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Weekend What's What 1/14-1/19


The Twin Cities enjoys an abundance of creative cleverness, as we're sure you're aware, and this weekend overfloweth with cool artsy events sprung from the minds and talents of some of the most imaginative people in town. Lay eyes on collaborative art pieces at Fox Tax; see what big-name artist Andrea Stanislav has been up to lately at the Burnet Gallery; witness over-the-top film and performance art at the Bedlam and much, much more. We have stars in our eyes for every artist in town all day every day, and this weekend there's no question why. Get out and get visually loaded!



Subo Tasting & Crispin Photo Exhibit

@ Subo
89 S. 10th Street

5:30-7:30pm / Free

Join our pals from Secrets of the City, Crispin Hard Cider and Subo Restaurant for an evening of art and culinary delights! A couple months ago, Secrets and Crispin ran a photo contest challenging local shutterbugs to snap their very own "Secret of the City" and boy, did they snap! Tonight's soiree at new Filipino joint, Subo, will honor the top 10 winners with a photo exhibit and plenty of Crispin-cool prizes. Come check out the art, sample some tasty (and complimentary) treats a la Subo, and mingle with the artists!

Click HERE for the Secrets of the City site

Photo by Matt Olson


Soundstage with Demietoile: Volume VI

@ Club Jäger
923 Washington Ave. N.

10pm-2am/ 21+/ free

Join l'étoile magazine and Club Jäger for another sci-fi-tastic installation of Demietoile's esoteric dance night series, Soundstage. Tonight's "visuals + vibrations" affair explores a cyber-punk universe full of sin anomalies, lascivious cyborgs, 3-D world domination and virtual mishaps. DJs Demietoile (Jäger cocktail-slinger, Paul Teravskis) and Deus ex Machina (l'étoile's Juleana Enright) spin a futuristic soundtrack featuring foreign synth-pop, vintage electronica, rare 80's minimal, EBM, glitch disco, straight-up electro and dance rock favorites all set to the pace of cult faves Total Recall and The Lawnmower Man. 2-4-1s on rail drinks and domestics all night! Virtual headgear not included.


Perfect winter art and listening! Paterson went to Iceland, recorded the sounds of glaciers and had them pressed into ice records made from the drippings of the glaciers on the recording. Yes, really. She’s got all sorts of brilliance and wonder on her website of the same nature, such as telescope images broadcast over New York airwaves, the sound of falling snow recorded from 100 trees and other natural wonders. Strange, supremely unique, and quite seasonally appropriate for Minnesota!

Click HERE for the Katie Paterson site


Andréa Stanislav: Lightning Struck Itself

@ Burnet Gallery
901 Hennepin Ave.

7-9pm / Free

Following a reoccurring theme which links “utopia” to “dystopia,” artist Andréa Stanislav returns to the Burnet with an evolved showcase of pictorial and dark pieces in Lightning Struck Itself. Mined from visual art movements of yesteryear and elements from pop culture history, Stanislav draws inspiration from iconic artists Barnett Newman and Andy Warhol, punk bands Gang of Four and the Clash and pop culture films like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The images in her latest body of work reflect the failures of modern-day ideals and utopian impulses. After perusing the show, cap things off with delicious libations from Chamber's famous ice sculpture tavern, the Ice Chamber!

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Jenny Jenkins: Signs for the New Year

@ Shoebox Gallery
2948 Chicago Avenue S.
(ring buzzer *08 to be let into Smuda's studio)

8pm / Free

Head to our favorite storefront window/gallery this evening to lay eyes on new work by local artist Jenny Jenkins! The exhibit Signs for the New Year is a collection of images featuring blank signs as captured by Jenkins as she traversed America with her camera. What will happen in the new year? No one knows, but Jenkins' poignant, lonely signs may represent the clean slate so many of us wish to have; their red and yellow plastic arrows pointing to the future, waiting patiently to be filled with good news and good tidings...or perhaps even a big, bold "Your Life Sucks!" But hey, why not try to stay positive? After scoping out the art, head upstairs to Shoebox curator Sean Smuda's studio for conversation with the artist herself, plus an awesome slideshow of Smuda's recent trip to Miami Art Basel. Ring buzzer *08 to be let in to the building.

Click HERE for this art event and more at


Beatrix*JAR, Ultra Chorus and JAR

@Kitty Cat Klub
315 14th Ave SE

9pm / 21+ / Free

This weekend, the Kitty Cat Klub brings you the eccentric energy of Minneapolis’ DIY-music makers, Beatrix*JAR! With their extensive collection of electronic drum machines mixed with a wide variety of children’s tinker toys, adorable duo Bianca and Jacob put on quite the show. So, make your way up to Dinkytown for the night to enjoy a drink, groove to pretty noises and support the couple as they kick-off their week-long California tour! Also on the bill? Electro-wonders Ultra Chorus and JAR (The solo project of Jacob of Beatrix Jar).

Click HERE for the Beatrix Jar site

Check out this cute vid of Bianca from Beatrix Jar doing a circuit bending demo for MAKE magazine!


You Beast, You Gem

@ West Bank Social Center
501 Cedar Ave S

9pm / $3-5

Need a double shot of inspiration, creativity, performance, and a little weirdness? You Beast, You Gem is your remedy. One of our favorite DJs EVER, DJ Frankie Teardrop spins only the finest while performances abound by Barton Stink, Mysti & Sissy, Muscle Twitch, and many, many more. Special bonus: Brute Heart plays the music that we all go crazy for.

Click HERE for the West Bank Social Center site


First Ave Best New Bands

@ First Ave
701 1st Ave. N.

7pm / 18+/ $7

You know 'em, you love 'em. They're the bands you rocked out to in '09. The bands that tickled your eardrums, blasted their way into your hearts and secured permanent spots on local radio playlists. They're the best new bands to grace the local scene. Tonight, join Radio K, First Ave and MC's David Campbell (89.3 The Current), Jason Nagel (Cities 97) and Andrew LaValle (Radio K) for a showcase flaunting the talents of some of TC's greenest (and most well-received) musical acts: Leisure Birds, Moonstone, No Bird Sing, Peter Wolf Crier, Red Pens, Slapping Purses and Twilight Hours. Hip-hop, indie rock, ambient rock, folk, shoegaze, electronica – all under one roof! Be prepared.

Click HERE for the First Ave site

Photo of No Bird Sing by Satori Innovations


Why do we “heart” Washington D.C. culture blog Brightest Young Things? Because they heart us, of course, but that's not the only reason! Recently flattering l'étoile by calling us “fashion and music magnates” and touting us as one of their national faves in the online arts n' culture realm, Brightest Young Things obviously knows what's up. Plus, their site is packed with great interviews and reviews, songs and videos of the day, awesome events, photo galleries, DC fashion news, and even a sassy section dedicated the gays -- all perfectly packaged inside one rad design layout. BYT also throw some of the hippest events in DC, in case you were wondering what you ought to do after your next dinner date with President Obama. Did we mention the they are our unofficial, official media partners?! And peeps say long distance internet relationships never work out.

Click HERE for the Brightest Young Things site

photo from the BYT New Year's Eve bash by Dakota Fine


Art Shanty Project 2010

@ Medicine Lake

10am-5pm/ free

Rest assured that l'étoile will rarely urge readers to venture outside into the Minnesota tundra unless we think it's hella worth it. Enter: the Art Shanties. One of our favorite winter exhibitions, the 4-weekend long fest is equal parts interactive sculpture park, art gallery and social experiment – it's like Burning Man on ice! The Art Shanties take place on the frozen expanses of Medicine Lake, where -- unlike Burning Man -- wearing pants is a must, unfortunately! This year, crawl inside an intimate planetarium equipped with a Galileo telescope to peep winter stars and brush up on your zodiac faqs; discover a forest fantasy in a box (Fanta Shanty); exchange treasures at the flea-market/swap-meet inspired ice house; troll around Medicine Lake in a souped up ArtCar Taxi; sweat it out in the core of a tipi sauna; dance yourself warm in the robust Dance Shanty; and be awed at a majestic three-story historic villa (Tiny Shanty). Plus, feast your eyes on visual art and performances from the architectural dancers of BodyCartography Project, improv cinema and a spectacular BIcicle race. Bundle up and get your Art Shanties on! You can always blame us if you get bitten (frost, or otherwise).

Click HERE for a complete schedule of events

photo by Stephen Stephens from Art Shanties 2009


Re-Arted: Art Form 1040 Opening Reception

@The Gallery at Fox Tax
503 1st Ave NE

6pm-10pm / Free

What if they mated...artistically? The second annual Artform 1040 exhibit at The Gallery at Fox Tax features 20 local artists who have been paired up to revamp and “re-art” each other's masterpieces, creating stunning collaborative pieces in the process! Curator Emma Berg has partnered up some very distinctive duos for this interesting art mash-up project, including Isaac Arvold, Michael Cina, Nicholas Harper, Deuce Seven, Rudy Fig, Eric Carlson, Megan Colleen and many more (though you'll have to show up at the opening to see who was paired with who!). The original works were handed over to Eric Recktenwald at The Lab Digital Production to scan and make ten beautiful, limited edition prints of each, which will be available at the bargain price of just $40 a piece! The perfect opportunity to add to your art collection without breaking the bank, just in time for tax season! While you're there, book your appointment with Fox Tax, an accounting firm that specializes in tax preparation for artists, musicians and the like.

Click HERE for this art event and more at

Mike Cina & Kevin Vereeke


Louisiana Bayou: Photographs by Tom Strand

@ Umber Studios
3109 E 42nd St.

8pm / free

The Mississippi River is an aqueduct for great art flowing between Minneapolis and Louisiana. Midwesterner Tom Strand explored the backwoods and swamps of New Orleans with a Fujix 6x9 camera, shooting with Polaroid positive/negative film, and came out of the bayou with some arresting portraits of the Deep South. We can guarantee at least one picture of an alligator. Through February 15th.

Click HERE for the art event and more at


Cadillac Kolstad / Cornbread Harris 3 year album release

@ Palmers Bar
500 Cedar Ave

8pm / 21+ / Free

Remember all the good times you’ve had at Palmers? No? Then they must have been reeeally good. Bluesman Cadillac Kolstad has teamed up with Cornbread Harris to release a CD/vinyl double album, recorded in the oldest bar continuously open in Minneapolis. Not just any old saloon, Palmers has the most drama, the most 86’s, the most diverse crowd, and the strongest drinks -- not to mention the sassiest drinkers. All this and more is sure to be captured on this live recording compiled over the last few years of Cadillac holding court every Sunday on the piano. Never heard either of them? Imagine wildness that is rarely seen in this civilized modern era. The two will also play on Sunday.

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Pegasus: Be the New Queer Cinema

@ Bedlam Theatre
1501 S 6th St.

10pm / $5 / 18+

Lady Enchantress asks you to please come to the Bedlam this evening for a magical night of queer performances! Drag, gender performance, and dance (plus promised surprises) accompany queer-created short films. A focus on cinema is a twist on the usual bag of delights and outrageousness that is Pegasus. Films by Twin Cities' creative crème de la crème including Benjamin Fredrickson, Mysti & Sissi La Poo, Tyler Jensen and EG. Music by Vincent Van Vogue makes the evening complete!

Click HERE for the Facebook event


Gospel Gossip / Red Pens / The Chambermaids

@ Sauce
3001 Lyndale Ave. S.

9:30pm / 21+/ $5

If you didn't get your fill of home-grown sounds at Friday night's Best New Bands showcase, don't get yr skinny jeans in a twist. Head down to Uptown's most happenin' soundbar, Sauce, for an intimate rock-out sesh with more local goodies. Featuring the dance-inducing, four-piece shoegazers, Gospel Gossip, Sonic Youth-esque duo, Red Pens, and Modern Radio's indie rockers, The Chambermaids. With psychedelic minimal grooves from Flavor Crystals. Viva la jams!

Click HERE for the Sauce site

Photo of Gospel Gossip by Xavier Tavera


Who doesn’t love showing off their classic cowboy attire, throwing back a few drinks and gettin’ down to dirty dance-rock? That's exactly what local rock-and-rollers, Radio On, are all about. Complete with a glittered up vocalist (think a little David Bowie style mixed with some of that Mick Jagger swagger), two bubbly back ups, a guitar, bass, drums and keys. This dance band brings quite the party! Radio On’s typically cheap cover charges and great live vibes are the perfect reason to grab a date and your dancin’ shoes and hit the town. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming shows at local bars this year (especially if they’re hosting their cowboy night, yeehaw!).


JagerCon: Sci-Fi Tuesdays

@ Clubhouse Jager
923 Washington Avenue N.

Every Tuesday
10 p.m. / 21+ / Free

Join hosts Kate Iverson (l'étoile magazine, Secrets of the City) and Beth Hammarlund (l'étoile magazine, A Tiny Machine) every Tuesday Night for JagerCon! JagerCon is a weekly sci-fi party featuring screenings of classic nerdy movies and television shows -- topped off with 2-4-1 cocktails all night served by Star Captain Paul!

Mingle with like-minded sci-fi geeks, discuss D&D strategies, and use that Captain Picard impression you've been perfecting to pick up chicks at the bar. Snort-laugh the night away while bragging about your MMORPG addiction and enjoy a cozy, nerd-friendly environment.

Upcoming Events:

JAN 19: The Forbidden Zone
JAN 26: Earth Girls Are Easy
FEB 1: Return to Oz
FEB 9: Dune
FEB 16: Dreamcatcher
FEB 23: Nightwatch
MAR 2: The Hunger

This week's flick is the Forbidden Zone!


Beth Hammarlund jumps on the model gossip bandwagon!

And in pretty people news...

Rumors abound that supermodel Catherine McNeil and model/Australian MTV VJ Ruby Rose are engaged and planning a legal marriage in Canada. Congratulations to the happy couple! Fun tidbit: Catherine McNeil won the Girlfriend model search in 2002, and Ruby rose finished second. I would imagine that matchmaking at an international model search is a pretty great way to guarantee the continued existence of almost uncomfortably good-looking couples.

For more from a Tiny Machine click HERE


Jahna Peloquin gushes about local hair stylist and Shear Genius contestant Fattemah Ampey!

Fattemah Ampey in 'Modern Salon Magazine'

Faatemah Ampey's new spread in Modern Salon Magazine has just been posted, and they are simply gorg. Here's a sampling of the images from the spread...

To see the rest of the images click HERE

Photo by Roberto Ligresti


The Winter Carnival is coming!

We love the Winter Carnival! Ice sculptures, treasure hunts, Snow Princesses and all the good stuff that winter should be -- we can do without the subzero temps, though! The Saint Paul Winter Carnival officially kicks off on the 21st, so visit their website asap to plan your schedule. Maybe you want to see a parade, maybe you want to play rugby in the snow. Or maybe you want to party with Winter Carnival Royalty -- all these things and more await in our capital city next week! For more info visit

One Man Minneapolis now accepting nominations & applications!

One Man Minneapolis is once again set to showcase local charities and select the one man who represents the best of the Twin Cities from the perspectives of community involvement, personality, intelligence, and fitness. The application and nomination period for ONE MAN MINNEAPOLIS begins on January 14, 2010, and applications are accepted online at through March 5, 2010. Any man aged 24 – 44 living in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul metropolitan area is encouraged to apply.

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