Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MNfashion Week in review: Style Derby

by Jahna Peloquin with photos by Eric Petersen

You know what they say about Minneapolis - we sure love our bikes. And for many a serious biker, that means riding in style. Last Thursday night at the Grainbelt Bottling House (the home of MNfashion HQ), trickster bicyclists and bike-riding models took to the floor of the raw atrium donning fashions from some of the Twin Cities' finest: Danielle Everine, Thom and Tim Navarro, and Carly Schoen.

Some of the teetering models gave away some fashion secrets - that being a model is hard, and biking in heels is even harder! - while others breezed by with a confident smile. Making it look effortless - that's when you know a model is good at her job.

[Look by Danielle Everine]

But the clothing itself was not so effortless. Intricate seaming, detail work, and integrated textures and fabrics were spotted throughout each collection, and for the most part, supremely tailored and finished. Each of the four lines seemed to be thoughtfully interconnected while having their own individual identity - a high achievement, to be sure.

After a swarm of biker dudes showed off bikewear from One on One Bikes, Carly Schoen (co-organizer of the show with Darci Alexis), kicked things off with a collection of layerable, smart separates in warm fall tones. Pieces like the camel cropped cigarette pant with a racing stripe down the side were both sporty and chic.

[Look by Carly Schoen]

For their men's and women's collections, brothers Tim and Thom Navarro showed their adeptness with jackets and tailoring. Though their ruffle-butt baby blue shorts were adorable, the womenswear looked at times a tad overworked and dated.

[Look by Tim & Thom Navarro]

But the menswear looks had us - and fellow designer Raul Osorio - at hello, thanks to their impeccable fit, detail and styling. (It didn't hurt they were donned by strapping bike-riding dudes.)

[Look by Tim & Thom Navarro]

The highlight, though, came courtesy of Danielle Everine, who previewed some of her looks in her upcoming MNfashion Week show with Osorio, "Pale Rider" (this Friday, also at the Grainbelt Building). The collection of tailored separates coupled with Wild West-esque fringed cropped pants and knit ponchos - worn by Ignite models on charming One on One bicycles, of course - made us excited for what else is in store.

[Look by Danielle Everine]

It all ended with a rousing game of chicken from the designers - with Everine deftly taking the crown - and a free-for-all with, yes, more hot boys on bikes.

Click HERE for more photos from the event by Eric Petersen.

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