Thursday, December 9, 2010

Le'Talk: An Interview with DJ Millions Billions

by Tara Sloane

No doubt the next three weeks will be jam-packed with opportunities to drink, dance, and be holly jolly, but you may as well start the (party) season with a bang: The 37th Annual Shitty Christmas Party! Unlike the exclusive, invite-only parties of yore, the 37th annual is open to one and all – one of many awesome new firsts masterminded by DJs Jonathan Ackerman and Millions Billions. The boys have wrangled together a stellar lineup of local DJs including Soviet Panda, DJ Bach, Tendercakes, Famuel, and more. Long story short: prepare to dance ‘till you can’t feel your feet – and get extra jazzed with our stocking-sized interview with Ned Lampert a.k.a. Millions Billions.

Photo by Erin Nicole Johnson

l'etoile: You’ve promised “nutzo.” But what exactly are partygoers getting themselves into at the 37th Annual Shitty Christmas Party?

Millions Billions: At the 36th Annual Party (last year's) Jonathan Ackerman said to me "This is the craziest party I have ever been to". So, when he and I were approach to throw/promote the 37th, we knew it had to be even better. We'll have a bunch a gifts, decorations, a great line-up of DJs (duh), drink specials and room full of beautiful, interesting people. It's gonna be great.

What’s it like collaborating with pretty much every awesome DJ in town?

It's the best. We've all played together at one point or another, but to have everyone in the same room is a rare treat. Each DJ has their own well-established style, and they bring such a unique crowd. The whole idea for this year's was to get (nearly) everybody together and bask in the warm glow of the Minneapolis dance music scene. It gets me into the holiday spirit just thinking about it.

Will Santa really be in attendance?

Yes. He's been texting me non-stop. "Yo Bro, this year's is poppin off! FTW"

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

My mom bought me a really fantastic squash racquet last year. I was just getting serious about the game, and she took the time to find me the racquet I wanted and a bunch of gear to go along with it. It was super thoughtful.

The shittiest?

Since I am a DJ people are always giving me music or music-related items - not to mention asking me what every song is on the radio. Two years ago someone in my family gave me an Elvis Clock that looked like it belonged in the furniture clearance area at Target - that was probably the worst.

The 37th Annual Shitty Christmas Party happens this Friday, December 10th at the Triple Rock Social Club. 9pm / 21+ / Free. Click HERE for the Facebook invite.

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