Burke of…wait for it…Blondie!

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Red Pens, Teenage Moods, Howler, and Speedboat Girls

3005 Lyndale Ave S


The fuzzy post-punk distorted sounds of guitarist Howard Hamilton and drummer Laura Bennett, together known as local noise-folk duo Red Pens, is anything but soothing--and that's totally the point. Like an art house experiment with the volume turned way, way up, the Red Pens have a way of stunning an audience into a hushed adoration, as the fierce tornado of sound whips around whatever room the riotous band happens to be playing. Experience them this Friday at Cause, along with punk rockers Teenage Moods, Howler, and Speedboat Girls. Be sure to bring your ear plugs--you'll need them, if you value your hearing even a little bit.

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What's l'etoile looking at on the web this week?

Signing up for a subscription to Seasaw Artifacts is like having a really awesome pen pal who sends you care packages. You never know what treasures will await, but you do know they are bound to be hand-crafted, unique displays of anything from literary-inspired gems and original artwork to practical and functional objects. With their yearly theme finally chosen, Seasaw Art is ready to distribute their very first, highly anticipated quarterly installment. And with a theme like “party” we can guarantee your gifts will be everything you need to galvanize your year. For a sneak peek of this quarter’s bundle visit Seasaw Artifact’s blog and get your subscription. SPOILER ALERT: There’s booze!

Click HERE for the Seasaw site


Last Look: Sounds from Ethiopia

@ Franklin Art Works
1021 E. Franklin Avenue

1 p.m. / Free

Throughout the past month, Franklin Art Works has been exhibiting the work of Eritrean-born, New York-based photographer Dawit L. Petros, and Saturday, they’re sending the exhibition out with a bang: banging musical beats, that is! Starting at one, Ethiopia native Teshome Yimer will be playing a mix of traditional Ethiopian jams and American Soul covers – a set he’s polished after years of being a house musician in Washington D.C. Act two of the afternoon is Beytubekii, back in Minneapolis (they played in Matthews Park last summer) with a fresh selection of popular and traditional Oromo music. Expect mad keyboard skills – and to discover your feet won’t sit still.

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If this sweet animated GIF isn't enough to convince you, we don't know what is.


Regis Dialogue w/ Julian Schnabel & Darsie Alexander

@ Walker Art Center
1750 Hennepin Ave

8 p.m. / $20 ($15 for WAC members)

Like a smaller version of Bravo’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” the Walker’s Regis Dialogue is an intimate, in-depth and introspective sneak peek at some of modern cinema’s most progressive and apposite directors, not to mention a one-of-a-kind experience to sift through the minds of our century‘s most innovative geniuses. Tonight, join Walker chief curator, Darsie Alexander, for a parley with award-winning filmmaker and director of the heartbreaking, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the brilliant Julian Schnabel. Get an insider’s lowdown on everything from Schnabel’s unique modus operandi and inspirations to snapshots of his artwork and even short snips of from his provocative catalogue of films.

Click HERE for the Walker site


1st Annual CONvergence Party Lab

@ Event Horizon
Waterbury Building
1121 Jackson St. NE
Northeast Mpls

7 p.m. to Late / $10

Nerd out with the best of them tonight at Northeast Minneapolis sci-fi party headquarters, Event Horizon. A fundraiser for special events associated with the famed CONvergence Science Fiction Convention, tonight's "Party Lab" will give you a tasty sampling of what's to come in July. Dust off your Spock ears and see what the creative wizards behind some of the coolest themed "room parties" at the annual convention have up their sleeves, get your dance on, eat and drink to your hearts content, and rub elbows with the coolest geeks in town.

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Touch of Evil

@ Trylon
3258 Minnehaha Ave S

7 & 9 p.m. / $8

Best known for his unforgettable, sneaky note sax opus from The Pink Panther, musician Henry Mancini - aka “the maestro of mod” defines an entire decade for Hollywood soundtracks. With his full-bodied orchestra-laced compositions as eclectic as the 60’s themselves, Mancini’s scores jump from smooth and sexy melodies to the dark, suspenseful numbers associated with the Orson Welles’ directed film noir, “Touch of Evil” and the harebrained shocker, “Experiment in Terror.” As part of their Henry Mancini series, join the Trylon Microcinema and Take-Up Productions tonight as they highlight another important jewel in the Mancini collection, Welles’ classic masterpiece thriller, “Touch of Evil” starring Janet Leigh, Orson Welles, Charlton Heston with cameos by Marlene Dietrich and Zsa Zsa Gabor and featuring more jazzy congo beats than a beatnik reunion.

Click HERE for the Take Up Productions site


Mark Mallman, Aaron and the Sea, and Total Babe

@7th St. Entry
701 1st Ave N

2 Shows:
5 p.m. / $8 / AA
9 p.m. / $8 / 21+

Mark Mallman is legend in this town. And maybe legend in other places, but mainly in this town. Twin Citizens have carved out a special little place in their hearts for Mallman, and much like they will have a special soft spot for Prince (no matter what he does), it's safe to say that no matter what Mallman does, it will be brilliant and adored by a ferociously dedicated legion of fans. No other man could rock a 78-hour non-stop music marathon and live to talk about it, and Mallman brings the energy of a superstar to every stage he takes over. Suddenly, you aren't just attending a rock show--you are enveloped in a grandiose escapade that Mallman has either meticulously planned or is totally winging (we might actually never know the difference, and it probably doesn't matter either way). Venture downtown this Saturday night to see Mallman tear the Entry to shreds. With two show opportunities and the fantastic openers Aaron and the Sea and Total Babe, you have no good excuse not to.

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Classic Mallman!


Hands High-Five-Ohh

205 E Hennepin Ave NE

9 p.m./ $5 for 18+/$3 for 21+

Put yo hands up in the air… again! Hands High is back in action with another fist raisin’, booty shakin’, groove-worthy dance installation at Northeast’s staple danceteria, Honey. Get down and dirty with music men Plain Ole Bill and Last Word (as well as VIP guest DJ 84 Caprice) as they spin their favorite discs all night through. Plus, the party will also help launch Twin Cities dude Lee Greenwich’s newest t-shirt design “Twin Cities Je T’aime” with company prez Mustache Mike himself and a very sweet surprise for the first gaggle of people to show up.

Click HERE for the Honey site


What's l'etoile listening to this week?

In honor of this weekend’s Transmission anniversary, we’re highlighting an underrated band we’re sure Rudh would put his stamp of approval on - the anomalous sound of Brit-post-punk rockers, The Pop Group. Perhaps best known for their cacophonous single, “We Are All Prostitutes” featured on the BBC series “Ashes to Ashes” and the Rough Trade split with The Last Poets, The Pop Group was short-lived, yet musically influential avant-garde band from Bristol with roots in punk, free jazz, reggae and new wave with politically-charged lyrics. Headed by one of the pioneers of industrial hip-hop and discordant dub, Mark Stewart, the band seemed to follow no rules when it came to beat composition and paved the way for future experimental bands including trip-hop’s Massive Attack. Oh, not to mention they had killer coiffures.

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Riot Act Reading Series

@ Nick & Eddie
1612 Harmon Place

8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Tonight, Nick & Eddie's rebellious ruffians aren't the stumbling lushes in the back bar – they're the literary hooligans with the mic! The Riot Act Reading Series returns to the Neddie's with a kick ass line up of rowdy readers. Hemled by punk poet Paul D. Dickinson along with clever cohort Laura Brandenburg, tonight's edition of RARS will feature a solid list of talented performers including Joan Vordebruggen, Andy Sturdevant, as well as Dickinson and Brandenburg themselves. And what better day than Sunday to let a little "riot" into your life?

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Cult Status Gallery 1st Birthday Party

@ Cult Status Gallery
2913 Harriet Avenue South

6 p.m. / Free

It would seem Cult Status Gallery has survived it’s inaugural year – and what an awesome one it’s been! From that very first “Equinox” group show to the fallen Deuce 7 mural to the oh-so-scandalous “Peep Show” to last weekend’s crafty/spooky/surreal “Never Quiet Never Soft,” the Harriet Avenue hotspot has given us quite the art-wild ride since it opened – and if that’s not cause for a big ol’ party with music, art, and cake, then we don’t know what is. And what would a birthday bash be without party favors? Take home an abandoned CSG artwork past, which will be up for auction at the show. Okay, so they’re not exactly favors, but all proceeds go to a greater-than-great cause: supplementing the gallery’s March rent. Here’s to another year of wit, mischief, wicked cool art, and barely scrapin’ by, eh?

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