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Weekend What's What 1/13-1/15


It might be a frozen tundra out there, but considering the number of smokin' hot soirees the Twin Cities has planned, we highly doubt you'll have time to whine about it. From blowout music events to local magazine release parties to wild dance jams and more, this weekend's got plenty of layers - and we're not just talking about thermal underwear.



Location Vol. 4 Release and Year One Celebration

@ Midway Contemporary Art
527 Second Ave SE

6 p.m. / Free

Addressing themes of time, change, doing and undoing, folding and unfolding, and division and unification is the fourth volume of Location, a quarterly publication/art gallery in the of two-dimensional media. The current volume, to be released Thursday at Midway Contemporary Art, features the work of Minneapolis-based artists Jennifer Danos and John Fleischer. Together, Danos and Fleischer explore the notion of self-containment through experimental bookmaking techniques, including overprinting, paper-folding, and rotating the viewing plane. The result, which will be available for purchase at the release event, is wordless visual poetry at its most curious, or at the very least, the perfect addition to your bookshelf or coffee table. Box sets of all four quarterly releases will be available for purchase as well.

Click HERE for the Location Books site



@ Varsity Theater
14th & 4th St

10 p.m. / $5 ($3 with RSVP)

Attention Freaks and Geeks: Forget hopscotch and kickball. Rip up those jeans, sneak your dad's pack of cigarettes, and meet up behind the gym. It's time to start spending recess with the cool kids. Anthem Heart's DJ extravaganza returns to The Varsity Theater on Thursday for another high-tech blowout. Get down to the sounds of DJ Espada & Booka B (Wants vs Needs), 1990 (Bight Club), Bach666, Millions Billions, and Basic Physics, while video gurus, Playatta, create mind-boggling visuals with their interactive video portal, live chroma-key dancing blue men and light mapping projections. Nothing will help you rage against the winter parking restrictions like some hardcore drinking and dancing. And be sure to RSVP in advance on Facebook for a discounted cover. It's okay for cool kids to plan ahead.

Click HERE for the Facebook event

RECESS at the Varsity Theater from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.


What's l'etoile looking at this week?

If you're starting to worry that perhaps your creative genius will go undiscovered in your lifetime, here's another reason to not give up hope of a posthumous celebration of your talents. An incredibly lucky duck in Chicago recently acquired over 100,000 negatives and prints by late, previously unknown photographer Vivian Maier, who is now being heralded as one of the true visionaries of the 20th century. Maier's street photography - shot between 1950-1990- captures fleeting moments that are at once deeply affecting and elegantly simple. Despite working in the most public of settings, the connection that Maier creates between the subject and the audience is incredibly intimate. Street photography has become such a trend in recent years that it's almost becoming a parody of itself. But Maier both pioneered and elevated the genre, creating something far more meaningful. Suck it, Sartorialist.

Click HERE for more images and history


Urban View – Rural Sight & Jonathon Wells: Earth Revealed

@Minneapolis Photo Center
2400 North 2nd St

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. / Free

This Friday you can go somewhere far away while staying close to home – all thanks to the Minneapolis Photo Center’s newest photography exhibits. This weekend marks an opening reception for two fancy photo shows that will bring you on a journey through different paths, places and walks of life. In the main floor gallery, smarty-pants scientist Jonathon Wells has gotten in touch with his creative side to create a plethora of images he likes to call “photo-geologic composites”. His “Earth Revealed” showcase involves multiple photos mashed together to create epic earthscape panoramas that will blow your mind. One floor up stands another worldly set of photographs which explore the idea of “place”. In this exhibit called “Urban View – Rural Sight”, step into the world inside a number of different, hand-picked photographs from people and places around the nation. Both photography exhibits will be open through February 21.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


The Somethin' Else #8 (Drone Dinner)

@ 1419
1419 Washington Ave S

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. / $5

Leave it to the 1419 to host something as odd and awesome as an electronic music potluck! Now in its 8th traveling incarnation, ringleader Jon Davis (Ghostband) invites you down to enjoy delicious Jewel of India yumminess alongside a buffet of local DJs. An "appetizer" to the night's most talked about event (see listing below), you can kick the evening off at 1419 then stroll on over to the nearby Love Power Church for your musical main course. It’s going to be delicious.

Click HERE for Hannah Silk Champagne's MPLS.TV interview with Jon Davis


Love Power Megablast

@ Love Power Church
35W & Washington
(look for the Rainbow Jesus)
West Bank

10 p.m. / 21+ / $10

Leave it to Ryan Olson and Totally Gross National Product to conceptualize a party to end all parties - a massive blowout that aligns the twin cities DJ and live music scenes, boasting a line up that includes (deep breath) Marijuana Deathsquads, Mystery Palace, Slapping Purses, STNNNG, DJ Andrew Broder of Fog, Jonathan Ackerman, Plain Ole Bill, Solid Gold DJs, Baby Pizza + King Latifah, Spyder Baby Raw Dawg, Ghostband, Makr, Lush Sports (a new project with Ryan Olson of Gayngs and Jason Power of Slapping Purses) and special guests galore. We'd tell ya more, but we wouldn't want to spoil the all the surprises. Food and drinks provided by Jewel of India.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Fort Wilson Riot / Me and My Arrow / The Town Monster / Phantom Tails

@ Turf Club
1601 University Ave W
Saint Paul

9 p.m. / $6

The Turf is back (for real this time!) and with it, of course, come some seriously killer, mostly-local lineups – specifically, Fort Wilson Riot, Me and My Arrow, The Town Monster, and Phantom Tails this Friday. From Fort Wilson Riot, expect small-town folksy, big city ambitious ballads; from local nine-piece Me and My Arrow, expect to get lost in grandiloquent, Brit-rock-esque arrangements, complex in the way only a collective of nine could accomplish. Columbus’ The Town Monster has been noted for making the “music of maniacs” – off-kilter piano, oozing syth-pop, and alt guitar throwbacks, a sound perfectly complimented by Minneapolis’ own Phantom Tails and its frenetic potpourri of synthesizers, guitar flourishes, and 60s-psychedelic rock n’ roll.

Click HERE for the Turf Club site


Extra Large

@First Avenue’s Record Room
701 1st Ave. N

10 p.m. / 18+ / $3 adv., $5 door

Go big or...go LARGE! Extra Large, to be exact, with another bout of Minneapolis’ own DJ mastermind Mike 2600 and his monthly dance installation in First Ave’s exclusive Record Room. For their first of the year, Mike is proud to hit the DJ booth with his usual turntablin’ tunes to get your toes-a-tappin’. On top of that, Rhymesayers DJ and hip-hop beat master Plain Ole Bill is taking over the tables to show off his mad DJ skills by blasting some funky tunes through the Record Room speakers. Plus, expect all you can handle, pre-midnight 2-4-1 drinks from First Ave’s saucy bar to keep your blood pumpin’ all night long.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


What's l'etoile lookin' at on the web?

Smooch sniffles, S.A.D., and never-ending sprinkles of snow goodbye with Kissssing, an adorable little blog dedicated solely to love and romance. Think old timey photos of people being lovey dovey, peppered with sweet lyrics and quotes pretty much guaranteed to make you go “awwww.” A bit sentimental? Perhaps. Cheesy? Totally. But hey, who doesn’t love a bit of tasteful, heart-warming mushiness from time to time, especially when you’ve been hibernating (read: moping) inside all winter. That’s what we thought. Happy swooning.

Click HERE for the Kissssing Blog


Crooked Teeth Magazine Launch Party

@ The Coffee Shop NE
2852a Johnson St NE

6 p.m. to 9 p.m. / Free

After two long months of photo shoots, interviews and days behind the computer screen, the seven artsy young people behind Crooked Teeth Magazine are ready to finally share their first publication with the world. Their pretty 'zine had us at "hello," as it's dedicated to the things that we love most: undiscovered music, original art and local culture. This weekend, the mag is officially hitting the stands and the team is celebrating with a small coffee shop gathering in Northeast Minneapolis. Mingle with the editors, sip on espresso, listen to jams a la The Broken Bicycles, and appreciate the creativity of the Twin Cities with people from all walks.

Click HERE for the Crooked Teeth site


Boneshaker Books Grand Opening

@ Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave S

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. / Free

Prepare to get radical. Or at least radicalized. Boneshaker Books will celebrate their grand opening this Saturday in Seward. The progressive bookstore boasts bicycle book delivery (though we suspect that deliveries may not be carried out on an actual boneshaker bicycle), and will soon be jam packed with readings and events. So dig out your Wellstone t-shirt, skim The New York Times, and prepare for some serious political and social discourse. Smell that, kids? That's freedom. Or maybe hemp.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Radiohead: Live in Prague

@ The Cedar
416 Cedar Ave S

8 p.m. / Free (donations requested)

In a nutshell, Radiohead: Live in Prague is a fan-made live DVD. But before you go thinking shoddy editing, poor sound quality, and creepy amounts of fanaticism, you should know: Radiohead has thrown its support behind the project, so much so that the band provided audio masters to the makers of the DVD. Shot on August 23, 2009 by more than 50 concertgoers – each using a cheap hand-held Flip camera – the goal of the project was simply to capture the band perform from as many different angles as possible. The result is at once scattered, inconsistent, and absolutely electrifying.

Click HERE for the Cedar site


Black Audience

@ The Red Stag
509 1st Ave NE

10:30 p.m. / Free

The folksy, gospel-inspired blue-soul stylings of Black Audience return to the Red Stag Supper Club this Saturday. Grab some friends and head to Northeast Minneapolis to split cozy winter-friendly fare such as Lobster Mac & Cheese or Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds. But be prepared for your sparkling repartee to grind to a halt - Black Audience vocalist Jayanthi Kyle will literally stop you in your tracks with her transfixing, commanding pipes. Though her killer performance of old-school classic numbers may compel you to sing along.

Click HERE for the Red Stag site


Hands High Version 4.0

205 E Hennepin Ave NE

10 p.m. / 18+ $5 / 21+ $3

Here we are, two weeks into 2011, and already the peeps at Honey are stirring up the party pot once again. What resolutions could possibly be keeping you from the hip underground space and the awesome beats of DJ Fundo and Plain Ole Bill? None that you would want to keep, that’s for sure. Plus, the first 50 people through the door get a free cocktail or beer.

Click HERE for the Facebook event



@ Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Avenue South

11:30 p.m. / $8

Even at age 65, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is the living embodiment of the rock n’ roll lifestyle. “Lemmy,” the feature-length documentary that debuted at last year’s South By Southwest Festival, delves into this lifestyle over a number of years, treading the oft-blurred line between the reality and mythology of a live-fast international icon. Shot on a combination of High Definition and Super 16 mm film, “Lemmy” includes interviews with friends, family, past and present bandmates, and a slew of peers and admirers, including Slash, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and actor Billy Bob Thornton. Catch the film Saturday at Riverview Theater.

Click HERE for the Riverview site


What's l'etoile listening to this week?

Every week, there are plenty of new releases to set your hipster heart abuzz. But let's take a moment to celebrate something that truly matters, shall we? It's Britney, bitch. This week Ms. Spears debuted a new single that has already soared to number one on iTunes. "Hold It Against Me" is golden, breathy, Blackout Britney, heavy on the 808, synth, and not-too-particularly-clever wordplay. But it works. The track is infinitely danceable as the Pop Princess auto-tunes, "If I said I want your body now would you hold it against me?" We'll have to wait for more album details, but here's hoping it's packed with plenty dance-heavy hits. Perhaps "You Must Be Tired (Running Through My Head All Day)" and "Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?" And if there's too much guilt for you in this guilty pleasure, don't be ashamed to hide her new disc in your Kraftwerk CD case. We'll keep your secret.

Click HERE for the Britney site

L'ETOILE NEWSWIRE 3 Courses for $30 at Sea Change

Through the month of January, Sea Change is offering an amazing fine dining deal: A prix fixe menu featuring three courses for $30!

Appetizer choices include two raw bar favorites – Alpine Bay oysters and tuna poke – along
with a non-fish option of pork steam buns. Entrée options include linguine with succulent lobster and pancetta, Sea Change’s signature bouillabaisse or brandade ravioli with smoked leeks, garlic and red pepper. Finish the meal with a luscious pumpkin cheesecake or house-made blackberry sorbet. Sounds like a perfect date night to us (hint hint)!

Click HERE for the Sea Change site

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