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Weekend What's What 11/26-11/28


Shake off your Turkey Day tryptophan haze this weekend with a smattering of cool events from dance parties to musical icon tributes to art shows. While the pickin's are somewhat slim due to the holiday, we say "quality over quantity" is the rule of the day! Choose your party antics wisely and pretty soon that food coma you've been wrapped up in will be but a vague memory. Oh, and don't forget to be thankful - personally, we feel pretty darn lucky to live in such a cool town!



Conventional Fervor

@ Archive Gallery at Ballantine Hall (Uptown VFW)
2916 Lyndale Avenue South

8 p.m. / Free

With Black Friday here, there’s hardly a better time to reflect upon conventions. Join artists Dennis Conrad, Christine Fetterley, Chris Kerr, and Nicholas Knutson Friday at the Archive Gallery at Ballantine Hall (in the Uptown VFW) as they release “Conventional Fervor,” a series of artworks focused on the unsettling of standard practices, mores, and expectations. Conventions of language, society, science, capitalism, and even art itself will be explored, as will the ways in which they affect human behavior. Lighten the mood with home-brewed beer and music by three mystery bands (“Like” The Archive on Facebook to find out the set list in advance). Maybe Friday won’t be so black after all.

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Replacements Tribute Show

@ First Avenue
701 First Avenue

7pm / 18+ / $8

Ah, the Replacements. Rock's most famous anti-heroes, and clearly one of the best bands to ever commit words to melody. Lucky for us, each year First Avenue immortalizes the legacy of Minnesota's bastard sons with a tribute show of epic proportions. Celebrating the 25th year of classic album Tim are the Honeydogs, Pink Mink, Communist Daughter, the Goondas, Sex Rays, Mayda, Josh Grier of Tapes N Tapes, and many more. A mere eight bones goes to benefit the Twin Cities Music Community Trust and gets you admission to both the Mainroom and the Entry, which will be filled with the reinterpreted sounds of a band deeply branded into the souls of so many local music fans and artists.

Click HERE for the First Ave site


Black Friday Dance Party w/ Chelsea Boys and Bight Club

@ Turf Club
1601 University Ave W
Saint Paul

9 p.m. / 21+ / $7

After you've exhausted yourself with all the Black Friday shenanigans, you might feel like you just want to go home and shower off all the blood and sweat that a successful shopping excursion will undoubtedly coat you in. However, we strongly encourage you to dance it all off instead, with the help of the infectious sounds of the Chelsea Boys and the solid funky rhymes of Bight Club. Seriously, you'll need this release after you've spent the entire day grappling with crazies over who gets the last free monogrammed tote with their $150 purchase. Shake off your mean face tonight at the Turf--the music will be hot and the drinks will be a-plenty.

Click HERE for the Turf Club site



@ Nick & Eddie
1612 Harmon Place

10pm-3am / 18+ / $5 w/RSVP, $7 w/o

If your fam is anything like ours, we're guessing you may need a petit temp mort from wine guzzling grandmas and uncles spouting an endless array of Ole and Lena jokes. Not only do we have a bonafide hideout space to offer up, but you'll also get a chance to dance off Thanksgiving's pumpkin pie pounds and tryptophan side effects. The audio chef's of Bomp's hearty kitchen have whipped up a special post-feast selection of tracks guaranteed to rock your socks and get your goose a'cooking. Tonight's bodacious installment features sets from DJs The Moongoons (yes, they're back!), Shannon Blowtorch, Plain Ole Bill & Wezz Wnshp, not to mention delicious drinks from Neddie's bar. We would say shake a turkey feather, but that would just be lame...Space is limited, so head down early to join the party ranks.

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Every wonder what happens to the cool, uber-talented peeps who leave the Twin Cities? Do they spend a lifetime weeping in gutters over the Minneapolis of yore? Or do they carry on like brave soldiers, leaving trails of art, music, and creative brilliance behind them like breadcrumbs? Well, wonder no longer. We're pleased to introduce l'étoile's latest people creepin' feature: Local Goes Global. A “Where Are They Now” if you will, 'Local Goes Global' is a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of some of our favorite expatriates. First up? Former local arty party babe, Sarah Ditty who left us to study in London a few years back.

Click HERE to read Juleana Enright's interview with Sarah Ditty!


EYE Will: A Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen Benefit Art Show

@ Nicademus Art and Framing
225 Snelling Ave N
St. Paul

6 p.m. to 9 p.m. / free


@ Turf Club
1601 University Ave W
St. Paul

9 p.m. / 21+/ $10, $8 discounted tix at Nicademus

We're still mourning the tragic loss of local hip-hop genius Mikey “Eyedea” Larsen. But thankfully his memory and creative influence lives on in the hearts and minds of his talented friends, family and fans through benefit shows, tribute songs and tonight, an art show. The intimate exhibit doubles as a celebration of Larsen's extensive art career and showcases sketches and paintings spanning from grade school through high school, not to mention collaborations, album covers and original work from artists Michael Gaughan, James Penfield, Booka B, Louis N LaPierre, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Satori and George Tompson. After the opening, head over to the Turf Club for a rockin' after-party featuring live sets from Face Candy, Kill the Vultures, Kristoff Krane, No Bird, Sing, Carnage, Guitar Party, Sector 7G, Mr. Dufaux. All art and ticket sales go towards the Michael “Eyedea” Larsen & Family Fund, so feel free to be generous!

Click HERE for the Facebook event


BNLX, StrangeLights, You, You’re Awesome, and Fire in the Northern Firs

@ Cause Spirits and Soundbar
3001 Lyndale Avenue South

9:30 p.m. / 21+ / $5

Since they broke the scene earlier this year with cryptic press releases and some pretty stellar singles, BNLX has become a local music must-see. Tempestuous, dynamic, and lyrically sensational, BNLX is one of the best bands of 2010 (just ask City Pages Picked 2 Click!) – and that’s exactly why you should brave the cold Saturday to get to Cause, where they’ll be playing with StrangeLights, You, You’re Awesome, and Fire in the Northern Firs. From StrangeLights, expect homegrown psychedelic Brit pop; from Ohio’s You, You’re Awesome, big beat jams and DIY video projections. Fire in the Northern Firs, featuring members of First Communion Afterparty and Sun in the Satellite, promises a “visceral yet cosmic assault.” Now that’s a show to be thankful for.

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Menergy presents Brovember

@ Kitty Cat Klub
14th & 4th

10 p.m. / 21+ / $3 after 11 p.m., $1 before

Join the Menergy Grid this Saturday for a bro-tastic dance explosion! Co-sponsored by LOL/OMG, this wild, technology/testosterone-fueled dance blowout will be the place to be. DJs Bach to the Future, The Nightstalker, and Sweet Talk Radio will be flippin' hot electronic jams all night for your dancing pleasure. Pop into Playatta's Video Portal and make some high-tech, visual madness to commemorate the awesome occasion. This is one Bro-down we don't want to miss!

Click HERE for the Facebook event

This is MENERGY from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.


Attitude City

@Club Jager
923 Washington Ave

10 p.m. / 21+ / Free

One of our favorite monthly dance jams is here! The badass boys of Attitude City are at it again with their installation of music and mayhem. Join the Jeff Dubois and special guest Ben Hribar aka Benny Lojak for a night of delicious dance beats and Clubhouse Jager’s tasty cocktails. Not only is it free, but we guarantee that you’ll have an awesome time mingling and dancing up on some of Minneapolis’ finest.

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What's l'etoile listening to this week?

The Guardian predicts that TV Girl is going to dominate in 2011, and l’etoile agrees: these San Diegans know how to make a doggone catchy pop song. Listening to “On Land” for the first time evokes the same all-consuming giddiness of the Oracular Spectacular days, and the rest of the EP, which you can download free through Bandcamp, is equally addicting. The duo has only been around since August, but “If You Want It,” which samples Todd Rundgren’s 1968 single “Hello It’s Me” has already been featured on Pitchfork’s popular Forkcast, and things are only looking up (the band is looking to start playing shows within the next couple of months and we're crossing our fingers and toes for a Mpls stop). Lo-fi, anthemic, and aimed for the children of chillwave, TV Girl is apt to lift winter spirits as only bubblegum can do.

Snag the album on Bandcamp HERE

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