Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Le'TALK: l'etoile interviews Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman

by Jahna Peloquin
Suffice to say, it's been quite the year for fashion designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. Though we can no longer officially call him a local since his move to Milwaukee to take up a design position at Kohl's and jet-set around the country for his appearance on Project Runway's sixth season, our dear friend and frequent collaborator first established his design career in the Twin Cities fashion industry.

As he prepares to co-host Thursday night's New Year's Eve "Crystal Ball" event at International Market Square with fellow Project Runway bff Christopher Straub, he gives us the exclusive on what he plans to show at the event and the exciting things he has in store for 2010.

We've heard rumors that you and Christopher are not only hosting Thursday's event, but also showing some of your own designs. Will there be anything we haven't seen before?

Definitely. Christopher and I are showing small holiday capsule collections. I’m doing some all-new, really wearable pieces. Everything will be black and silver. One little jacket I'm doing is covered in four-dimensional diamonds. Literally, Brent (my boyfriend) was like, this looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. It’s all really cool. It’s very art nouveau meets space-age gothic.

Will the collection be available to purchase? We're sure people will be dying to get their hands on your new stuff!

It will be available on my website, hopefully shortly after the beginning of the year.

Speaking of the new year, what do you have in store? It's been a while since we've heard anything from you but we know you've been busy.

I will be on television again next year. It has nothing to do with Project Runway. I’ll be involved with two other reality-based programs, one of which is of The Real Housewives franchise. I’ll be showing (my Fall 2010 collection), but I might be bypassing New York this year. I have been asked to show during NOVA, Virginia’s fashion week and will also be showing at Chicago Fashion Week.

Besides your online store, will we start seeing the ra'mon-lawrence line sold anywhere else?

Yes. Ultimately in 2010, you’ll see ra’mon-lawrence as a label carried by a major U.S. retailer, which I cannot name at the moment. It’s a pretty, pretty major opportunity. I’m really excited about it.

We've heard murmurs that you've been planning a move.

I will be moving to New York in late spring/early summer, so that’s a go. What else... I’ll be doing an art-as-fashion exhibit at the Milwaukee art museum this summer, which will be a huge mosh of runway and installation. In late summer, I’ll be doing a college tour, going to different fashion programs and talking to the students, including a master’s workshop. And I’ll actually be going to Tokyo for awhile for a huge project which involves me getting with an overseas retailer as well.

Well it sounds like it will be some time before we get to see you again in the Twin Cities!

No, I'll still be around. I'm set to do a graphic t-shirt collaboration with (famed local graphic designer/owner of MCA and ex-YouWorkForThem co-founder) Mike Cina.

Ooh, we love him!

And finally trying to relax.

...Somehow we find that hard to believe. Tickets are available for "Crystal Ball" HERE. $35-50, VIP $60-80. Doors at 9 p.m., fashion show at 10 p.m. 21+. International Market Square, 275 Market St., Mpls. 612-338-6250.

[Image credits: Top image featuring Ra'mon in YouWorkForThem t-shirt by Carlos Gonzalez for Vita.mn; middle image by Eliesa Johnson for METRO Magazine; bottom image featuring ra'mon-lawrence designs by Robb Long for Minnesota Premier Publications]

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